Rapid Strategy Workshop

“The fastest way to define your successful product execution strategy - direct from our experts”


What is a Rapid Strategy Workshop?

After years working in this industry and scaling technology teams around the world we have crafted an intensive one hour workshop designed to provide an in-depth, tailor-made technical review that let’s Rejolut assess the technical and commercial potential, nuances, and risks associated with your idea.

The Rapid Strategy Workshop will also provide you with a clear roadmap for the execution of your project/product and insight into the ideal team needed to execute it.


Why book a time for a Rapid Strategy Workshop?

Simply put, we want you and any of our project partners to succeed. That’s why we’ve devised and structured the best collaborative workshop in the industry. We were the first in the industry to deliver these kinds of strategy sessions, when the majority of firms still required traditional scoping documents.

And to top it off, the workshop is completely free.


What to Expect in Your Rapid Strategy Workshop

Help to define:

  • Your product strategy
  • Its technical roadmap
  • The DevOps Strategy
  • Optimal infrastructure
  • The ideal team needed to execute the project

Help to understand:

  • Your product/project’s high-level tech architecture along with the appropriate technology to incorporate based on your particular use-case
  • A high level-idea of the costs and timeline associated with your project


What comes after your Rapid Strategy Workshop

After discussing all of the above, and bouncing ideas around, you’ll leave the RCW with a clear idea about your product execution strategy and next steps. When you’re ready, we’ll schedule a followup to take you through our execution process and discuss project budgets. Once we’re on the same page, we’ll send you all of the necessary paperwork the very next day. From there, we'll get organized with the Rejolut team that will be dedicated to your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll welcome anyone from your end, whether your developers, marketing, finance or otherwise. We recommend that your project decision makers and stakeholders also join so that we can move faster towards execution.

We will try to wrap up in an hour but will extend if needed.

This totally depends on the product owner. If you want to discuss more on the technical front we are more than happy to do so. Otherwise, we follow our standard methodology in delivering various solutions.

The workshop is run by our dedicated team of developers and project managers. They are experts in delivering multiple projects related to specific niches. The Rejolut team will bring both domain and technical expertise during the call.

Yes. We will record the workshop and send it to you for future reference for your project or general strategy.

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