Top 10 Ethereum Development Companies in 2021

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Blockchain Technology

Ethereum is basically an open-source blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contracts functionality. Also, Ethereum was the first blockchain project to install smart contract technology, which eliminates the need for third party to enter into an agreement.

What is the connection of Blockchain and Ethereum

Blockchain Developers

Ethereum is a ledger technology that various companies use to make new programs, and Ethereum is being operated over Blockchain technology, thus making it part of Blockchain technology. So, knowing Blockchain too is a must. Blockchain being one of the most talked technology in recent times to boom, grow leaps and bounds. Well Blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks, that are linked using cryptography. Each block refers to the previous block and together make the Blockchain.

What is Ethereum

Ethereum development

Then Vitalik Buterin, a cryptocurrency researcher and programmer, proposed Ethereum in late 2013, it had grown manifold when the system went live on 30th July 2015. 

Ethereum is unlike other Blockchain, where you can do programming, and developers can use it to develop many new kinds of applications. Nevertheless, it was the first Blockchain to include a programming language. Ethereum is a global, open-source platform for decentralized applications. On Ethereum, we can write code that controls digital value, runs exactly as programmed, and is accessible anywhere in the world. Ethereum also has its cryptocurrency named Ether. Very much similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum allows one to send and receive coins between wallets. 

Ethereum in current time


Ethereum blockchain growth may benefit your company in many ways. With the advancement of DApps on the Ethereum blockchain network, it ensures permanency, transparency & complete security to all electronic business transactions. Thus, allowing us to leverage numerous advantages from Ethereum blockchain development in case your business is scalable and will help achieve increase the reach exponentially.

Top Ethereum Technology Companies

Rejolut is doing what leading through example means. Rejolut Technology Solutions works on different verticals of marketing, product, and technology before concluding that the vacuum between vision and execution can be filled using custom Blockchain development, IoT, and AI.

Rejolut not only deals with Ethereum development but also provides other development services. Such as Mobile App Development, Python development services, r3 Corda, EOS, Machine learning, and other development services such as Java, R Language, Ruby on Rails, Node JS, GO Language. 

Through their highly qualified team of developers and the edge cutting technology, which they keep updating continuously, is what makes them bag the top position in emerging tech companies. Rejolut is inevitably out to transform the world of Blockchain development with its numerous satisfied clients worldwide. 

Waverley Software

Waverley operates throughout the world in the USA. UU., in addition to in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia with a group of 80 talented folks, 73% of that is the managerial staff. They are a blockchain development firm that helps organizations of all industries make the most of blockchain technology. Discuss the idea of your job with your programmers and blockchain consultants, who have practical experience in building solutions on this emerging technology. They offer end-to-end Blockchain solutions as a reputed company.

HOC Solutions

House of Crypto is an award-winning, relatively young blockchain development company that intends to provide secure spread blockchain and 360-degree cryptocurrency and ICO options for industries such as logistics, finance, retail, and micro-content delivery. The company guaranteed the complete brand and personalization of the cryptographic monies and digital wallets for the businesses of their various customers. From smart contracts to most of the encryptions of cryptocurrencies, they do all with a team of blockchain developers who work with edge-cutting technology.

Espeo Software

Established in 2008 at Helsinki, Finland, Espeo Software is a full-cycle Agile Development House with agents in the Americas, European nations, and the Middle East, which amassed over 200 senior specialists worldwide. With proficiency over almost all over any particular technology, they are recognized as one of the best Blockchain companies.

BR Softech

With nearly decades of expertise in the development of Mobile, Internet, and Blockchain, as well as in the advancement of Gaming Tech, BR Softech’s expert workforce of more than 200 specialists provides a seamless and seamless knowledge in the development of modern applications.

They offer several blockchain program development services, which include the development of Blockchain, the maintenance of Blockchain, the growth of intelligent contracts, the development of cryptocurrency wallets, the development of exchanges, etc., to find the result of the best blockchain development solution.


When Enterprise Internet, Mobile Apps, and Blockchain comes, SoluLab Inc. is a prominent company to name. Founded in 2013 in Ahmedabad, India, and with an office in the United States. UU In Jersey City, NJ, with many skilled workforces, who are its backbone, is making a mark over the Blockchain industry.


OpenLedger has a team of seasoned programmers, business, as one of the chief cryptocurrency dealers in the market now. OpenLedger was founded in 2014 at Copenhagen.

Consisting of advertising specialists, in addition to legal and support staff, generates, markets, and tests blockchain options and ready-to-use products, they offer Blockchain services.

Venture Aviator

Venture Aviator is an advanced IT services and business plan consulting company that concentrates on providing on businesses with new technology and higher growth. Trying significantly to boost the efficiency and sustainability of the clients is what they do. Thus, allowing their clients to take complete benefit of luxury, cost-effective international IT teams in a significantly earlier expansion phase than has traditionally been possible.


It’s an International Blockchain technology firm that develops infrastructure, software, and practices that let a decentralized globe with offices at the principal cities of the USA, including Washington DC, San Francisco, according to New York. Since 2014, when it was founded, it had brought more than 300 Blockchain enthusiasts around the world to deliver their excellence for various firms, which include Non-Profit Organizations and global governments. Currently, they are building Web 3.0, which is said to be the internet of more openness, reliable, and accessible value.

Oodles Technology

With a group of highly trained programmers and today using a decade of expertise, Oodles delivers end-to-end Blockchain capacities development capacities. They bring the most out of Blockchain and other adjoining technologies, including shared ledger and dispersed ledger, smart contracts, decentralized software, and much more to fulfill the particular demands of your business and company for the current and the near future.

Future of Ethereum technology

Ethereum network’s growth rate is rising noticeably and seems to have a promising future. 

Ethereum being much new technology that came to play in the market, which released its blockchain technology only a couple of years ago; therefore, its full potential is yet to be exploited. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance connects nearly 500 Fortune enterprises, academics, start-ups, and various technology vendors.


Ethereum being the second most popular Blockchain in the cryptocurrency industry, it has some scalability related problems.

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