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As a company at the forefront of technological innovation, we specialize in Generative AI and Blockchain development.

Our focus is on fostering excellence and driving rapid advancements in these rapidly evolving sectors.

The evolving enterprise approach

Our "Evolving Enterprise Approach" is centered around the concept of
continuous transformation and adaptability in business strategies.

It emphasizes the importance of staying ahead of market trends and technological advancements, ensuring that the enterprise remains relevant and competitive.

The result? A Winning Enterprise.

As a Generative AI & Blockchain company, we help CXO's solve these questions

  • Choosing the Right Generative AI & Blockchain Model/Algorithm/Protocols
  • Integrating Generative AI & Blockchain into Existing Systems
  • Identifying Generative AI & Blockchain Implementation Opportunities
  • Assessing ROI in Generative AI & Blockchain Investments
  • Developing an Generative AI & Blockchain-Driven MVP Quickly

What challenges are we addressing?

Speed & Agility is the only thing we believe in.

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Why us

Expert team, pristine coding, and absolute transparency in all aspects.

We put the customer at the center of every decision we make


Staying ahead is the only way to succeed.


We act ethically and openly in everything we do.


We want you to succeed and are obsessed with making it happen.


We always strive to deliver the best standard.


We are fearless, ruthless, and tech agnostic (and we like to have fun too).


We see the relationships as assets and are committed to them.

Future-proof your enterprise with our bespoke solutions

It drives us to deliver excellence to our clients.

Generative AI Development

  • Creation of AI models that can generate new, original content.
  • Applications in various fields like art, music, text, and more.
  • Focus on creativity and innovation, producing unique outputs.
  • Involves training models on large datasets to learn patterns.

Custom Large Language Model (LLM) Development

  • Tailoring language models to specific industry or business needs.
  • Customizing the model's responses, accuracy, and relevance.
  • Integrating industry-specific terminology and jargon.
  • Ensuring the model aligns with the unique communication style of the business.

Enterprise AI Solutions

  • Implementing AI technologies in large-scale business environments.
  • Automation of repetitive and complex business processes.
  • Integration with existing enterprise software and databases.
  • Scalable solutions that grow with the business.

Deploying LLMs in Private Environments

  • Setting up large language models within a company's private infrastructure.
  • Ensuring data privacy and secure handling of sensitive information.
  • Custom configuration to meet specific corporate policies and regulations.
  • Providing robust security measures to protect the model and data.

AI-Driven Data Analysis and Insights Generation

  • Utilizing AI to analyze large and complex datasets.
  • Generating actionable insights for strategic decision-making.
  • Identifying patterns, trends, and anomalies in data.
  • Tailoring the analysis to specific business questions or challenges.

AI-Enhanced Automation Services

  • Automating complex tasks using AI technology.
  • Reducing manual errors and increasing operational efficiency.
  • Customizing automation solutions for specific workflows or processes.
  • Implementing AI to handle high-volume, repetitive tasks effectively.

Enterprise Solutions

  • Corda dev
  • Hyperledger Fabric dev
  • Use-case identification
  • Resource augmentation
  • DLT infrastructure setting
  • Development of new ledger

Crypto Exchange

  • Centralized exchange dev
  • Peer to Peer exchange dev
  • Decentralized exchange dev
  • Algorithm to optimize liquidity
  • Crypto bot dev


  • Custom Defi Protocol development
  • Integration with existing Defi protocol
  • Staking applications
  • Fintech applications


  • STO
  • Tokenization of any assets
  • NFT dev
  • Defining tokenomics
  • Custom token dev
  • NFT marketplace dev
  • NFT plugins for existing marketplace


  • Sdk's
  • Chrome extension
  • Custom protocols
  • Custom libraries
  • IDE dev

Smart Contracts/Dapps

  • Custom smart contracts dev
  • Smart contracts auditing
  • Fronent dev for dapps
  • Backend dev for dapps

