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Thinking about White Label Crypto Exchange? Think Rejolut! We are an acclaimed White Label Crypto Exchange development company having expertise in building customized white label cryptocurrency exchanges that can be available for instant deployment. Launch your own crypto exchange business that is secure, supple, and user-friendly.

According to a crypto exchange development company including ourselves, we believe that White label exchange software is an ideal investment to make when you want to create a bitcoin exchange company in a certain area and dominate the sector from the outset. Because of this, you will be able to get started right away, which is another reason why it is a great option for those who want to launch an exchange business but have a limited amount of capital to do so. It features a minimal deployment time and a ready solution, both of which are designed to aid you in getting your firm off the ground as quickly as possible. You may choose to begin in this fashion, and once you have cultivated a substantial following, you may then choose to develop a more efficient customized platform for your use.

As the name implies, white-label means a product or service made by one company that another company can purchase and rebrand according to their preference and needs. As the cryptocurrency market keeps growing, the demand for exchanges will be on the rise. As existing exchanges try to increase liquidity to meet up with the growing demand of their users, there will be an opportunity to hop onto the market.

Smart entrepreneurs will always be able to find this opportunity to build their own exchange and platform for trading, trading, storing funds, receiving, and sending cryptocurrency payments of a wide variety. The ready-made exchange solution offers security and is cost-effective to start with.

The cryptocurrency market is nearing mass adoption with the number of cryptocurrency skeptics rapidly falling. Digital assets and crypto are being used in many spheres, and the many in one solution available in the market are still not enough since the market keeps growing daily. Institutions are also starting to recognize the potential of crypto projects, with the average trading volume fluctuating between $44.7 to $113.2 billion. In May of 2021, a trading volume of about $5,000 billion was recorded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The number of digital currency hot wallets and cold wallets is also on the increase. The number of hot and cold wallets globally reached over 74 billion in 6 months. The 18.5% growth has not been seen before in the industry. In the face of these growths, crypto traders and holders will need secured and convenient platforms to store their funds. The crypto exchange business for the storage of digital assets using cryptocurrency exchange software is therefore a business that holds a huge promise, and white label solutions are some of the best options out there. Before we talk a bit more about setting up your exchange, let's look at what a cryptocurrency exchange is in detail to learn more.

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What is a Crypto Exchange?

To start with, it is important to understand that there are two types of exchange. The first type of exchange is the centralized exchange where your funds are kept on the exchange and governed by the centralized server. The other type of exchange, the decentralized exchange leverages blockchain technology to offer additional security. Centralized exchanges allow you to buy cryptocurrency with cash and trade cryptocurrency assets between different blockchains. For this reason, centralized exchanges must be built in specific ways to allow you to do all that.

Buying cryptocurrency with fiat currency does not need so much explanation, but to manage user funds legally, you need to go through a lot of AML and other regulatory processes, especially in the United States. Let's take two crypto assets like Ethereum and Bitcoin, for example. You can create your own assets on an existing blockchain which is why you can find coins listed on platforms like coin market cap existing on exchanges that have already been built. You can trade Ethereum for Bitcoin on a platform like Coinbase. So, normally when you hold each of these currencies, they exist on different blockchains and you can only resolve this computer science problem of interoperability.

Centralized exchanges

Centralized exchanges have a solution to this problem and allow you to trade one currency to another seamlessly. It does this by issuing you an account on each of the networks you are moving your cryptocurrency from and to. So if you want to trade Ethereum, it will create an Ethereum account for you. If you try to deposit funds to a centralized exchange, for example, you will receive a public key or a wallet address where you can transfer your funds. What the centralized exchange does is that it allow you to move funds across these blockchains by allowing you to perform the swap by assigning new balances from their liquidity through a central server to your account.

If you put in an order on any of these exchanges, you are telling the exchange that you have cash and Coinbase is going to draw from your cash reserve and generate an Ethereum address for you and assign Ethereum to that account from the takers' order. So the taker is another person on Coinbase exchange that wants fiat and is ready to part ways with their Ethereum which Coinbase then sends to you who wants Ethereum and is ready to part ways with fiat currency. Coinbase does the transfer of funds from the taker's address to the makers' address in the background in a way that is not exactly visible to users, except in the order book. Centralized exchanges are also called custodial exchanges.

