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We help start-ups and enterprises innovate, integrate, develop and scale their blockchain ideas.

Hedera Experts

Amit Kumar

Co-founder, Business

Amit is a product guy and co-founder of Rejolut, a blockchain-first company based out of the US, UK, and India. He has around eight years of experience with 4.5 in a leadership position. He got the chance to scale the product and revenue of multinationals like Samsung Research India, Dazo (Founding Team ), Purplle (Core/Leadership Team), Loylty Rewardz (Leadership role). He has delivered multiple consumer products which is used by millions. Currently, he is leading Rejolut and is responsible for delivering multiple blockchain products with the real business use case.

Vishal Dharmawat

Co-founder, Product

Vishal is an ambitious but level-headed and business-driven individual having eight years of experience who loves solving business problems with a wide experience of successfully executing complex projects in a hyper-growth environment. Loves to build the product flow for the business ideas in different domains like fintech, block tech, crypto tech, gaming, consumer products. I believe in a minimalistic approach, and my focus is to have fewer feature sets and maximize the engagement within the product flow.

Rahul Asati

Co-founder, Technology

Rahul has built the product from scratch, which got multi-million dollar funding and was used by millions of users. Significant experience in leading & mentoring teams. Having a deep understanding of what makes a Product (or Project) works.
• I love coding, learn any new technology at lightning speed, and code throughout the day.
• Mentoring team to think and perform beyond their limitation.
• A great believer in the speed of execution.

Specialties: Product Ideation | Usability/UX Analysis | Client-Server Architecture | Google Cloud | AWS | Java Script| Python| Java

Devishankar Mishra

Head of Delivery

DS has more than seven years of experience in managing teams and delivering highly scalable solutions in Fintech and Airline domain. As a delivery head, I believe mainly in two things:-
1) Setting up processes that can be scaled and streamline the communication between different stakeholders in a product.
2) I believe in maintaining 100% transparency between stakeholders throughout the delivery process.

What Helps Us Deliver

We strongly believe for delivering a high quality result at high pressure environment requires great culture and team

Nothing But the Truth

Transparency and fluid communication is the key behind the success of any products or implementation. We are a flat hierarchical organization that helps us to discuss the risk and challenges openly. We believe in discussing our thoughts freely with clients, which prevents last-minute surprises.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

We fully believe happy teams produce the best work. So from company trips around the world to epic ping-pong battles, we make sure we’re having fun along the way. We not only love what we do but who we do it with.

Better, Faster, Stronger

We move quickly. A fast-paced and aggressive approach will be the catalyst for our engagement and iteration. Staying agile allows us to prioritize needs, test earlier, and land on the best possible solution.​

All Vibes, All Day

We strive every day to achieve the best in what we do, whether its Development, Designing, Bug-fixing. Every day comes with a new problem statement and challenges, which is the real motivation that keeps us going.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our burning desire combined with capabilities to go very deep in solving your business problems separates us from the crowd. We can even rewrite the the existing sdk or libraries to find the best solutions for you.

We are building innovative digital products for fast moving companies using emerging technology like Blockchain, ML/AI, IoT, VR/AR, Robotic Process automation.

We understand the importance of data security and Intellectual property rights, so we have taken it very seriously. Following steps, we follow to safeguard it:-
1) We sign the NDA before any engagement.
2) Our all the office is protected by biometric door access control system and has only the limited access.
3) Access of any code or data is only available to the senior employee.
4) Our all employee is bound to sign the NDA before joining to protect the customer from any data or information breach.

1) We understand that business requirement is dynamic and we accept the ad-hoc changes even once the requirement got freezes but the client also needs to understand that sometimes it puts extra pressure on timelines.
2) We will help you to save huge cost on development as our delivery is bug-free and all the codes are written keeping scalability, usability, and modularity in mind so that it is easier for you to scale and add any module later.
3) We will send you the daily/weekly reports on our development progresses and we never throw a last-minute surprise. We will be very transparent with you from the day0.
4) We follow the agile development and divide each project into milestones and use the task to put all the tasks with delivery timelines as it is easier to track. We also use slack and harvest for communication and timeline management. We are also open to integrate the new tools as suggested by clients
5) We take the communication very seriously and our TAT for replying any queries are maximum one hour else it will be escalated.