Listen to what people say about us

Don't just take our word for it

Rejolut is staying at the forefront of technology. From participating in (and winning) hackathons to showcasing their ability to implement almost any piece of code and contributing in open source software for anyone in the world to benefit from the increased functionality. They’ve shown they can do it all.
Pablo Peillard
Founder, Hashing Systems
Enjoyed working with the Rejolut team; professional and with a sound understanding of smart contracts and blockchain; easy to work with and I highly recommend the team for future projects. Kudos!
Founder, 200eth
They have great problem-solving skills. The best part is they very well understand the business fundamentals and at the same time are apt with domain knowledge.
Suyash Katyayani
CTO, Purplle


ChatGPT in Automotive

Tech advances drive automotive innovations with new methods...

ChatGPT in Banking

Finding stable employment and competitive income by working in finance can be beneficial...

ChatGPT in Financial Service sector

The financial sector is the world's top earner and market leader...

ChatGPT in Construction sector

ChatGPT boosts construction project management and efficiency...

ChatGPT in Consulting

ChatGPT could transform consulting with key benefits...

ChatGPT in Consumer Goods

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that mimics human-like responses...

ChatGPT in Education industry

Tech revolutionizes schooling; widens gaps, adds distractions...

ChatGPT in Energy industry

AI aids energy productivity, minimizes environmental impact...

ChatGPT in Entertainment industry

Tech shapes storytelling evolution from silent films to VR...

ChatGPT in Healthcare

ChatGPT transforms healthcare with AI assistant...

ChatGPT in Hospitality

ChatGPT, a powerful AI model by OpenAI...

ChatGPT in Insurance

ChatGPT: AI chatbot for insurance with NLP...

ChatGPT in Logistics

GPT aids logistics with efficient customer inquiry handling...

ChatGPT in Manufacturing industry

ChatGPT: Advanced AI model mimics human speech accurately...

ChatGPT in Media

ChatGPT in Media: AI model by OpenAI for conversations...

chatgpt in pharmaceuticals
ChatGPT in Pharmaceuticals

ChatGPT excels, chatbots evolve from basic rule systems...

ChatGPT in Real Estate

ChatGPT enhances real estate with human-like conversations...

ChatGPT in Retail sector

E-commerce reshapes shopping, demands standout retail experiences...

front end technology developers
ChatGPT in Technology

ChatGPT revolutionizes tech industry with cutting-edge capabilities...

ChatGPT in Telecommunications

ChatGPT renowned in telecoms, an OpenAI breakthrough...

ChatGPT in Textiles sector

ChatGPT disrupts textiles, enhances ops, enables global expansion...

ChatGPT in Transportation

Transport: Vital, evolving for efficiency, safety...

ChatGPT in Travel industry

ChatGPT transforms travel communication, enhancing experience...

ChatGPT in Biotechnology

AI ChatGPT: Understands and generates human-like text...


AI, NLP enhance industries; ChatGPT gains attention...





Blockchain in Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers explore blockchain for supply chain visibility...

Blockchain in Agriculture

Blockchain: Decentralized ledger for transparent transactions, accounts...

Blockchain in Healthcare

Blockchain transforms diverse sectors worldwide...

Blockchain in Media Advertising and Entertainment Market

Blockchain: Immutable ledger for tracking business transactions...

Blockchain in Real Estate

Blockchain transforms all sectors: healthcare, trade, business, commerce...

Blockchain in Banking

Bank records in leather-covered books document transactions...

Blockchain in Financial Services

Blockchain cuts fraud, speeds transactions, reduces financial risk...

Blockchain in Insurance Industry

Insurance and medical records pose management challenges...

Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management

Advances open growth opportunities in supply chain...

Blockchain in Travel

Travel industry expands beyond mere supply chain logistics...

Blockchain in Retail Industry

Blockchain revolutionizes global business practices...

Blockchain Use Case in Gaming Industry

Monetizing digital game assets such as collectibles and skins...

Blockchain in Pharmacy

Digital revolution spawns business tech for performance, transparency, security...

Blockchain Carbon Credits

Bitcoin's power use raises sustainability concerns...