Decentralized exchanges

Decentralized exchanges offer some extra benefits of security and decentralization. Decentralized exchanges are cryptocurrency exchanges that make trades on the blockchain by themselves. The huge difference between these kinds of exchanges and centralized or custodial exchanges is that you cannot exchange fiat for crypto. You must already be in the crypto ecosystem to use decentralized exchanges. On Ethereum based decentralized exchanges, you can swap crypto assets, and most of these platforms are built on Ethereum. Unlike decentralized exchanges, the centralized crypto exchange does it all for you with an efficient exchange software that is built to work automatically on the blockchain. You also do not have to keep up with anything. Decentralized exchanges allow automatic swap of assets between blockchains. They allow you to trade with your fund in your wallet until the transaction is executed.

To use decentralized exchanges, you must have a decentralized exchange compatible wallet, which you can connect to the exchange. Take ZeroX, for example, which allows you to convert one cryptocurrency to another by taking maker and taker orders. The protocol takes your order from your wallet and connects to a smart contract, executing an atomic swap that instantly transfers funds from one token to another. In this quick process, the maker and taker orders are moved to the appropriate wallet. Another way this works is through wrapped tokens such as WETH. In order to turn Ether into a token, you have to wrap it in a smart contract that has a one-to-one relationship between your smart contract and the Ethereum or WETH balance.

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What is a Trading Platform?

A trading platform is an exchange software of cryptocurrency exchange where you can swap or convert one cryptocurrency to another. White label software is used to build these platforms, although they are customized and tweaked to prevent attacks on user funds. There is no way you can move your cryptocurrency without a trading platform or exchange. We can extend our definition of trading platforms to blockchain-based games and NFT trading platforms because they also allow you to transfer digital assets.

The mainstream use of online trading platforms probably followed the dot com boom of the 2000s where several businesses went online to offer their services to the teeming population of users. The first traded assets were stocks which were presented with relayed information from the servers of centralized settlement houses and exchanges, especially on Wall Street. The use of these platforms which also includes some white-label exchange, was fraught with problems like a high-frequency trading platform, naked shorting, and front running.

Crypto exchange platforms stated from the banned website Silkroad where Bitcoin was first used for real transactions. Soon there were other platforms like Mt. Gox and others selling the cryptocurrency to a wider audience of users. With the launch of Ethereum in 2014, a new range of exchanges known as decentralized exchanges became popular. The early exchanges used the order book model of matching makers with takers in real-time and making a profit from the difference in the prices of these transactions known as the spread. There was also other kind of exchanges such as those that allow instantaneous transactions, and peer-to-peer exchanges that exist to display ads of sellers to interested buyers who can then negotiate and decide the terms for their transactions.

To start a crypto exchange platform, you must start with legal issues. The legal issues are important since there are most countries have special regulations guiding the establishment of cryptocurrency exchanges. Following the regulations will help you get the license to legally operate a cryptocurrency exchange or platform in the country you are based in. After legal issues have been resolved, the next issue is functionality. Functionality involves identifying the features that your exchange will offer investors and traders.

Next is security. To set up a reliable cryptocurrency exchange or crypto exchange software, you must consider the various verification and KYC procedures, that will protect holders against scams. You should also set up good customer support that is both multilingual and efficient. The most prestigious platforms are far from perfect since they learn about their business daily. New businesses also have the advantage of learning from hacks or attacks on already existing names in the industry.

Is a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Different?

White label cryptocurrency exchange offers a variety of turnkey cryptocurrency exchange solutions that combine innovation and quality. There are no hidden fees or payments and platform managers can activate widgets from a wide range of sources. White label crypto exchange solutions also support REST and WebSocket API connections. The trading engine can process up to 30,000 transactions per second. The B2B broker who designs the white label crypto exchange software always uses years of experience in product development and innovation to improve the design and development of the white label exchange.

Lots of cryptocurrency business owners prefer white label cryptocurrency exchange for the aforementioned features and more which we shall see. Some white-label cryptocurrency exchange software is designed to offer the highest liquidity and advanced features. They also feature a user-friendly UI that offers traders the best functionality and convenience. Some white-label cryptocurrency exchanges are designed to offer security to their users. They monitor transactions to detect fraud so that end-users can have the best protection. These platforms also allow integration with trading apps and websites to provide access to historical, delayed, and analytical data.

