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An NFT marketplace is the next thing that comes to mind after you must have created your digital art or if you have your art made already. To sell your art or make it the truly unique piece of the asset on the blockchain you need your own NFT marketplace or a general NFT marketplace. Let's start with a bit of clarification on the types of NFT marketplace needed in any case, and see whether you need your own NFT marketplace in the first place. An NFT marketplace can either be a non-fungible token website, or a peer-to-peer marketplace. Non fungible tokens websites are the places you go to sell all kinds of crypto assets like arts and domain names, while peer-to-peer marketplace focuses on specialized assets such as holograms or social media posts. You will therefore be unable to list your digital art on a niche peer-to-peer website that sells Facebook posts because it won't support that. Selling in an NFT marketplace depends on the popularity of the collection. Even though there are other solutions like customizable SDKs which are great to interact with, the services of an NFT market place development company will appeal to your unique requirements and an NFT marketplace development company will also offer you more security if you consider that you do not have full control over tools provided by other platforms who are also in the non-fungible token business. Compliance is also a unique reason why you need the services of a specialized NFT marketplace development company to get your NFT marketplace developed for you. Little issues can quickly slip through the crack and cost you a lot in suits if you are not careful. To get a better grasp of it all, let's take a walk through why you should create your NFT marketplace or use the services of an NFT marketplace development company in the first place.

Why Create Your Own NFT Marketplace?

Analyzing your audience is the first important step in creating an NFT marketplace platform. In your NFT marketplace development journey, and as you employ the services of an NFT marketplace development company you want to think about how your audience will interact with the NFT marketplace platform you are building, how the NFT development company can offer matching NFT development services, and how you can stand out as a marketplace platform better than others already in the business. They are reasons why you would want to create your own NFT marketplace, platform different from other NFT platforms, and why you would want people to issue their valuable digital assets on your own NFT platform. Digital art and collectibles are what you will find on any NFT platform including yours will have on an NFT marketplace, so what makes your NFT platform different? The most common putt-offs in marketplace NFTs and digital assets is the inability for individuals or NFT developers to get their non-fungible token listed as a marketplace NFT on an NFT platform with so much popularity.

nft marketplace development company

The next pain point is the fees which vary depending on the NFT marketplace platform used at any moment. An existing NFT marketplace may also have some restrictions which will make it impossible for ordinary individuals to get their NFTs on the platform even though these individuals are creative artists. There is also the problem of in-platform auction and promotions which highlights popular products giving them a better opportunity to catch the eye of interested buyers. In the face of such unfair advantages and, perhaps discrimination, creating your own NFT marketplace will be the most reasonable way out of the hassle. We will now move on to look at some of the unique features of NFT marketplaces that will be crucial to selecting an NFT marketplace development company, and also help you in discussing with your preferred developers in the course of your NFT marketplace development.

Features of NFT Marketplace

Store Front

In the design and development of your NFT marketplace, you should let the company providing the NFT marketplace development solutions know about your storefront. The storefront of an NFT marketplace, like a physical storefront, serves as the point of entry and the first point of interaction for your potential buyers. Your NFT marketplace development solutions provider should make sure that the storefront resonates with what your NFT marketplace stands for, and matches the impression you intend to create in the mind of anyone who visits your NFT marketplace.

Search Bar

The next important feature in NFT marketplace development is the search bar. Something may have caught the eye of someone on social media, prompting the interested person to visit your website. Imagine the only thing they can remember at that point is the first couple of words in the name of that digital collectible. Aside from that, you should consider separating your website by categories in your NFT marketplace development. That will also improve the user experience since an art collector interested in memes, photography, acrylic, metaverse, or other related themes can easily navigate to these sections.

Sort & Filters

As users storm your NFT marketplace they may be interested in specific features which make arts unique. They may also be on a budget, while others may simply be interested in the newest collectible or art in your developed NFT marketplace. Asking your NFT marketplace development company to add filters to your website can make the difference that prompted the NFT marketplace development in the first place by saving the time your users spend on your website. It may seem simple enough, but the time spent scrolling a website without a filter is reasonable enough to be put into other productive uses.

Create & Upload

It is often a simple dashboard but the way your NFT marketplace developed the creation page and file upload page can make the difference between a good and a great platform. It is a normal response to leave a website after unsuccessful attempts to upload simple images or collectibles in other digital formats. A great NFT marketplace must allow users to easily upload files, add features and tweak their collections as they consider fit. The right way to do NFT marketplace development involves checking to ensure that these features are not just in place but fully functional.


You must have heard of people trying to upload images downloaded from Google on an NFT platform. The truth is, these images do not fulfill the uniqueness criteria critical in NFT creation. A good feature that NFT marketplace development platforms consider is the collection or digital collectible status. Verifying the authenticity of art is also important for creators as a reassurance that their art is original and is being displayed as unique in your NFT marketplace.


