What is software design process?

The high-ranking technology-independent concept that describes a system that will be able to accomplish the established tasks in the requirement analysis phase is said as Software Design Process. The ‘process of defining the architecture, components, interfaces and other characteristics of a system or component and the result for the process’ can be defined as Design.​

Why is Software design important?

To construct your software structure, Software Design provides it a foundation, therefore it becomes a crucial step. While creating any product designing paves the way for development. For instance, before manufacturing for an automobile to commence at the ground level it needs to be designed. Likewise, in the software scenario too, the design is the initial and the most crucial phase for software to be developed. As during the designing phase, only the choices are made upon whom the entire software or application would be built. In the designing phase, the designers will have to settle between suggested solutions and available resources

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What are the types of software design?

Software design patterns when used strategically can make a programmer significantly more efficient by allowing them to avoid reinventing the proverbial wheel, instead of using methods refined by others already. So here are some of the software design types which are used


To limit creation of a class to only one object, singleton pattern is used. Where there is only one object to coordinate actions across the system this pattern typeis beneficial.

Factory Method

This is design type which provides an interface for creating objects in a superclass, but allows subclasses to alter the type of objects that will be created and it does that without specifying the exact class of the object to be created


Instead of directly implementing a single algorithm, strategy pattern allows grouping related algorithms under an abstraction, which allows switching out onealgorithm or policy for another without modifying the client. Therefore, the code receives runtime instructions specifying which of the group of algorithms to run.


Observer pattern type runs on one-to-many dependency objects, where all its dependents are notified when one object changes state and this is achieved by calling one of their methods. Social medias like Facebook and Twitter are best example of this pattern type


Builder pattern type is used to build objects, which sometimes can be complex and might require an elaborate construction process or made up of several sub-objects. By using builder pattern type exercise of creating complex types can be simplified and a builder pattern type is generally used to build composite or an aggregate object.

What are the principles of good Software Design?

To design a software
some of the most convenient designs when the following
principles are applied are


Modularity is about dividinglarge software project into smaller portions or modules, which is done to maintain the scalability and maintainable software design. Due to modularity becomes very easy to test each component and besides that integrating new features too are more accessible.


The extent of interdependence between software modules and how closely two modules are connected can be referred to as coupling.


Abstraction is known as process of identifying the essential behaviour by separating it from its implementation and removing irrelevant details.

Anticipation of Change

Creating a good software design consists of its ability to accommodate and adjust to changes which are demanded from time to time.


Simplicity is aim of good software design and every task has its own set of modules, which can be utilized and modified separately. Thus, resulting in easy to use code and reduces the occurrences of setbacks.

Sufficiency and Completeness

The sufficiency and completeness are what a good software design ensures, it ensures that the established requirements are met along with it the software hasbeen adequately and wholly built.

What are the various tools used for creating Software Design?


Draw.io is used as a tool to create diagrams in Confluence and Jira, in addition to that it even assists you in designing your own unique shape libraries. By Draw.io one can create flowcharts, process diagrams, ER diagrams and much more


It is a software development tool which is used to plan, track, release and report your work. Jira easily integrates with the tools that you already use and is highly efficient.


Mockflow is a cloud-based wireframe tool for designers to plan, build and helps insharing their work, which provides with an extensive library of mock components, icons, stickers, etc


Sketch is a vector graphic editor which is used for the user interface, mobile, weband icon design, that works over MAC OS.


Intuitive designing and prototyping tools are what Marvel offers to its users that helps the software designers to wireframe design and prototype in a uber fast way.


Zeplin is a platform for designers to share, organize and collaborate on their designs, as it ensures better facilitation, collaboration between designers and engineers.

Software Design Experts

Advantages of software design

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Software which are better designed are more flexible, therefore when adding a new component to the existing software it does not affects the existing software.


A well-designed software is more modular, which consists of small components that do only one task. These results in reusability, as small components can be reused easily.

Easy to understand

Having a good design and documentation leads to easily communicate the idea of the software to the new team member, who has just joined.

