The fastest and most affordable way to test your product market fit.


What is a Clickable MVP?

After years of experience building and scaling Web 3.0 projects, we’ve learned that communication is key in the development of any project especially in the rapidly evolving Web 3.0 space. We leverage a clickable MVP to bring all the project stakeholders together (and on the same page) before writing a single line of code.

This will help you set expectations for all key stakeholders from Day 1.


Why go for a Clickable MVP?

Simply put, we want you and your team to succeed while at the same time, helping you optimize development and minimize any risk. We believe that traditional scoping practices to collect project requirements don’t do justice in providing a clear picture of how your end product may look and function. We believe that nothing is better than having ready-made visuals designed to experience the actual product without ever writing a single line of code.

Key benefits of a Clickable MVP

It helps all the stakeholders of a product like a client, designer, developer, and product manager all get on the same page and avoid any information loss during communication and on-going development. This helps set the expectation from Day 1 and ensure success.

It helps you go to market faster by allowing product feedback from users directly during the development phase itself. That way, all relevant feedback can be incorporated while developing. Not only is this more efficient but will also save time and money in the development phase as the product owner doesn't need to wait to go live in order to take and implement feedback.

It helps you test the product market fit at a much faster pace and much more affordably.

It helps you close funding faster as nothing is more appealing to your investors than experiencing an actual product instead of just a pitch deck.

Develop Clickable MVP With Us

Key deliverables for your Clickable MVP


Product flow


Wire frame


Branding guideline


DevOps strategy


Optimal infrastructure strategy


Business requirement document


An exact replica of your final product


High-level technical architecture

Cost & timeline for your Clickable MVP

The cost will range depending on your requirements and use case, but a fair estimate is between 10-25k USD and it will take 5-6 weeks from discovery to delivery.

The team which Rejolut will deploy to deliver your clickable MVP

  • 1 Product Manager
  • 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 1 UI/UX lead (Need basis)
  • 1 Technical Architect (Need basis)

Examples for Clickablemvp


Clickable MVP for Malaysian Airlines

The problem statement is to create the product helping client to generate ancillary revenue from their existing user base. We have done research about the product in this domain, created flow and delivered the clickable MVP which will help every decision makers to visualize the product before approving the budget for the same. The bottom line is that it helped key decision makers to come to a decision faster.


Clickable MVP for Kryptoria

This is one of the best NFT project we have known so far. The team has built the wonderful and engaging community. Since this is a gaming product so it's not easy to predict what user loves. So to solve this we have first developed the clickable MVP and run it through the community to iterate fast. The bottom line is before starting the development we know what user loves.


Clickable MVP for SIKI

This is world's fist NFT streaming platform. The problem statement is how to develop something which should be at the intersection of Web 3.0 & music industry. So again we need to test the product market fit in a optimal way. We have taken the same approach first to develop the clickable MVP and run it through all the stake holders before starting the development. This will help SIKI team to save millions of dollars on developing the product which is not fit for market.

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