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The use of blockchain has brought a rapid change in every field, be it business, commerce, digital marketing, or healthcare. Blockchain has found its numerous applications in the field of medical, clinical, and life sciences. The introduction of TCP and IP has led to an evolutionary change in the use of blockchain in healthcare. From keeping health data records to the medical records of the patient, blockchain technology has found its place in the medical field.

The use of blockchain in healthcare gives the user organization the benefit of keeping the records of medical data of patients, health outcomes, electronic medical records for a longer time in full safety protocols keeping it safe and readily available at any time without doing any paperwork. Health care and record-keeping of patients have been made easy by making blockchain-based medical records.

What is Blockchain Technology in Healthcare?

What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology is a new technology of different members all across the globe who are interconnected with each other and are there to provide the required services that are needed by the customers. Blockchain-based systems have gained popularity due to their versatility in different fields like medical, commerce, marketing, etc. It has a group of different trading partners that are linked together to provide the required services to the customers. Blockchain-based systems are popular these days due to their wide use in the growing industry of healthcare.

Blockchain in healthcare has different members that may be the medical professionals, patients, or sellers and buyers of medical instruments. While dealing with medical issues, according to the health data breaches, the major challenge was keeping the records such as the patient information, medical records, and transaction records and keeping them readily available for the patients. This issue was resolved by the introduction of blockchain technology in the field of healthcare. Blockchain networks have made it possible with a single click. Applying blockchain technology to the healthcare field has brought an evolution to the method of storing data. Blockchain technology enables its users

One of the best use of blockchain technology acting as health information technology is its quality of providing its users with the ease of smart contracts. The two parties have the option of developing smart contracts after their mutual understanding. Once smart contracts have been made, the method can proceed to make it user-friendly for use by the customers.

The use of blockchain as health information technology in the healthcare field was initiated by the state of Estonia. They started using blockchain for keeping the medical records of the patients and for secure transaction methods in 2012 and have proved that the use of blockchain in this field is outstanding and can be used in the future in other fields too.

Following are some of the blockchain healthcare industries that are operating across the globe as a central authority and are offering their best services to their customers:

  • Akiri
  • Embleema
  • MedicalChain
  • SimplyVital Health
  • Factom
  • BurstIQ
  • ProCredEx
  • Avaneer
  • RoboMed
  • Chronicled
  • Guardtime
  • Coral Health
  • Patientory
  • Blockpharma
  • Tierion
  • Nebula Genomics
  • Akiri

    Akiri is a blockchain healthcare company that is giving its best services to the healthcare industry having its main office in Canada. It is used by the customers and healthcare centers to keep a record of their patients, their health records, and their transaction records in a safer way.


    Embleema is an online blockchain platform that allows, users, to keep end-to-end encrypted data records of their patient’s health data. In the emblem blockchain platform, the data is first configured by its data designer. The participants are recruited online but through proper investigation and satisfaction. A full audit trail is provided to the audience or the participants. Evidence and reports are recorded and are kept safe and secure.


    By the use of medical chain blockchain, the data record of the patients is kept for their use. For example, the data is uploaded on the blockchain and is accessible to the patient so that they can use it for their personal use and can contact multiple parties at the same time and get to choose the best healthcare center for themself.

    SimplyVital Health


    Factom blockchain technology provides its customers the ease of keeping health records safe and easily accessible. Health care is a major issue for many people across the globe, keeping a record of the medical data and health record is one of the hectic things to do and should be the easiest one. Factom helps you in keeping the electronic health records, medical data, medical records, patient data safe and easily accessible so that the patient does not need to worry about it.


    BurstIQ provides you with the opportunity of keeping the data of healthcare providers, health data of the patient is safe and secure ledger technology. The healthcare system keeps this blockchain technology to keep the protected health information of the patient including the health data, patient data, health data and health outcomes of the patients secure and in digital form that can be available anywhere and anytime.

    BurstIQ is working since 2015 after watching the healthcare system fluctuating for the previous few years. The blockchain-based system ensures patient privacy, patient information, private information under cover from the other network members.


    ProCredEx is a blockchain-based system that has its main head office in the United States and was founded in 2018 seeing the situation of the healthcare system and realizing the need for a better system for keeping the record of the patient information, medical professionals, and private information of the patient.


    Avaneer is a blockchain system that has its head office in Chicago, United States. Its main is to provide acceleration to the storage and availability of medical information of the patients and the medical professionals and health data, medical records of the patient, health care information of the patient, patient care data safe with the data integrity.


