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So you thought about giving blockchain development a try. Being from a coding background, you might want to learn this new future technology, which has raised quite a buzz in the past few years. But let me be obvious to hear coding or any work related to a computer cannot be done by reading a book or solving a problem on the computer. You need to have proper guidance, and source material as the technology is relatively new in comparison to other database-related languages and tech. So to stay on the top of all what’s happening in Blockchain development filed you need to keep in touch with people who are working tirelessly to find a solution from it. Blockchain developer community and The BlockChain developers are not easy to find as they are not the ordinary programmers; only people with the top problem-solving ability can perform well with Blockchain. Most of the times we tend to take help from social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram or if you want to be more professional you go to LinkedIn but here arises one problem the Blockchain developers are low key they are not going to post there research or projects on social media to make their work publically available. So you need to find other ways to contact them.

List of top 10 online Blockchain Developer Communities which will help you with your learning.

#1 Reddit

Yup, it’s a social media, but it’s not your typical social website. Reddit is an American news aggregation, discussion and content sharing sites. As a registered member of the site, you can upload various post like videos, photos, articles and links which others can upvote if they like and downvote if they dislike. The post on Reddit is subjected to user-created boards, which are called subreddits such as sports, video games, app development, books, food, fitness, and BlockChain.

The subreddit post which gets the most significant number of upvote will be featured on Reddit’s homepage making more people see what the article is all about. Taking Reddit members to comment straight up to face can be a bit intimidating, so give yourself some time. Eventually, you will understand the community, and once you mastered the subreddit game, you are good to go.

Many Subreddit forums are posting new stuff related to their niche 24×7 and comments are happening every second. We are providing you with the link of one of the many Reddit Blockchain developer community.

Link to the website –

#2 Rotterdam Blockchain Community

At number 9 we have Rotterdam Blockchain community. Their main aim is to empower the individuals who are thinking about bringing change in financial services by using different Blockchain implementation to make transactions more secure. In addition to this, the community helps beginners to suggest courses to choose and help an individual to gather the resources. They have seminars where speakers from around the world come and speak about the latest updates on technology.

Rotterdam Blockchain Community also provides workshops where members of the community can have hands-on experience on blockchain implementation. They have trainers with more than five years of blockchain teaching experience and cryptocurrency. They work on the use of Blockchain in business, logistics, Real – Estate, and disruptive technologies.

Also, the community has a resource library from where you can easily download and learn about different concepts and implementation of Blockchain. The community is partnered with Rotterdam Business University, Cambridge Innovative centre, European Blockchain Foundation etc.

Link to the website –

 #3 Unlock BlockChain Forum

Unlock is an online platform aiming to provide insights, intelligence, and information about the Blockchain. UNLOCK Company DMCC is the one who holds the credibility of the news for the website. They have a community forum which is a part of the anchor for the Dubai Blockchain event where developers from all across Asia exchange their knowledge and showcase development in the field. They provide community building to help Blockchain developers to get acquainted with advisors, users, clients, and investors.

Furthermore, they do BlockChain proliferation by encouraging business and government sectors to adopt Blockchain in their database for efficient, optimal and secure transactions.

Link to the website –

#4 TMForum

Don’t go with the name as it’s not just a forum site they are full-fledged Blockchain Development company that provides all the different aspects of Blockchain implementation. They not only provide a resource library but also conduct webinars and projects. The website is quite active in terms of Blockchain news and provides insights into how Blockchain is working in big industries and affecting a positive change. Moreover, they also offer digital transformation courses as well, which is another future technology and is quite in demand at present. The company hosts summits and conferences and right now they have two conferences scheduled for September 10, 2019, in Auckland, and one is on 23rd – 24th September in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Link to the website –

#5 Blockchain Summit Singapore

At number six, we have Blockchain Summit Singapore. It’s Asia’s leading Blockchain for a business event. In 2019 they are celebrating their 2nd year. The main aim of this conference is to connect industry leaders, business decision-makers and tech innovators to the blockchain distributors and distributed ledger technology (DLT). The event lasts for a day and developers and CEOs from all around the world take part in it as Asia is the leading market and Singapore being the centre stage of Asia’s bitcoin transformation process it attracts a lot of attention.

Also, you get the opportunity to sit with the people and look at their real-world case studies and know their blockchain journey. It’s a conference where you will not only listen to the leading minds, but you will also learn from them as well as discuss your strategies. The summit will have an interactive programme with speakers and have roundtable discussions.

The 2019 summit lineups some of the unusual names in the industry including. Celine Le Cotonne, who is the chief data officer at AXA insurance Singapore, Peter Demeo from IBM, Anand Chawra from BCG and many more.

Link to the website –

#6 Blockchainvan

So we are halfway through our list Blockchain developer community, and now we have Blockchainvan. It’s a forum site where you need to join the forum to reply and start your topic. The community covers all the aspects of Blockchain, starting from the basics like understanding how the bitcoin transaction works to more complex issues like how Blockchain can be helpful in the banking sector.

 You can also check their sub-topic of meetups, conferences and jobs. It’s a complete package with more than 2,000 active members around the globe you can quickly get the latest updates and news about what’s happening in the global blockchain market.

Link to the website –


Guessed by the name you already got it what you are in for, Right? They mastered in Ethereum blockchain development, which is a decentralized platform that permits smart contracts. They will help you get tools, tutorials, and coding challenges to help you master the development process of Ethereum platform. With Topcoder you will be invited to their meetups where you can discuss with the like-minded people, get the insights of how they work on Blockchain. Also, they help you get in touch with the Ethereum experts from the top companies.

Besides if you are one of those coders who regularly go to hackathons and Topcoder is for you as they do Hackathons all across the globe.

Link to the website –

#8 Blockgeeks

So now we enter our top 3 and at holding the third position we have Blockgeeks which provides certification, guides, and blockchain services. Their clients include Tech Mahindra, IDB etc.

Also, they offer free course on cryptography for beginners, it’s a 12 video course which covers all the fundamentals of cryptography and how does it perform transactions. Furthermore, if you are looking for advanced level Blockgeeks provide you with that too and has learned plus earn initiative also. They have tons of videos, articles and infographics on their website. You can have a login and can start your free trial.

Link to the website –

#9 Medium

Standing second to the pole position we have Medium, which is an online publishing platform developed by Evan Williams and came into existence in 2012. It has one of the biggest and largest article directories. You can have different topics on which you can read articles for hours and hours they needed to have a Blockchain repository, which is Blockchannel.

The Blockchannel talks about new media & economic issues related to the blockchain technologies. The owner name is Steven Mckie who’s a Bitcoin and Ethereum programmer, and also a writer the channel has their podcast on SoundCloud where they discuss how blockchain transactions impact the present financial markets and the changes it will bring in the future. You can check them out in the given link below.

Link to the website –

#10 IEEE Blockchain Community

IEEE community still tops the charts when it comes to technological discussions. The IEEE Blockchain developer community a place where trained professionals talks and discuss on different topics and how to make a difference in the world by implementing blockchain technology. The perks of joining the community will be an E-newsletter, access to IEEE Blockchain web portal, publications, IEEE standards you need to know while developing a blockchain all this and many more. The IEEE charges 15$ from the non-member, but you can get it for free if you are a student or for just 5$. Let me be honest with you; it’s a great deal, and you once you are in the community; it will only open up a lot of learning opportunities.

Link to the website – IEEE Blockchain developer community


So there you have it top 10 Blockchain developer communities you must be a part of or need to follow to get updates on the technology. You can choose any of these as each one of them has their benefits and set of experts that will help you in your journey of mastering the blockchain development. So go ahead and start leaning.TM


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