Cost efficiency

Focusing on the design first, enables one to figure out the possible dead-end earlier and saves a lot of time, work-force and ultimately money, which results in cost efficiency. As designing is much cheaper than developing.

What are the stages of the Software Design Process?


Prior a software gets started with designing, one need to make sure about the requirements of the project, as their requirements consists of client’s points of concern, their difficulties, and what issues you need to address while creating a software design specifically. Many times, a company might also define a design goal for the software.


The stage 2 involves the research about the target audience, so that it would assist in creating the target audience to create user personas, analyse the data collected,and determine the user design basicsconcerned with theuser requirements. Thefoundation of building the entire software gets decided by whatever decisions are made during this stage.


Interacting with users and questioning them regarding their problems can provide with the first hand information along with genuine opinions about the any issues faced by them and for what solutions they are looking for.

Focus Groups

To conduct and observediscussion about a specific issue that prevails with software design, one can even create focus groups of your target audience consisting 2-3 persons per group. This gives the easy understanding of their preferences, opinions and pain pointsmore clearly


One can easily find about opinions and attitudes of target audience towards theirproblems and preferences in software design by sending them questionnaires, which again is much less time consuming than interviews and focus groups. Surveys lets one gainmore significant amount of data in a shorter period


After gathering of necessary details and analysis of data, the software designing commences


The Wireframing can be said to be the very base and can be referred to as skeleton of the software, which is used to design the software at a structural level. To determine the basic structure, elements, features, navigation and look of the software before adding content and graphics wireframes are used. Wireframes are devoid of artistic effects like color, fonts, symbols, or any other substantial design components, as it allows the client to focus solely on the features and decide what they want. Wireframes are easily editable and one can edit the wireframes till they achieve complete satisfaction and the structure matches your business needs.

Creating User Stories

User stories are written from the user’s perspective so that the user can conveniently navigate the software design without facing issues. All agile user stories include atleast one or two sentences and sometimes even a whole set of dialogue and these user stories are a component of the agile approach. These user stories help to cover the requirements of users more concisely and on time

Data Flow Diagrams (DFD)

In software design the different levels of concepts in the system can be seen through Flow Diagrams, or Data Flow Diagrams (DFD), which are of three types –

0-level DFD – This shows the complete system requirement in a single bubble, with inward and outward arrows denoting data movement, which is also known as the fundamental system model.

1-level DFD – This level shows multiple processes/bubbles which are system’s main aims here and breaks down the 0-level DFD into more detail.

2-level DFD – This level records specific details about the software’s functioning and takes 1-level DFD in more depth.

Technical Design

Technical Design elaborates document lists down every technical detail of the entire software design or the design of a particular feature and explains how to carry out the functionality of a system into codes. It is also known as technical blueprint/system blueprint/software blueprint as it guides all the implementation and is the backbone of the project.

Technical Design provides the detailed description of following things –

1-Much of hardware components and their functions
2-Functions of the elements of software Order of aspects of software
3-Data structures
4-Data flow

User Interface

The user interface consists of all the parts of a software with which a user can interact and the primary aim of making it is to let the user use the interface easily. Further there are three main types of user interface –
Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) – It is the interface where users interact with graphics on digitally regulated panels.
Voice Controlled Interfaces (VUI) – These are the interfaces where users interact through their voices with these interfaces.
Gesture-Based Interfaces – These are interfaces where users interact with these interfaces through bodily movements.


A prototype is in a more detailed manner than a wireframe, as a prototype is the draft of a product that gives a good visual representation of the final product. Here are some types of prototypes

Low fidelity prototyping

Low fidelity prototyping is mostly used during the early designing stages and is aquick way to create a rough software design model, which includes sketching on paper. It assists well during the brainstorming session to get new ideas and trying them before settling on the final design.

Medium Fidelity prototyping

Medium fidelity prototype can be viewed as a work in progress, where it helps one in deciding if the requirements are met or not. Using various computer-basedtools, wireframes and task flows can be made to present a basic but more formalprototype to the client.