    RoboMed is a blockchain healthcare system that has been operating for more than a decade with its head office in Finland has a supply chain that keeps the record of the exchange information saved in it. It has the ability to keep the transaction records, patient data, medical information of the patient, hospital costs, health insurance, patient safety, and keeping the record of the transactions in form of digital assets. It is a blockchain network that keeps the track of healthcare activity. Its decentralized nature has found its numerous uses in many fields, not only medical but in commerce also.


    Chronicled is one of the blockchain systems in the blockchain ecosystem having its main office in San Francisco. They, due to their consensus mechanisms, keep a record of the prescription information, electronic medical records, healthcare data, information of healthcare providers, information of healthcare industry and have earned the trust of their customers in a very short period of time.

    The network participants of this distributed ledger technology have the advantage of unlimited access to their data that is easily accessible and safe.


    Guardtime is a blockchain system that has been helping healthcare companies in securing their data against cyber threats. It was first used by the healthcare system of Estonia, which was the first country to implement the use of blockchain in the field of healthcare. It has now signed a deal with the healthcare system of the UAE.

    Coral Health

    Coral health is a healthcare blockchain system whose head office is in Vancouver, Canada. Applying the blockchain solutions has helped in overcoming the inefficient practices of the workers of the institutions as the data stored on this is well organized and easily accessible.


    Patientory is a blockchain technology and is a group of blockchains that have their head office in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a public ledger that is used to share data that organizations seek for their work. Applying blockchain technology to the sharing of their data has made it easier for the customers for keeping their data in safer hands. The same information that is stored on this blockchain solution can be shared by the user as per need and requirements.


    Blockpharma is a supply chain and blockchain technology having its main office in Paris, France. It offers its services in tracing a certain drug from a place to its origin. In other words, it has storage of the information of certain drugs that are being utilized by healthcare professionals for the treatment of the patients.


    Tierion is a blockchain network that has its office in Mountain View, California. It uses an immutable audit trail for keeping the records of the history of possession.

    Nebula Genomics

    Nebula Genomics is an artificial intelligence based technology that has its main head office in Boston, Massachusetts. This uses distributed ledger technology to keep a record of its data and customers' information without the involvement of a third party or the middleman. According to the surveys, millions and billions of dollars are spent each year by the companies on the middleman and third parties that connect the industry and the customers. This money is now being saved by the use of this distributed ledger technology.


    Encrypgen is a blockchain based system that is used for data sharing by various users. It has its head office in Florida in Coral Springs. This platform helps its user in sharing, keeping, and storing their data records, sharing data and exchanging information, and buying and selling genetic information. All the process is done by keeping the customers’ privacy as the priority giving the user a piece of personally identifiable information like DNA information that is unique and is kept safe. is artificial intelligence and one of the blockchain based systems that have decentralized nature of the blockchain ecosystem is used to keep a record of the data of the patients in the medical institutions which has its main office in Palo Alto, California. It uses machine artificial intelligence for storing and keeping data secure ad easily accessible. The user can use this platform for keeping in contact with the different researchers with whom they can share their medical data that are working in different medical institutions for research purposes.

    SimplyVital Health blockchain provides its users with protected health information. The blockchain consists of healthcare professionals and patients that can share their medical data with multiple parties at the same time if they need urgent but best healthcare. The electronic health records provided to the customers are end to end encrypted and are kept safe and unavailable to other people. But the peer-to-peer network allows the user to share their electronic health records with the members of the chain with their consent.

    Understanding Health Data

    Applying blockchain technology for keeping a record of health data has made the handling of data very easier. The work that was once done by using papers and notebooks is now being done online and is safer and readily available than ever before. Health data that is required in blockchain technology involves the personal information of both, the patient and the healthcare professional, the dates, and the transaction detail that were made during the treatment. Moreover, it keeps a record of the patient’s health, treatment details, and the drugs that were being given.

    In addition to this, the record of the medicines that are being used by the professionals during the treatment of the patient are also kept in the system and the origin of the drug can be traced by the stored data that is available on the blockchain. What makes this blockchain technology different from the other ledger available is its ability to store a wide variety of data and its ability of decentralization, which means that it is a peer-to-peer network making the involvement of the third party unnecessary. The data kept in the blockchain includes the medical data, the details of the drugs, all the reports of the patients, and all the data of the professionals handling the case.

