So how does it all work?

Let’s build your dream product and team together with us

How it all works?

Let’s build your dream product and team together with us

Step 1

Tell us your requirements

Schedule a call with us using this link. We’ll work to understand your business case/problem statement and will ask multiple questions and otherwise pick your brain on your products and services.

Here is a sample of questions we might ask during our call to better understand your business needs and what you’re looking for in your next project.

Step 2

Rapid concept workshop

This is a one-hour collaborative workshop where we plan to answer all your tech-related queries and help you to visualize your next project’s technology architecture using an interactive digital whiteboard. You’ll leave the workshop understanding the high-level flow of your future product, timeline, and costs. know more

Step 3

Review our proposal

After we agree on what needs to be built and freeze the scope of the project, we’ll follow up with a detailed proposal for you to review and sign. Here we might suggest that dip our toes in the pool with a clickable MVP, first, based on your budget and readiness level. What’s a clickable MVP? learn more

Step 4

Onboard with us and start building

Now it's time to get started. We will schedule a kick-off call and get you set up on slack along with our team members for faster communication. There, we’ll also provide you with access to ClickUp/Jira to help you track progress and set up weekly status update calls on our calendars.

"You have a reason to work with us." Know more