A women-centric application that provides for the best of a women’s healthcare needs

Project Overview


Proactive For Her is an application that provides women’s healthcare solution from anywhere at anytime. This is an all in one application that let’s you book a doctor’s appointment, book a medical test and also provides programs that a person can undergo to solve a problem

Roles & Responsibilities

  • User Interface / User Experience
  • App & Website + Dashboard

To create a fully functional app and website for end-users and Dashboard for Care coordinator, Doctor and Admin along with wireframes, user personas, high and low-fidelity prototyping, conducting usability studies, accounting for accessibility and iterating on design

Tools used

What we did

Design Process

Creating a user persona helped us understand who will be using the product, their goals, frustrations/pain-points and for what purpose they will use the product.


User Research & Interviews

Our main goal here was to find and understand a user’s problem and resolve them. Our target audience are females from the age of 18 onwards who need to easily and quickly find a doctor of their choice and conviniently book an appointment. We interviewed 5-6 users’s to better understand their challenges, motivations, overall experience and needs that the user faces. Below are some of the questions that were asked :

Competitor analysis

Analysis of the competitors is critical in determining the performance of the app compared to those of competition. The competitor analysis we carried out is closely linked to the usability of the platform and the features made available to the users. We identified some competitors and analyzed their features to determine the pros and cons related to PFH


  • Minimalistic interface, easy to use and understand
  • Fixed Consultation fees is fixed and reasonable
  • Multiple cards displaying all available features on home screens


  • No bottom navigation - all the featured are inside the hamburger menu
  • Cancelling or Rescheduling of appoinments feature is not available
  • Search bar is not accessible on all the screens
  • No voice support or calling the customer service available


  • Let’s you add family members in the same account
  • Mfine provides coins that can be used as extra discounts on services you want to book
  • Provides a Self-check service that helps you understand if your, or a family member’s, recent symptoms pose a health risk.


  • The overall experience is confusing where the most relevant things are missing or are at the bottom
  • Can’t add mutiple lab test packages
  • In the invoice section the app does not show traction history,
  • There is no option to call a helpline number or Live chat with them instead has the option of “Request call back”


  • The interface is simple and makes it easy to navigate through
  • Banner slides shows the important features of the application


  • The rates of some of the services are on a higher sides as compared to other competitors
  • Follow up fees is very high
  • The app does not notify if the doctor is available to take the appointment
  • No proper follow up on the appointments or bookings



Creating a user persona helped us understand who will be using the product, their goals, frustrations/pain-points and for what purpose they will use the product.

User Painpoints

We learned about a lot of problems during user research and interview phase where we identified that a lot of users share the same behaivour and pain points. Below are some of the common problems most of the users shared

People have had bad experiences where the doctor would ask them to take unnecesssary tests and the treatment is not effective.

People don’t like waiting for long-hours for their at hospitals or clinics

People avoid visiting a doctor due to their busy schedule, lack of accessibility, high fees, bad reviews or no good doctors in their locality

Empathy Map

Empathy mapping helped us gain perspective on Users' thoughts and feelings. This process was done to define the target audience with more clarity as well as illustrate their needs and actions


User Flow

After extracting essential information from users through research we made this user flow diagram after several iterations that shows the entire path that the user takes while exploring this product.

Information Architecture

We created an Information Architecture where we structured the content so it’s easy for users to find what they are looking for

Information Architecture - Doctor, Care Coordinator, Admin Dashboards

Mid - Fidelity Wireframes

We made wireframes to lay out content and functionality which takes into account users need and users journey.

High-Fidelity Wireframes

Visual Style Guide

Style Guide is an essential part of a project as it helps create a standardized system of colours, fonts, text input and many other components that will be combined and displayed on users screen


We used Inter for app and Open Sans for website and dashboard. Inter is a variable font family carefully crafted & designed for computer screens, comes with a wide range of weights and styles that provided us with more flexibility. Whereas, Open Sans is a humanist sans serif typeface and we chose this since it has excellent legibility characteristics in its letterforms.

H1  Proactiveforher   24px

H2  Proactiveforher   20px

H3  Proactiveforher   16px

H4  Proactiveforher   14px

P1  Proactiveforher   16px

P2  Proactiveforher   14px

P3  Proactiveforher   12px

H1  Proactiveforher   32px

H2  Proactiveforher   24px

H3  Proactiveforher   20px

H4  Proactiveforher   16px

H5  Proactiveforher   14px

P1  Proactiveforher   16px

P2  Proactiveforher   14px

Color palette

Style Guide is an essential part of a project as it helps create a standardized system of colours, fonts, text input and many other components that will be combined and displayed on users screen






























Style Guide is an essential part of a project as it helps create a standardized system of colours, fonts, text input and many other components that will be combined and displayed on users screen


The Component library was created to facilitate the interaction between designers and developers and preserve the visual concept of the application.

Visual Design

Patient side

Simple Log in/Signup process

Users can log in or sign up using their mobile number. This is the fastest and easiest way for the users to quickly access/explore the app and resolve their purpose


After successful log in/sign up the user will land on the homepage where he can explore the app, get important information, find doctors, find test centers and health programs

Diagnostic Tests

Users can take desired diagnostic tests available where they can either take the test from home or visit a test center. Users can take multiples tests at once, view test results in the app, cancel or reschedule the test as per their convinience


Proactiveforher offers women with treatment programs to undergo where they can treat their PCOS or Vaginismus problems with the help of experts and frequest consultations. Users can take an optional free quiz to know if they are suffering from an issue

Website Screens

Doctor Dashboard

Appointments and Consultations

Details of all the patient bookings and consultations can be seen in the Dashbord. The status of the appointment, appointment ID , the type of consultation can be seen here. We made the Dashboard very simple and easy to use.

Calendar for scheduling activities

Calendar is essential for planning activities. Here the doctor can set his availability and check for upcoming meetings and appointments


Prescriptions can be added as and when the appointment is successfully completed. This prescription uploaded by the doctor stays in the medical record of the patient and can be downloaded or printed

Care Coordinator Dashboard

Care Coordinator is able to see and manage all the doctors apponinments, upcoming and past consultations, programs and diagostic tests. The coordinator can track orders, coordinate with the doctors and patients regarding any updates or change in availability. The Care Coordinator plays a vital role in the application

Admin Dashboard

Admin will be able to see all the activities related to doctos, labs tests, programs, The admin will be able to add different specilaities, symptoms, tests and will be able to manage articles, testimonials and coupon codes.


Usability Testing & Implementing Feedback

After the Visual design was complete we evaluted the design on the target audience. We collected feedback from users within our organization, who under the testing phase were given the link of wireframe. Further we evaluated the pros and cons of each feedback received from them in terms of applying them in practicality and how it can affect in functioning of the final product.


Designing the app has been challenging and a satisfying journey. The challenge was to conduct user research and prepare the whole flow to create a complete prototype-friendly app with smooth and clear usability and most important of all, accessibility to Users, Doctors, Care coordinators and Admin.

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Hours spent

560 +

Screens made

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