You have a reason to work with us

We provide transparency from day 0 at each and every step of the development cycle and it sets us apart from other development agencies. You can think of us as the extended team and partner to solve complex business problems using technology.


We take requirement gathering seriously. A detailed document which includes product flow, BRD, FRD and technical architecture ensures all parties involved in development are aligned & working towards same objectives.


We turn your vision into a Clickable MVP. Experience building scalable technology projects taught us the importance of communication. Clickable MVP helps align stakeholders before coding, setting expectations from Day 0. Know more


Onboarding includes access to custom project management dashboard, provides a snapshot of project health at any given point of time.

Scale your project with us


We use agile development, divide projects into modules & use ClickUp to track tasks with delivery timelines. Open to integrating new tools like Jira, Asana etc suggested by clients. Even we do risk management associated with the development of the project.


Transparent development progress with sprint reports, no last-minute surprises. Example of Sprint report attached.


We prioritize communication and respond to any inquiries within a maximum of one hour or the issue will be escalated.

let's build awesome together


We accept ad-hoc changes even after req frozen, but client needs to understand it may affect timelines.


Our billing system is based on milestones. This approach offers security for both parties, as payments are linked to the completion of specific deliverables. This helps to minimize the risk of non-compliance from either party.


Our bug-free delivery saves costs and our scalable, usable, modular code makes it easy to scale and add modules. Hear what our clients say.

What Our Clients Say

Don't just take our word for it

Rejolut is staying at the forefront of technology. From participating in (and winning) hackathons to showcasing their ability to implement almost any piece of code and contributing in open source software for anyone in the world to benefit from the increased functionality. They’ve shown they can do it all.
Pablo Peillard
Founder, Hashing Systems
Enjoyed working with the Rejolut team; professional and with a sound understanding of smart contracts and blockchain; easy to work with and I highly recommend the team for future projects. Kudos!
Founder, 200eth
They have great problem-solving skills. The best part is they very well understand the business fundamentals and at the same time are apt with domain knowledge.
Suyash Katyayani
CTO, Purplle

Listen to what people say about us.

Speed up your Technology adoption with a proven team

We assist start-ups and enterprises in innovating, integrating, developing, and scaling their technology projects

Hedera Experts

Amit Kumar

Co-founder, Business

Amit, co-founder of technology-focused Rejolut, has 8 years of experience with 4.5 in leadership roles at multinationals like Samsung Research India, Dazo, Purplle, and Loylty Rewardz. He has successfully scaled products and revenue for multiple consumer products with millions of users. Currently leading Rejolut, he is responsible for delivering multiple technology products with real-world business use.

Vishal Dharmawat

Co-founder, Product/Technology

Vishal, an ambitious and level-headed individual with 8 years of experience, loves solving business problems using complex projects in a high-growth environment. He has experience building product flow for business ideas in various domains such as fintech, block tech, crypto tech, gaming, and consumer products. His approach is minimalistic with a focus on few feature sets for maximum engagement within the product flow.

Rahul Asati

Co-founder, Delivery/Technology

Rahul built a product from scratch which obtained multi-million dollar funding and was used by millions. Has experience in leading and mentoring teams. He has deep understanding of product and project management, ability to learn new technology quickly, and ability to mentor team to think and perform beyond their limitation. Strong believer in speed of execution, with expertise in Product Ideation, Usability/UX Analysis, Client-Server Architecture, Google Cloud, AWS, Java Script, Python, and Java.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our strong drive and ability to delve deeply into solving your business challenges sets us apart from others. We’ll even go as far as rewriting existing SDKs or libraries to find the best solutions for you.

We specialize in creating cutting-edge digital products for forward-thinking companies utilizing cutting-edge technology such as Blockchain, ML/AI, IoT, VR/AR, Cloud and more.

Put your worries to rest with Rejolut! Here’s why:

  • Full transparency throughout the process with daily PM dashboard updates and no last-minute surprises
  • Confidentiality and security ensured through NCAs/NDAs and secure VPN workstations
  • Contractual protection against non-delivery
  • Access to skilled developers at a cost-effective rate and shortened go-to-market time
  • Agility and flexibility with on-demand resources and the ability to adjust quickly
  • We take pride in our code quality, as attested by code auditing agencies

Custom code comes with 30-day free warranty. Our team will quickly fix any errors caused by us. If errors occur due to uncontrollable factors like third-party libraries, we offer 30 days of free support. Note that changes or fixes made by the client’s team are not covered and will be charged.

We offer several engagement models:

  1. Technology Consulting: Our technology advisor helps you find the best practices to solve your business problems. We provide guidance on new projects, and products, Book free slots.
  2. Prototype & Minimal Viable Product: Ideal for start-ups or established companies to prototype their vision or plan their next product. Includes research, project planning, user experience, functional requirements, technology R&D, clickable prototypes, high fidelity design, and MVP development Know more.
  3. Design & Build: We fully develop and bring your new product to market. Great for creating new platforms, SaaS products, large scale/enterprise CMS, content migrations, blockchain systems and other tech-heavy projects. Our 5 Stage Production Process includes Plan & Prototype, Development, Testing, Launch, and Warranty. We also provide training and management options.
  4. Client Staffing: We deploy technology and product experts at client’s end to deliver products based on client’s need. Our experts have expertise in understanding requirements, developing MVP, managing teams, designing and implementing architecture of products, and defining testing strategy.

We help develop more features, design changes, next product versions, support more devices based on consumer feedback. We can even help you with Analytics, Cloud migration and defining devOps strategy.

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