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Best/Top NFT Marketplaces To Use Solana Blockchain

The Solana blockchain development services are brand-new, and it possesses a great deal of untapped potential. The increased number of NFT sales on Solana over the course of the past year has had a significant effect on the life of the artists. On a market that makes use of NFTs, you have the ability to buy and sell digital goods such as artwork, music, and virtual worlds, among other things. The Solana NFT marketplaces are meant to allow users the opportunity to buy and sell a broad variety of digital assets, such as works of art, songs, and even entire virtual worlds. This includes the capacity to buy and sell digital assets.

If you have been following the crypto and DeFi trend, you might potentially hire a Solana NFT developer to build an build an NFT marketplace on the Solana network. We know this is likely because NFT sales on Solana have surged in less than a year, giving life-changing prospects for artists ready to embrace a transformation in how NFT is owned and distributed.

Solana NFT marketplaces are built to allow users to buy and sell digital collectibles ranging from art to music and perhaps entire virtual worlds. Consider NFT markets to be the Amazon of the digital world.

However, there are hundreds more NFT markets, many of which cater to a specific area or specialty. What would you seek in an NFT marketplace before deciding which one to get your hands dirty on, and which are the top NFT markets on the Solana? If you are not a Solana NFT developer who has been building all the crazy stuff behind the scene, hold tight and learn. Here is the list of finest Solana NFT markets that you should know about:

Best Solana Nft Marketplaces

Magic Eden

Magic Eden is the number one Solana NFT Marketplace where you may manufacture, sell and purchase NFTs. They have a listing charge of 0 percent. Instead, they collect 2 percent on every sale. Creators can specify their royalties and pay instantly once a sale happens.

Magic EdenLaunchpad's goods and services seek to allow designers to mint their collections without any technical skills. Currently, they are taking just a restricted number of proposals.

Magic Eden supports practically all Solana Wallets from Phantom, Slope, Sollet, Solflare, Clover, Ledger, Solong, and MathWallet.

Magic Eden offers popular NFT projects/collections ranging from Galactic Geckos, Shadowy Super Coders DAO, and Portals.


Solanart is NFT Marketplace based on the Solana network that allows many to make, sell and purchase Solana-basedNNNFT.

Solanart has a transaction charge of 3 percent for every successful NFT sale. The creator may be able to set their charge.

Solanart offers popular NFT collections ranging from Degenerate Ape Academy, Aurora, Solpunks, and Galactic Gecko Space Garage.

Solanart supports multiple wallets, including Solflare, Phantom, Clover, Sollet, Slope, Ledger, MathWallet, and Sollet (Extension) (Extension)


Solsea is the first Solana NFT marketplace that empowers creators to sell, mint, and acquire. Solsea was introduced with rarity rank and NFT interoperability with SPL tokens. Developers involved in Solana NFT marketplace development may be interested in looking at how this really impressive platform was build before getting started.

WiSolsea's calendar function, you could never be missing the future drops project. Solsea has a successful NFT collection, including base. Marketplace, All.ART Circle and Meta WaifuSolsea's First 100 is the first-ever of its type Virtual NFT Art show highlighting the pioneers and early adopters.

Solsea supports major Solana Wallets such as Phantom, Solflare, and Sollet. For every transaction, they charge 3 percent of successful NFT sales. Thwon't charge listing costs.

Solsea can manage the creator's royalties. Artists can select their royalties, and for every sale, the royalties amount would be delivered to the creator.


DigitalEyes Solana's First Open NFT Marketplace where users may manufacture, sell, and purchaSolana's NFT.

The top NFT collection of DigitalEyes is Aurora, Degenerate Ape Academy, Frakt, and Galactic Gecko Space Garage.

With the Mint Calendar, you may be able to observe the forthcoming NFT Drops and Launches.

DigitalEyes-supported wallets include Phantom, Sollet, Solflare, Solong, Slope, and MathWallet.

DigitalEyes offers a regular services charge of 2.50 percent of every successful NFT sale. Two extra costs are charged to the buyer of the NFT: the royalty fee established by the creator and the service fee.


Metaplex is like Shopify for your NFT collection. Instead of advertising your NFT on the open marketplace, you have to compete with many NFT projects.

Your project is shown based on the marketplace standard and restrictions, which might be a huge downside for your brand.

With Metaplex, you could able to launch your own branded Storefronts. The Megaplex shop is linked to a reliable decentralized software that mints and sells NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. For every successful NFT transaction, you may be able to avoid paying marketplace fees.

Many successful Solana-based NFT projects, including Degen Ape Academy, Solana Monkey Business, Genopets, Nyan Heroes, and Oddkey, have been released on Metaplex. They are all available on the platform.

Alpha art is a breakthrough NFT marketplace that allows users to purchase and trade Solana-based NFTs at the present moment.

It is not necessary to pay a listing fee on They charge a fixed seller fee of 2 percent, collected at the transaction time.

At the time of writing, Alpha. art did not enable minting on their marketplace.

Phantom, Slope, Solflare, Ledger, and Sollet are some of the supported Solana wallets.