Most white-label crypto exchanges for digital assets and cryptocurrencies have a strong matching engine. An exchange trading engine can process as many as 5,000 transactions per second. Users and traders also get high-end support 24/7, and the software is continuously improved to build a powerful ecosystem. White label cryptocurrency exchange offers businesses an array of options for both front-end and back-end designs to choose from. Some of these platforms also support multiple blockchains to simplify user withdrawals and deposits.

Owners of the platform can also add digital assets and fiat currency to their products. The matching engine of these exchanges is responsible for connecting and executing bids and ask orders on the website. Businesses can use fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto modes according to their preference. White label crypto trading is a way to help beginners get into the cryptocurrency market and avoid potential pitfalls. Anyone can be successful in crypto by working with a reliable and experienced company. Let's now look at the best white label exchange software available out there.

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Points on the Best Exchange Software


A white label is a license for an already made platform that a company sells to multiple clients. The core backend and database of these exchanges are copied from one client to another client. Nevertheless, the design, functionality, and core can be modified to provide a better client experience. The biggest advantage of using a pre-designed cryptocurrency exchange platform is that you do not need to build the platform or anything from scratch since it already exists.

Less Expensive

The white-label platform software provider needs to install, configure, and deploy the application in a new environment. The core of the application also worlds reliably since each customer has already tested the software which guarantees a stable set of functions and features. It is also less expensive as we mentioned before because the core can be used by many customers as a white label solution for trading operations and personal data management of platform users.

Exchange Owners

Not every developer provides a unique design for the client, and you can easily identify such platforms. Only a few companies offer core customizations, and when these companies do this, they add an additional cost for the software license. Sometimes, the changes are also as slight as possible. Some companies do not also provide technical support for their white label software. Finding a company that can support your platform is a part of the problem. Even when you spend more, be ready because the developers will spend time studying architecture and the database for which they will charge a decent amount of money. Some white-label software also uses a revenue sharing option with exchange owners who provide digital asset management and digital asset storage services for their customers.

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Rejolut Can Help You Build a White Label Exchange

Our blockchain development experts specialize in centralized and decentralized white-label exchange solutions development. Many platforms in the cryptocurrency space now rely on our matching engine as a core of their dark pool or crypto exchange. As blockchain consultants with several years of experience in cryptocurrency, we understand that matching engines allocate matching quantities to a counter order that corresponds to an existing order. We design our algorithm to do direct and implied matching and support price-time priority matching and quotes to improve market liquidity and opening auctions. You can trust our white-label blockchain services to deliver high-performance order matching and quote dissemination, micro-seconds order latency, and remarkably high throughput, reaching thousands of orders per second. With our resilient and reliable design, you can rest assured that there is no single point of failure.

Rejolut is a software development company offering white label solutions and platform supports throughout the period the software is used. Despite the modular architecture, feature set, and security of the solution, the cost is considerably friendly and there is no compromise in security to achieve this cost-effective white label product. Our solution is simple to use and which focuses on our white label development-to offer an exchange software solution to clients and include a mobile app, cold storage, and other excellent features at the same time.

Deep Liquidity

Our white label software services can provide alphapoint liquidity comparable services offering deep liquidity and fiat currencies to users on demand. We do not make high-frequency trading solutions but we build genuine platforms for authentic users with the right technology. Our experience spans several years in crypto wallet integration blockchain solutions, and software development solutions. In blockchain technology alone, we have written thousands of lines of ergonomic codes that remain relevant in the future and require minor updates or tweaking. Our solution also supports different cryptocurrencies and the user's private keys remain secure with two-factor authentication, and other technical precautions.


We treat our customers as they deserve by carrying them all along as they would require to scale their platform to the fullest. Aside from saving time, you can rest assured that the software you are using is fail-proof and that when the need arises, you will find a reliable team available to help you meet your needs. Most of the complaints with white-label exchange software are unheard of when you work with us. We understand our industry and believe in helping each of our clients gain a competitive advantage and a fair share of users and returns in the cryptocurrency market. It's possible to thrive in competition without putting anyone else out of business. It is something we have been helping others do, and we can help you too.


White label exchange software is great when you want to start a crypto exchange business in a certain region and be the first in the market. It is also perfect if you want to start an exchange business and you only have minimal investment to do that. It offers a minimum deployment time and ready solution to help you get off the ground with your business as quickly as possible. You can start this way and after building a great audience base, you can then develop a better custom platform.

