Our Process

01We protect your idea

We start by making sure your Intellectual Property is always safe and secure — it’s our top priority and every project starts with an NDA.

02Idea validation

Next we’ll discuss your idea and do the market reasearch and competitor analysis if any to avoid assumptions.We will also introduce our framework here which will help you to validate your idea at rapid pace.

03Idea Workshops

Its a one hour workshops where we will discuss the technology , product  and risks .We will also introduce our framework to identify the best technology to be used for development and how to avoid risks going forward.

04Agile Development

We will divide each task into sprints with timelines in Asana .  You will get to know our developers who is working in this project and can interact directly.

05Support & Maintenance

We will help you to resolve bugs after the deployment . Also we are flexible for the changes based on the product feedback.You can assign bugs or improvement as jira tickets to us.

1Growth Hacking

Finally we will help you to scale and optimize your product with some serious and proven growth hacking tips.

Rejolut will require one point of contact during the project for clarifying requirements for usability and any projects related issues. Rejolut requires this person be available to answer questions arising from the project within 48 hours on workdays (subject to reasonable exceptions) and to have authority to make decisions relating to the project.

Rejolut to provide access to a Slack channel to facilitate and aggregate communications with the client. We are an agile company and work in sprints; you’ll be invited to join us in JIRA our project management software so that can you track the progress of our deliverables.

Rejolut will be assigned a Technical/Project lead. This lead will act as the primary point of contact with Rejolut personnel and will respond to all communications within 24 hours on workdays unless other-wise notified (and subject to reasonable exceptions).

We are committed to delivering products and services of the highest quality. Our 30-day Warranty & Support period allows you to report defects and discrepancies after your final product has been delivered and accepted.

What We Provide

Validate Your Idea

We believe assumption cannot be the underlying fundamentals behind the development of any product.This is major reason behind the faliure of 95% of product.Our unique framework will help you to reasearch the market and to analyze their competitors if there is any before going into development.We roll out the MVP with multiple iterations faster than others with pixel perfect deliverables.

Product Development

Product development is different from project development.It requires the understanding of consumer behaviour and pshycology along with the technical capabilities and data driven approach.This is the area where normal service company fails.Most of our founding team comes from the product background and delivered some of the greatest products. Their expertise helps you in thinking product from a completely different dimensions keeping in mind the saclibility and agility.


As data is the gold mine . We can’t afford to loose any data from the day zero . Capturing and  analyzing or extracting information from the required data set require the different skill setb altogether . Our dedicated team of data scientist can help you to build  the entire data pipeline and also dig into using different Machine and Deep learning algorithm to gain some deep insights which in terms helps you to analyze product-market fit , campaign performance , user-behaviour etc.We have also developed our own framework which  helps to capture the required information with very minimal events.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking can help you to create virality loop with minimal costs.Rejolut’s  growth hacking team can help you to get first 1000 of user’s for free  without any costs.Feel free to ping us to know some of the greatest growth hacks which we have achieved in the past for our client’s.


What Our Clients Say

These guys worked as a blockchain consultant, their inputs are really thought through.

Rejolut provides a fantastic service with fast and accurate results to deliver high-quality product development. The founders are creative, knowledgeable and masters of technology with vast experiences in many industries. Their unique offering of design, data-driven expertise, speed, quality and creativity is revolutionising product development. As a professional in product development, I trust Rejolut to deliver results to fit my specific needs.

These guys are really crazy, they know all the levers to product development like planning, technology, data science/analysis, growth hacking.

I have managed these guys, they a have great problem-solving skills.
The best part is they very well understand the business fundamentals and at the same time are apt with domain knowledge which is rare to find but much required in product development.
They are open to last minute changes but are also not shy to say No wherever required with logic and proper data points.
In one line these guys are one of the greatest product growth hackers.
I would definitely recommend these guys for product development.

I am amazed with the speed with which they deliver. This helps in raising funding.

  • Kamal
  • Senior Chief Engineer , Samsung Research India
  • Gary Guo
  • Director Product Development , MentorBox
  • Rhine
  • Product & Tech , Johari Shop
  • Suyash
  • CTO , Purplle
  • Anand
  • Founder & CEO, Qsmartly

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