Everyone may participate in the Solana NFT Marketplace by concentrating on 1/1 art and independent producers, which is open to everyone.

The Exchange. The art marketplace offers hand-picked art collection sets, illustrations, drawing, photography, painting, algorithmic arts, profile pictures and banners, AI arts, 3D arts, and other types of artwork.


There are no listing fees charged byart. They charge a fee of 2.5 percent for every successful transaction. There is no charge for buying. However, you will be charged a price for the Solana Network service.

A completely integrated dashboard for artists and creators that allows them to upload and manage collections for their whole brand effortlessly is the Exchange Creators Portal.

Phantom, Solflare, Slope, Torus, Ledger, Blocto, and Sollet have supported wallets.

It is the world's first decentralized NFT Marketplace on the Solana blockchain. is an open marketplace for discovering and collecting one-of-a-kind works of art ( NFT ).

It costs 0.00001 SOL or 0.000005 SOL to complete each transaction, depending on the kind of transaction. offers free listing and minting; the only fees charged are those associated with the blockchain. A 2 percent fee is charged on all purchases made on Solana if the transaction is completed successfully. now supports the Phantom wallet as a payment method.

In addition to user Auctioning, Rarity Filtering, and Discord/Telegram alerts for marketplace activity, Solport is an NFT marketplace built on the Solana blockchain that provides various features.

Solport does not charge a listing fee or a refunding fee at present. Solport levies a 2 percent fee to sellers on all successful transactions completed through the platform. features top Solana projects like Realm Kings and Mutant Monkey Business.

There are just two wallets supported by Solport Marketplace: Phantom and Solflare, which are cryptocurrency exchanges.

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SupaDrop is a specialized NFT Art Marketplace solely dedicated to Independent producers with authentic and uncommon digital artworks, user experience, and a strong sense of community.

Supadrop can support a wide range of assets (AR/3D, video, audio, HTML, and image).

You will be charged a small minting cost of 0.01 SOL ($1.6) or 0.03 SOL ($4.8).

Platform fees for both the primary and secondary markets are 2.5 percent.

Every week, they participate in the Artist Drop Part Session, which allows them to shill their artwork on Supadrop.


Milky Way serves as both a marketplace and an aggregator, allowing you to locate all Solana NFTs in one convenient location. Milky Way is a list of every Solana NFT project that has been offered on a third-party marketplace, as well as information on the project's list price and other details.

According to the company, they have amassed more than 2 million Solana NFT on its platform.

Milky Way charges no listing costs, no creator fees, and only a 2 percent transaction fee for each transaction. They favor royalties, which the creators themselves can establish.


LIQNFT is the world's leading marketplace for fractionalized nonferrous metals. Using Solana's fractionalized NFT marketplace, you will be able to list your NFT on the most accessible and efficient NFT marketplace on the internet.

You may be able to sell a portion of your NFT. LIQNFT is the only marketplace you need to be concerned with at this time.

LIQNFT does not impose a fee for transactions at this time. When an order is matched, Serum charges a taker fee of 0.22 percent, which is now the highest rate in the industry.

Phantom, Solflare, Torus, Ledger, Solong, MathWallet, and Sollet have supported wallets.


Solana NFT Projects of the Highest Quality

RabbitHole Market is an NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain where you may buy and trade confirmed NFT items. RabbitHole Trading operates it.

They do not charge a listing fee, but they charge a commission of one percent on each successful sale.

The Phantom wallet is the only one that they are currently supporting at this time.

Which Solana Marketplace Has the Most Volume and Traffic, and Where Can You Find It?

When it comes to both sales and traffic volume, MagicEden is the best-known Solana Marketplace. By Similarweb, MagicEden is visited by more than 10 million individuals every month, with millions of transactions taking place each day.

Is It Possible to Purchase NFT Using Solana?

Yes, you may purchase NFT via Solana. Solana must be purchased using cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase. Then you must move your Sol from your exchange to a wallet compatible with Solana. You may go to the Solana NFT marketplace and purchase your first Solana NFT token. Before purchasing your NFT, conduct an extensive study about the specific NFT project. You can look at the Best Solana NFT Project for further information.

Bottom Line

Solana is a new and exciting blockchain network. A year of increased NFT sales on Solana has changed the lives of artists. An NFT marketplace lets you buy and sell digital goods, including art, music, and virtual worlds. Solanaart is a Solana-based NFT Marketplace. With WiSolsea's calendar, you'll never miss a drop.

Solsea supports Phantom, Solflare, and Sollet. DigitalEyes charges 2.50 percent of each successful NFT sale. A decentralized software mints and sells NFTs on the Ethereum network. Instead of competing with other NFT initiatives, you must compete with your own. A decentralized NFT art marketplace on the Solana blockchain.

Artists and creators can easily use Creators Portal to upload and manage collections for their whole business. Built on the Solana blockchain, Solport offers capabilities including listing and refunding fees. Milky Way has no listing fees, no creator fees, and simply a 2% transaction fee. Right now, you only need to worry about LIQNFT. RabbitHole Trading is a proven NFT marketplace on the

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