With your own white-label platform you can add all the necessary functionalities, payment systems, or redesign. Choosing the right software provider like Rejolut, can also help you get constant support at affordable additional costs. So with white label products, you can get an outstanding solution, ready design, and a trusted partner you can rely on.

Relying on an open-source product is never the best option to go with. First, you do not know the developers who built the project. Next, the security can be compromised easily because there may be many loopholes that your in-house developers cannot see. If you launch this platform with proper access management and only authentic users, you will be putting the Bitcoin funds and digital assets of so many people who trust you at risk. Linking to external exchanges may not be the best decision as you offer the same service and can push your customers elsewhere with this simple action.

The next best option is to build your product on your own, but this takes time and the cost is on the high side. You can also work with us at Rejolut to do this, but it is okay to start with a white label solution and contact us for customization or design after using our white label product. If you launch with a white label product and you provide exceptional services, you will have enough funds to kickstart your original project in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

White label cryptocurrency exchange is a ready-made protocol, which would allow you to launch a similar platform in the shortest possible time. White label crypto exchanges are the first choice of anyone who wishes to save time and money which would get spent on doing research. A White label cryptocurrency exchange essentially has ideal marketplace features like buying, selling, trading, staking, or converting cryptocurrencies.

White label crypto exchanges are perfectly suited for those who want desired results in a short span of time, as building a website from scratch could grab your market opportunities during building time. Cryptocurrency development is a complex, time-consuming process and to do development you need to hire cryptocurrency developer. Rather than this complicated process, businesses these days mostly consult Cryptocurrency Development Company and it takes just 1 – 4 weeks when you opt for a White label crypto exchange.

Creating a cryptocurrency platform is a complicated process, but before you decide to create one, you must have a clear idea regarding which type of cryptocurrency exchange you are going to build? A White label cryptocurrency exchange is a ready-made protocol, which would allow you to launch a similar platform in the shortest possible time. White label crypto exchanges are the first choice of anyone who wishes to save time and money which would get spent on doing research.

A White label cryptocurrency exchange essentially has ideal marketplace features like buying, selling, trading, staking, or converting cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, the cost of a White label crypto exchange depends on the platform chosen and it would cost you nearly around USD 13,000 to USD 38,000. Currently, there are around over 700 cryptocurrencies available and what all cryptocurrencies and many are White label crypto exchanges developed by cryptocurrency exchange development companies.

There are mainly three types of cryptocurrency exchanges operating –

  • Centralized (CEX)

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges function as a third party between a buyer and a seller. It is said that there is more reliability in these types of exchanges, as they are controlled and operated by a company. The majority of cryptocurrency exchanges functioning are centralized exchanges and some of the examples of them are – Kraken, Coinbase, WazirX, and Gemini.

  • Decentralized (DEX)

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are those platforms that allow users to execute transactions on a peer-to-peer basis without the need for a third party or an intermediary. These types of exchanges are preferred by some users, but they do not have facilities for the trading of fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies. Some major examples of Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are – io, Barterdex, Blocknet, and AirSwap.

  • Hybrid (HEX)

Hybrid cryptocurrency exchanges are free from taker fees and gas fees, as their primary goal of them is to address the high trading fees of DEX. However Hybrid platforms suffer from some lags and are much slower in comparison to both. Some major examples of Hybrid cryptocurrency exchanges are – Nash and Qurrex.

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We’ll work with you to develop a true ‘MVP’ (Minimum Viable Product). We will “cut the fat” and design a lean product that has only the critical features.

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In an industry where being first to market is critical, speed is essential. Rejolut's rapid prototyping framework(RPF) is the fastest, most effective way to take an idea to development. It is choreographed to ensure we gather an in-depth understanding of your idea in the shortest time possible.

4 Limit Your Risk

Rejolut RPF's helps you identify problem areas in your concept and business model. We will identify your weaknesses so you can make an informed business decision about the best path for your product.

Checklist for hiring crypto exchange developer

Cryptocurrency is one of the trending topics in the world right now, as a result cryptocurrency exchange developers are highly sought after to develop crypto exchanges. The rise of new technological trends is pulling the masses towards cryptocurrency, therefore cryptocurrency exchanges are the need of this hour.

Here is the checklist which you must refer to if you are going to hire a cryptocurrency exchange developer –

Adopt White label Crypto Exchange in 2024

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