High Fidelity prototyping

High fidelity is not the final product but they are of high quality and most realistic, therefore to build high fidelity prototypes a lot of time gets consumed. In fact, high fidelity prototypes may not convert readily into code but are required when there is a need for superior visual and functional accuracy, also it acts as a reference for designers


This stage involves the testing by the user, where the degree of evaluation for the requirement fulfilment and checks take place repeatedly to know if the software design is smooth, simple and direct or not? To figure out the faults design and debug it before launching the design, therefore this stage is essential.

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How is software design different from coding?

It is created from program components. Design is the description of the logic, which is used in solving the problem. Coding is the language specification which is implementation of the design. It runs on the computer and, provides the expected result.

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What is software design modeling?

Software models are ways of expressing a software design. Usually some sort of abstract language or pictures are used to express the software design. For object-oriented software, an object modeling language such as UML is used to develop and express the software design.

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We are one of the Top software Designing Company who has the capabilities to go very deep inside the code of software to solve the business problem. We can even rewrite the libraries and sdk.

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We move quickly. A fast-paced and aggressive approach will be the catalyst for our engagement and iteration. Staying agile allows us to prioritize needs, test earlier, and land on the best possible solution.


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We are so confident about our deliverables that we provide 30 days free warranty for any issues or bugs arises in the code written by us. Although it does not happen normally but if it happen we will solve it for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Software Design

And as we discussed there are broadly three types of software i.e. system software, application software, and programming language software. Each type of software has its function and runs on the computer system.

software design engineer (SDE) is a key member of a software development company. … Typically, the design engineer will look at existing processes and then work to design or refine software to increase the efficiency or ulity of users.

Checklist while Hiring Software Designer

Responsible for the architecture and design of Smart Contracts, Oracles and DAPPS based on a distributed blockchain-based network.
Our developers have minimum 5+ Years in software development experience, 3+ Years in Blockchain
Strong knowledge of Software development
Knowledge of R3 Corda and Quorum Blockchains Smart contract development experience in Solidity/GO
Hands on experience with Truffle, Web3.js and other Blockchain developer tools Strong software development background
Strong knowledge of common algorithms and data structures Strong knowledge of concurrency and writing efficient and safe multithreaded code


Developer should have the knowledge of fundamentals of blockchain, smart contracts, Consensus, governance etc.


Experience and awareness of socket.io library is something you have to check for, because, web sockets help create real-time applications like chat and even games.


Experience and awareness of socket.io library is something you have to check for, because, web sockets help create real-time applications like chat and even games.

Our innovative hiring | Training process

Our HR team source the resume from best colleges/companies based on the job description

Once we filtered the right set of candidate we provide them the algorithm and domain specific online tests

Once selected the first round we call them at our headquarter in Mumbai for 3 F2F round and meeting with team

Once the developer is on-boarded we deploy them in live projects for 3 months before available for hire by the clients

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We provide you the managed service which means all our developers are managed by the founder itself who takes over all the technology & architectural decisions as long as the decisions are within the parameters that the business has set.

We understand the importance of data security and Intellectual property rights, so we have taken it very seriously. We follow these steps to safeguard it:-
1) We sign the NDA before any engagement.
2) Our all the office is protected by biometric door access control system and has only the limited access.
3) Access of any code or data is only available to the senior employee.
4) Our all employee is bound to sign the NDA before joining to protect the customer from any data or information breach.

which is done by us and if it breaks or messed by us we will generally fix it right away. It is rare
that you find the error post-launch (very rare!) but if it does happen, we will jump right on it. If the
code needs fixing because of the issue uncontrollable by us (like third-party libraries and plugins)
we offer a 30 days warranty for free support and fixing.
Naturally, our warranty does not include any fixes or changes done by you (client’s team). So if
someone in your team decided to go into the code and change thing up fixes will additionally cost.

We have taken our communication very seriously. The TAT for any queries by client is one hour in slack & one day in mail. 

Delivering the product on time is the only priority for us so if required our team is also present on client’s time zone along with weekends or on holidays.

We are a pixel perfect development agency. We do understand the importance of UI/UX in development process as it helps in increasing brand’s ROI, attract more users, reduce funnel drop, increase product presence in multiple screen sizes, increase retention etc. 

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