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We are an emerging tech company having expertise in web 3.0 technologies and our media team loves working with relevant stakeholders around the world to share our stories regarding the latest developments in ecosystem.

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Times of India


03rd May 2022

Despite rising learning platforms, crypto industry facing shortage of right talent

How crypto industry is looking forward to hire candidates with right talent



16th March 2020

[VIDEO] Addressing Today’s Challenges in Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

Read how Rejolut is addressing the challenges in adoption of Enterprise Blockchain

Cision PR Newswire


21st July 2022

Rejolut: Helping Firms Speed Up Blockchain Adoption

Helping enterprises to speed up Blockchain adoption - Rejolut

Yahoo finance


21st July 2022

Rejolut: Helping Firms Speed Up Blockchain Adoption

Read how Rejolut's innovative offerings are speeding up Blockchain adoption

Business Wire India


21st June 2022

Rejolut Predicts: The Exponential Growth of the Bitgert Ecosystem Could Overtake Solana

Read how the Bitgert ecosystem can leave behind Solana

Ani news


21st June 2022

Rejolut predicts: The exponential growth of the Bitgert ecosystem could overtake Solana

How Solana can get outpaced by the Bitgert ecosystem in future

Media Coverage



5th May 2020

[VIDEO] Rescuing & Scaling Your Enterprise Blockchain POC

Watch Rejolut's own Sharat Chandra speak with enterprises regarding rescuing and scaling PoC-based enterprise solutions



21st April 2020

[VIDEO] Blockchain-powered Carbon Credit Marketplaces

Hear what Rejolut's Sharat Chandra has to say over blockchain-powered energy tracking and carbon credits marketplace

Blockchain Adoption Challenge

Ajeet Khurana - Founder, Reflexical Pte Ltd

Akanksha - Product Manager, Disapp

Vitto Rivabella - DevRel, Alchemy

Bitcoin Bai, Metaverse Character

Sparsh - Product Manager, Cloudit

Sameer, Crypto Investor

Francesso - Developer Advocate

Abbas - Web 3.0 Strategist

Blockchain Developer, Blocksphere

Aditya - Journalist, TechAsia

Jerry - Trade Ministry of Indonesia

Jeth Soetoyo - CEO, Pintu Exchange

Game Organized - Metabase

Marco - Blockchain Strategist

Irene Umar - Founder, YCGSEA

Andre Tirtodipoero - Co-Founder, Metabase

Megha - Exec, INDODAX

Executives, ADVANCE.AI

Hermanto - Partner, Qwentycoin

Megha - Exec, INDODAX

Executives, ADVANCE.AI

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I have worked with developers from many countries for over 20 years on some of the most high traffic websites and apps in the world. The team at are some of most professional, hard working and intelligent developers I have ever worked with have worked tirelessly and gone beyond the call of duty in order to have our dapps ready for Hedera Hashgraph open access. They are truly exceptional and I can’t recommend them enough.
Joel Bruce
Co-founder, and
Rejolut is staying at the forefront of technology. From participating in, and winning, hackathons to showcase their ability to implement almost any piece of code. To contributing in open source software for anyone in the world to benefit from the increased functionality. They’ve shown they can do it all.
Pablo Peillard
Founder, Hashing Systems
Enjoyed working with the Rejolut team. Professional and with a sound understanding of smart contracts and blockchain. Easy to work with and I highly recommend the team for future projects. Kudos!
Founder, 200eth
They have great problem-solving skills. The best part is they very well understand the business fundamentals and at the same time are apt with domain knowledge.
Suyash Katyayani
CTO, Purplle

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