An NFT marketplace is not different from our common marketplaces where we buy all sorts of goods and items. Auctions are also important in NFT marketplace development as a routine in any NFT marketplace. You should allow users to create discounts and set the expiry date of the auction of their collection. They should also have a watchlist for tracking bids, interests, and impressions on their NFTs. You should let your NFT marketplace development company or agency understand the importance of customizable auctions and watchlists for each user on your NFT marketplace.


Newbies to NFTs often rely on information provided by those who have been there long before them. Little wonder, word of mouth is one of the best sales strategies. These users may not be able to reach out to everyone who has used your platform before but your NFT marketplace development company can help in the creation of a rating set up to allow anyone who purchases an NFT to leave feedback about their experience or vote for an art based on how they feel about it. Likes and impressions can also serve the same purpose but each of these features requires careful design efforts from the NFT marketplace development company you hire.

Crypto Wallet

Storing, sharing, and receiving NFTs is possible with crypto wallets and the NFT marketplace development must consider how users will interact in this way on the platform. Most Web3.0 wallets are ERC20 compatible, but it is important to allow users lots of options for convenience and to increase the use of your platform. The blockchain where the NFT marketplace will be deployed is also important as it can help you decide which wallets will be compatible in the first place.


Now that you have considered the features which are crucial in the development of any NFT marketplace, it is important to keep in mind that the possibilities in the development of NFT marketplaces are not limited. You can decide to add a unique sharing feature that presents the listed NFTs as a YouTube short which can be uploaded on YouTube, any video sharing platform, or on social media. You can also offer a feature that allows users to show bids on their NFTs as proof of sale or marketability. The only caveat is that you must discuss with your platform to protect buyers from fraud and sellers from unnecessary duplication.

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NFT Use Cases

Non-fungible tokens have lots of applications in real life which range from sales of digital arts to real-estate and in-game items. Since NFTs are scarce and unique they are a perfect match for real-world assets, music royalties, logistics, and more. As NFTs mature we can expect to see further adoption of more experimental use cases. Creating digital scarcity for assets was incredibly difficult before the advent of NFTs. Thanks to crypto arts, NFTs can now be used to prove the authenticity of tangible goods. Art NFTs have helped solve long-standing problems of scarcity in digital arts which can easily be copied using basic computer software.

Digital Arts

With NFTs, while anyone can look at a crypto punk on the Ethereum blockchain, we can only use the blockchain to verify the authenticity of the art. Artists have created value on the blockchain that is tied to proof of ownership and verifiability on the blockchain. There is now a massive demand for digital collectibles with international sports agencies issuing NFTs on marketplaces to create unique forms of value for the sports industry. Jack Dorsey's first Tweet, which was sold on valuable for about $2 million is a simple Tweet representing the first Tweet in history. Autographs are also valuable and only with the coming of NFTs can we place a true value on these unique pieces.

NFT Loans

Staking is also another feature that can make NFTs truly revolutionary as an asset with earning potential. Just Liquidity and Bakery swap, for example, allows users to stake their NFTs and earn liquidity pool rewards. By contributing to some decentralized projects, contributors receive NFTs that they can use to participate in the decision-making on the platform.


Music NFTs have a lot of use cases especially in areas of blockchain royalty solutions known as media chains and blockchain streaming platforms. Although it is still hard for blockchain projects to compete with already existing music streaming projects. Deeds for real-estate sales can be tokenized as NFTs and anyone who wins the auctions receives ownership rights to the traded asset. It is also possible to tokenize the logistic journey and track the supply-chain history to items. Now that we have seen the various use cases of NFTs we will not move on to explain the benefits of choosing the right NFT marketplace development services company. There are important reasons which this is a great step if you hope to build a project with a lasting impact in the space. Some of these considerations include the experience of the NFT marketplace development services, past NFT development projects handled by the team, and their approach to resolving the complexities that may come up in the course of implementing your requirements.


Music NFTs have a lot of use cases especially in areas of blockchain royalty solutions known as media chains and blockchain streaming platforms. Although it is still hard for blockchain projects to compete with already existing music streaming projects. Deeds for real-estate sales can be tokenized as NFTs and anyone who wins the auctions receives ownership rights to the traded asset. It is also possible to tokenize the logistic journey and track the supply-chain history to items. Now that we have seen the various use cases of NFTs we will not move on to explain the benefits of choosing the right NFT marketplace development services company. There are important reasons which this is a great step if you hope to build a project with a lasting impact in the space. Some of these considerations include the experience of the NFT marketplace development services, past NFT development projects handled by the team, and their approach to resolving the complexities that may come up in the course of implementing your requirements.