Blockchain Technology in Voting System

Authoritarian regimes rig elections via systematic fraud...

Metaverse and Blockchain

Metaverse buzz captivates global enthusiasts and techies...

metaverse platform

Metaverse: 3D virtual reality mirroring real world...

Create a Metaverse

Metaverse: Virtual world mirroring physical reality's traits...

Metaverse Banking

AR, VR, IoT, XR, MR innovations merge into daily life sooner...

Healthcare Metaverse

Metaverse redefines internet usage through virtual environment...

Metaverse for Lawyers

Legal profession reluctantly enters the metaverse trend...

Metaverse Real Estate

Nowadays, it seems like virtually anything is available...

Fashion Metaverse

Most believe fashion exists only in physical realm...

Metaverse for Ecommerce

Digital shoppers surged by a billion; growth trend persists...

Metaverse Crypto Games

Virtual world once confined to sci-fi, now reality...

solana development
Solana Metaverse Games

Solana: Webscale blockchain with unique proof-of-history feature...

3D Models For Metaverse

2D, 3D animation history: Early 20th century origins...

Gaming App Development Company
Metaverse Gaming

Metaverse: 3D collaboration, gaming, socializing platform...

Polkadot Metaverse

Metaverse: VR platform mimicking real world in 3D...

Metaverse Consulting

Metaverse: Key platform for diverse expert creative works...

Metaverse NFT Marketplace

Metaverse NFT marketplace integrates NFTs into virtual realms...

Metaverse Enterprise

Metaverse gains interest post Facebook's modern tech announcement...

Metaverse Application

Mixed opinions on metaverse technology emerge among individuals...

Metaverse on Solana

Meta rebrands from Facebook, highlights metaverse buzz in 2021...

Algorand Metaverse Development

Efficient, open network with unrestricted entry and exit capabilities...

Cardano Metaverse Development

Ethereum powers trending metaverse construction...

Metaverse NFT Game

Metaverse blurs real-virtual life distinction...

A comprehensive overview on Metaverse

Metaverse: Virtual reality world inspired by sci-fi...

Metaverse in creative arts and design

Magazine explores creativity in virtual worlds like Second Life...

Metaverse in social networking spaces

Social media: Dominant for digital interaction and sharing...

Virtual marketplaces

FDA's HACCP system tackles mounting issues...

Metaverse in manufacturing industry

Metaverse's recent IT dominance despite decades-old concept...

Metaverse in marketing and advertising

Tech growth offers abundant new opportunities...

Metaverse in retail industry

Retail shifts to omnichannel: blend of physical, online integration...

sports app developers
Metaverse in sports

Metaverse revolutionizes sports with virtual stadiums...

Metaverse in education and learning

History teacher lectures on Harappa to classroom full of students...

Metaverse in event industry

Events unite people for meaningful experiences...

Metaverse in travel and tourism

Metaverse redefines virtual social interactions...

Metaverse in public sector

Metaverse links VR and AR applications...

Metaverse in entertainment

Metaverse leverages VR for immersive entertainment experiences...

Remote virtual office

Metaverse unlocks vast potential for remote digital workspaces...

Metaverse in construction

Metaverse aids architects, designers in construction industry...

Metaverse in defence

Military uses VR, 3D simulations, AI in training environments...

Metaverse in agriculture

Metaverse to revolutionize indoor farming, market value $24.8B by 2026...

Metaverse in pharmaceuticals

Metaverse advances unlock research potential, say industry analysts...

Metaverse in insurance industry

Metaverse infancy deters insurers due to low returns...

Metaverse in photography

Metaverse photography: Unlimited creative freedom...

Metaverse for social networking

Metaverse: Virtual socializing, influencers, events, avatars, marketplaces...

The future of Metaverse in a nutshell

Metaverse: Not fleeting, but a lasting tectonic shift...

Metaverse in photography

Photography in the metaverse gives you previously unimaginable freedom to experiment with light, color, perspective, and output

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