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    Patient Data and Blockchain

    The blockchain technology supply chain is famous in the healthcare industry for its data security and end-to-end encryption of the healthcare data stored in it that most organizations seek. It gives its user the benefit of securing their data and their keeping it away from people and keeping it available for sudden use at any time. The medical information stored in the blockchain network is kept hidden from other connected devices and is only shared with other selective members with the permission of the user having an individual digital identity. The data that the user stores in the blockchain is kept in form of digital data and full access is given to the user who uploaded it by issuing an immutable audit trail.

    Many healthcare providers upload their data on the blockchain that helps them in maintaining the data safely and making it available for the user for sharing and using it at other places. These days the data is being used by many researchers of health care for a study basis, the data can be sold or shared with them so that they can carry out their research.

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    Improving Lives Using Healthcare Data and Blockchain Technology

    The data that is kept on the blockchain supply chains are kept safe and depend upon the patient’s private key. The patient can use it to share their data with others. The use of blockchain and sharing of medical data with the permission of the individual has led to a change in the field of research of health care. There are some blockchain technologies that allow the user to share their medical data with the different researchers present on the same network that will be pleased if you will share your data with them. The data that you’ll share with them will be used by the researchers for their research purposes. The lives of individuals using healthcare data and blockchain technology supply chain is improved in the following manner:

  • Lesser error in the data entry
  • Option of data sharing
  • Crowdfund with cryptocurrency
  • Collaboration opportunity for the different companies
  • Lesser error in the data entry

    The data that needs to be entered into the blockchain technology supply chain needs to be entered only once. Meanwhile, according to the existing systems of data entry, the data is entered again and again from paper to computer to different computer when any issue occurs. While on the other side, once the data has been entered into the ledger, it does not need to be renewed or re-entered. The social engineering workers have found the solution to the problem by the introduction of the long-term memory of blockchain technology. This one-time entry in the blockchain system has led to a lesser possibility of mistakes in the data that is being entered.

    Option of data sharing

    Blockchains nowadays give the opportunity of data sharing to its users. The user or the patients can share their medical reports and their health records on the ledger in a network where different scientists are also present. Those scientists can use their data for carrying out their scientific researches and can lead to a solution or a discovery.

    Crowdfund with cryptocurrency

    The ease of data sharing provided by the blockchain technology to its users can also be utilized by scientists and researchers to collaborate and raise crowdfunds in form of cryptocurrency. There are different financial institutions present on the network that will help the scientists and researchers in raising funds and utilizing those funds for carrying out their research that may lead to an evolution in human health care.

    Collaboration opportunity for the different companies

    Blockchain is a system of different companies and different health care units present on a single platform. Blockchain gives them the opportunity to collaborate and work together. The collaboration of different companies will lead to an increase in innovation and the health care services will get better all across the globe which will result in helping all the humans across the globe during the time of crisis like that of COVID-19.


    The use of blockchain in various fields has brought a revolution to the lives of human beings in every field like business, commerce marketing, etc. When we talk about blockchain, the only thing we think of is cryptocurrency and trade and commerce of goods using blockchain technology, but blockchain technology is much more than just commerce and buying and selling of goods. It may have an important role in the field of trade and global exchange but has also found its important application in the field of health care.

    The blockchain platform is used in the field of healthcare in keeping the different records of the patients with private keys and professionals. Records of the patient include the professional dealing with him, his medical reports, health outcomes, the drugs that are being used, and track of his health. Blockchain technology has made the user able to get connected to his medical history any time in a way that is safer to use and does not have any visible issue.

    Various blockchains are being used by different healthcare institutions for keeping their records safe and easily available as well as for their administrative processes. Some of that software include Akiri, Embleema, ·MedicalChain, SimplyVital Health, Factom, BurstIQ, ProCredEx, Avaneer, RoboMed, Chronicled, Guardtime, Coral Health, Patientory, Blockpharma, Tierion, Nebula Genomics, ENCRYPGEN, and

    Blockchain supply chain works as a central authority and also keeps the record of the transactions that are made by the network participants during the whole process of treatment of a patient with individual private key opening it up to be zero-day attacks. It keeps the record of the drugs that are used during the treatment of the individual. In addition to this, the blockchain gives the user the benefit of information sharing if they want to. There are different scientists and researchers present on the network who are interested in getting medical information from random people for their researches. This also helps them in doing collaborative work and in helping them in fundraising that they will use in their specific research.

    The blockchain supply chain also enables different companies to work together for the betterment of health care services.

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