Rejolut's NFT Marketplace Development Services

Blockchain development of NFT marketplaces with complete functionality can get complicated if you don't choose the right blockchain development expert to take your idea from scratch into a complete product. With us, you can be sure that all aspects of your blockchain services are properly designed and developed from the ground up. Writing smart contracts in a way that ensures that all processes go smoothly without error is also something new projects should not gamble on. Each step, from the front end of the application to the smart contracts, which control a lot of the process, must be clearly defined.

As custom NFT marketplace development specialists, Rejolut understands the technology stack and combinations that will lead to the best UI/UX and backend outcomes. Whatever your requirements are, Rejolut will bring it to life by developing a fully functional and responsive NFT marketplace according to your idea. Working with Rejolut prevents issues that may come up after initial development. You can also reach out to real and available people to discuss updates in the future. To prevent scalability issues, Rejolut adds functionalities to your NFT marketplace according to your request. We will also help you deploy your NFT marketplace on the right platform that offers a perfect combination of NFT marketplace place fees, speed, and improved user experience. If you would like to have native NFT tokens for your NFT platform, Rejolut can help you work on that. Native NFT tokens can be a key distinguishing factor between you and other projects in the NFT space or on the same blockchain. It can also help you raise funds for future activities and the development of the project. Our NFT development services take the unique needs and expectations of your potential NFT marketplace users who will list digital collectibles and NFT collectibles on your platform.

Why choose Rejolut for Nft marketplace Development services?

Working with NFT development company, Rejolut is always worthwhile. We combine the best of modern blockchain technology skills and deploy codes in a way that guarantees security for digital collectibles. We have experience working with multiple blockchains using diverse programming languages. Our NFT development process includes proper process and project management and bringing in the best minds in any skillset required to build large and medium NFT marketplaces. We can also deploy your marketplace on layer-two solutions which solve the problems of expensive blockchains like Ethereum without requiring your users to move to other blockchain projects. We also keep to deadlines which is one of the common problems people face when they hire independent developers. Rejolut maintains a culture of excellence, the same culture that has seen it through writing over 100,000 lines of codes for blockchain companies. Building your desired NFT marketplace requires the right combination of skill, work ethic, and experience. Rejolut will help you launch a scalable NFT marketplace that will give your customers a seamless buying experience for software licenses, gaming cards, real-world assets, digital collectibles, and artworks.

Scale your NFT Development projects with us

Our Non Fungible Tokens Platform

Our non fungible tokens platform design includes advanced features and customizations guaranteed to set your marketplace up and running.


We uphold the core idea of decentralization as an indispensable criterion in setting up the best NFT platform. Even though you are the creator, we design platforms for non fungible tokens such that no one can gain unfair control over the platform. Doing this will help you build trust by reassuring your users that about your fair intentions.

Marketplace Information Storage

We use the best-decentralized file storage system to store on-chain NFT data. Working with Rejolut guarantees a secure and reliable platform.


We can help you design and set up a platform for using marketplace NFT as collateral depending on their token value. These NFTs will be held and can be sold by the platform in cases of default.

Seamless Protocol

Although developing the platform will be a lot more technical, Rejolut understands that owners may not have or may not be prepared to hire experts to manage the platform moving forward. We do our best possible to minimize subsequent needs for highly-technical upgrades.

Cross-Device Compatibility and App Design

You can have a mobile app for your NFT platform but aside from that your NFT platform design will be optimized for easy accessibility across devices.


There are millions of cryptocurrencies currently used across marketplaces and traded on exchanges. We design NFT marketplaces that allow users purchase NFTs on the platform without converting their tokens elsewhere. A platform-based exchange will serve as extra revenue for the platform.

Scalability & ROI

You will hardly have a hard time scaling an NFT platform designed by Rejolut. With a friendly UI/UX, coupled with the ability to use interact with multiple blockchains. Your NFT platform is set to succeed.

Best NFT Marketplaces

Open Sea

Open Sea is the world's first and largest marketplace for NFTs. It is the major marketplace for buying, selling, and holding NFTs. In August of 2012, Open Sea recorded over $3 billion in revenue from the sale of NFTs. It is the largest digital marketplace for user-owned digital items supporting multiple blockchains with the broadest set of categories and the best prices for new emerging asset classes.

It was founded in 2018 by Alex Attallah and Devin Finzer who were inspired by Cryptokitties' success on the cryptocurrency market. It raided its initial capital from YCombinator, although its current investment partners now include Anderson Horwitz and other top celebrities. At the time of writing this article, Open Sea is valued at over $1.5 billion.