“Last but not least we always charge on milestone basis”

We follow proper process to ensure expected delivery in strict timelines.

1) Once the product is finalized we will work with you to finalize the best approach to streamline the process of delivery. We will also do the technical validation before implementing any feature.

2) We will assign one people to your account who will meet with you for a knowledge transfer about your company and project. We will also assign you one project manager who will be coordinated from our office and responsible for the delivery of every milestone on time. Other developers, designers, testers will be assigned based on requirements as the product progress.

3) You will be on-boarded onto Slack, where you will be able to communicate with the team working on your project and you will be also given the access to Asana/Ntask where we divide the product into different milestones and each mile-stones will be further divided into subtasks. We use Jira for bug tracking. We are open to using any other preferred tool as suggested by clients. 4) You will have a Kickoff call with your project team, at which time the project plan and timeline will be discussed.

5) In this engagement, we will keep things agile and fluid. We expect unexpected requirements and whenever possible, we will aim to work them in. If necessary, we can trade some other included items that we may discover are unnecessary in favor of new requirements.

6) In general, we deliver quickly (except when it means speed would compromise quality) and will need your feedback and direction in a timely manner.

7) Our PM will report to you weekly about progress on your projects.

For custom coding which is done by us, we provide free warranty for 30 days. If any custom code
which is done by us and if it breaks or messed by us we will generally fix it right away. It is rare
that you find the error post-launch (very rare!) but if it does happen, we will jump right on it. If the
code needs fixing because of the issue uncontrollable by us (like third-party libraries and plugins)
we offer a 30 days warranty for free support and fixing.
Naturally, our warranty does not include any fixes or changes done by you (client’s team). So if
someone in your team decided to go into the code and change thing up fixes will additionally cost.

We have a variety of engagement models:-

1) Technology Consulting: As technology rapidly evolves, it’s more important than ever to have a technology advisor on your side. Whether it’s time to create a new vision or put one into place, we can help you uncover the best tech to solve your toughest business problems–no matter the industry. Our technology consultant will help you to find the right combination of technology to implement new apps, projects, and products.

2) Prototype & Minimal Viable Product: This is the best option for start-ups or established companies who wish to prototype their vision or fully plan their next product idea. This typically includes research, project planning, user experience (UX) design, functional requirements, technology R&D, clickable prototypes, high fidelity design, and MVP development.

3) Design & Build: We fully develop your new product and bring it to market. Great for creating new platforms, SaaS products, large scale/enterprise CMS, content migrations, blockchain systems, and other technology-heavy projects. Design + Build projects leverage Rejolut’s 5 Stage Production Process that includes Plan & Prototype services, Development, Testing, Launch, and Warranty. Once we ship, we train your staff and hand over the keys or we manage for you.

4) Client Staffing: We deploys our technology and product experts at client’s end to ship one of the best product on client’s need. Our experts are capable of understanding requirements, developing MVP, managing teams, designing and implementing architecture of products, defining testing strategy etc

We help you in the following 3 ways after the product/project is deployed.
1) Product Extension: Help you to develop more features, change in design, next version of products, supporting more devices based on consumer’s feedback
2) Growth hacking: This module will help you in acquiring first 1000 clients in an optimal way, We will also develop marketing modules like scraping data, automation of the current task, communication bus, attribution modeling etc for you to streamline the marketing, acquisition, engagement and retention strategy.
3) Analytics: We can help you to collect the right data using MiMundo data collection framework which will help you analyze the right metrics for the product, operation, and marketing. We also use different language and tools like R, Python, Tableau, Power BI for analytics purpose. We will also help you to create different analytics and reporting dashboard.


Guatam Rattehalli

Partner - USA

Jonathan Lehman

Director of Technology

Shiv Aggarwal

Partner- UK