Rarible is a strong community of creators and art lovers, buying and selling digital collectibles with the native Rari tokens. It is a community-driven NFT project and the first to launch a governance token in the NFT space. Rarible was the first to combine innovations in NFT with DeFi offering NFT collateralized loans to its users and also giving users the ability to decide the future of the platform. It is a fascinating place to buy and sell digital arts. It allowed users to mint NFTs without coding skills, which was a high leap in NFTs at the time.


Superrare is a good balance between traditional art and digital art. It is a strong marketplace for original art also offering the feature that allows users to mint their NFTs without coding. It allows the creation of digital galleries in the virtual world to display the creativity of artists. It is highly appreciated by the art community and for the convenience it offers and the value users derive from the tokens.


Decetraland is a virtual world sensation built on the Ethereum blockchain. Its development started in 2015 with a 2D virtual world prototype known as the Stone Age. It was officially launched for the public in February 2020. It is a fully decentralized 3D virtual world where people can own and develop their own virtual land. Users can own their own virtual land or wander around what others have created.

The landscape in Decentraland can include sceneries, interactive objects, art, games, and anything that is attractive. It is divided into two fragments called parcels of 16/16 meters of land that can be owned by anyone. It uses an ERC 721 token, LAND which is owned and used by participants on the platform.

NFT token Standard

NFT token standards are used to mint or generate NFTs on blockchains like Ethereum. The most popular standards for minting NFTs are ERC721, ERC 998, and ERC 1155. ERC721 is the standard non-fungible token standard that allows the minting of static non-fungible ERC20 tokens that are unique on Ethereum and acquirable through purchase, payment, and transfer of ownership on-chain. ERC998 is a composable and advanced version of ERC721 that allows parent-child relationships which makes it possible to transfer assets across chains. ERC1155, the last and most advanced standard is a standard that allows part and collective ownership of digital assets and collectible on-chain with the possibility of selling these parts according to the value of the complete collectible.


Solana NFT Marketplace development is one of the most innovative phenomena that are taking place all over the world right at this precise now. As consequence of the fact that it gives a great number of individuals a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to exhibit their own unique intellectual and creative assets, which may encompass everything from music to painting. Non-Fungible Tokens, which are often referred to as NFTs, are chunks of data that are stored on a distributed ledger but cannot be divided up or traded in any way. These NFTs are entirely unique digital things, and each one possesses its own information collection in addition to having its own set of data.

Frequently Asked Questions

NFT Marketplaces are one of the latest trends going around the world at the current time. As it brings a unique chance for many to exhibit individual intellectuals and creative collectibles which can range anything right from music to art. NFTs or Non-Fungible Token, are unique and non-interchangeable units of data stored on a digital ledger. These NFTs are 100% original digital assets having a unique set of metadata.

NFTs are a kind of digital asset and they can be bought and sold off just like any other asset, to trade them there are designated Marketplaces which are known as NFT Marketplace. The demand for NFT Marketplace development is increasing with the rising popularity of NFTs. There are various types of NFTs that can be made available by building an NFT Marketplace having a number of creators and users.

An NFT Developer is a skilled professional developer who has deep knowledge about what is Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is and how different types of projects are developed by using NFTs. Such knowledge can be used to build NFT-based platforms for enterprises and businesses. Namely, there are major three Blockchain protocols are being used by NFT developers to develop various NFTs – Ethereum, Flow, and Solana.

Finding the right NFT developer can be a daunting task as the concept of NFT itself came in 2014, so there aren’t many parameters defined for hiring. In case you don’t want to spend much resources and time in choosing an NFT developer, then one of the easiest ways is to go for an NFT development company.

NFTs or Non-Fungible Token, are unique and non-interchangeable units of data stored on a digital ledger, and in layman’s words, it’s a digital asset that could represent any real-world objects like art, music, in-game items, and videos. Currently, NFTs are in the talks of the town and are set to become the new rage, like cryptocurrencies are an answer to currencies so are NFTs for the collectibles.

NFTs have a unique characteristic that they can’t be interchanged, as they have unique properties, which makes them safe and reliable as an asset. NFTs are one of kind digital assets and they can be bought and sold off just like any other asset representing cars or properties that do not require any maintenance, as they exist in virtual reality and do not have tangible forms of their own.


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In an industry where being first to market is critical, speed is essential. Rejolut's rapid prototyping framework(RPF) is the fastest, most effective way to take an idea to development. It is choreographed to ensure we gather an in-depth understanding of your idea in the shortest time possible.

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Rejolut RPF's helps you identify problem areas in your concept and business model. We will identify your weaknesses so you can make an informed business decision about the best path for your product.

Checklist for hiring NFT Marketplace developer

NFT developers are gaining huge demand due to the rise in the number of NFT Marketplaces and finding a well-qualified developer is a herculean task.

So, here is the checklist for you to follow when you hire NFT developer for your project –

Adopt NFT Marketplace in 2022

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