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Business Security

What Are Business Security Systems?

A business security system is a collection of security hardware and software that cooperates to safeguard a business against hazards like theft and trespassers. Surveillance cameras, alarms, motion detectors, heat sensors, and access control systems are examples of business security systems. More sophisticated capabilities like facial recognition and biometric verification may also be present.

To safeguard their resources and people from damage, businesses need security measures. While surveillance cameras can prevent crime and aid in its investigation, intruder detection systems can help prevent theft and break-ins. Access control systems can stop unauthorized people from entering critical locations, while motion detectors can warn businesses when intruders are on their property.

Business security systems can shield your organization from natural disasters like floods and fires. Water sensors can detect flooding, whereas heat sensors can detect flames.

Features of Business Security Systems

The best business security systems possess a lot of features. Some of these include:

Monitoring Services

Business security systems frequently come with some round-the-clock surveillance. Some alarm systems sound a loud beep or flash a light when a window or door is broken. That might be sufficient to keep burglars away in some circumstances, but if someone breaks into your building or a fire alarm goes off, you need to be aware of it immediately and have a plan in place for what to do.

The monitoring service's contract terms will govern how it handles your alarm. The business owner might learn about it first. They could send an employee to check the issue or use video surveillance to verify the alarm. Another option is to immediately notify the police or fire service, depending on the sort of alarm.

Lighting/HVAC/Office Equipment Monitoring

The ability to remotely monitor and manage office equipment, including lighting, HVAC, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), is another feature of some commercial security systems. Computer, mobile app, or tablet use is permitted for this. When you arrive at your facility in the morning, you can switch on the lights, and when everyone has left for the day, you can turn them off. The thermostat can be adjusted to a lower setting when no one is in the office and raised to a higher level when people are present. This feature can also be used to save electricity. Additionally, you can remotely monitor and manage office supplies like printers and scanners with certain company security systems. This can be useful if you need to ensure that confidential materials are never left exposed or if you want to restrict access to specific regions of your facility.

Fire/Smoke and Environmental Hazard Detection

The detection of fires and floods can be accomplished via heat and water leak sensors, as was previously indicated, in commercial security systems. For added protection against other environmental risks, they could also have carbon monoxide and natural gas detectors.

The monitoring provider will then send out the necessary emergency services if the monitoring service receives a notification of a fire or flood from the business security system.

To stop smoke or gas from spreading throughout the building, the corporate security system may also automatically turn off ventilation systems in some situations.

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Access Logs

Some commercial security systems also include access records. These records track who enters and exits your building as well as the time they do so. To track staff arrivals and departures or conduct criminal investigations, this information may be helpful.

Video Surveillance

The most widely used component of commercial security systems is video surveillance. In addition to helping solve crimes when they happen, surveillance cameras can help gather evidence in the case of a break-in or other emergency.

Identity Verification Systems

Businesses that prioritize security and privacy highly may implement identity verification systems to restrict access to a facility or a specific area to authorized individuals. As a result, unauthorized individuals are kept out of places where they have no business. An individual user's identification is confirmed and authorized using one of four methods rather than a physical key:

  • An Identification/Smart card that can be swiped.
  • Biometric access control, which uses fingerprint, iris, or facial recognition.
  • A PIN (Personal Identification Number) that is entered into a keypad.
  • A token that is inserted into a reader.

Remote Access

Using a computer, smartphone, or tablet, authorized users of some commercial security systems can access the system remotely. This can be useful if you want to monitor live video from security cameras or if you need to modify the system's settings.


Types of Security Systems for Businesses

Below, we discuss the various types of security systems for businesses.

Intercom Systems

Using an intercom system makes recognizing and keeping track of visitors to your business simple. The downside of this system is that it needs to be monitored frequently, which might be challenging depending on your budget and staffing levels. To generate a time and date stamped visual record of who has entered and left the building, the intercom system may be audio-only or incorporate video.

Video Monitoring Systems

Similar to intercom systems, video monitoring systems also have cameras that record activity in addition to video. Depending on your demands, these recordings can either be kept on-site or off-site. There are three types of video surveillance systems:

Closed-circuit television: One or more monitors receive a signal from a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system on a regular basis. In high-risk areas, the monitor(s) are frequently watched by a security guard.

Wired video monitoring systems: A physical link between the cameras and the monitors is necessary for a wired setup. Since the signal is not broadcast over the air, nobody outside of your institution can intercept it.

Wireless video surveillance systems: A wireless system uses radio waves to transmit the signal from the cameras to the monitors. This kind of system is gaining popularity since it is less expensive than a wired system and can be setup without requiring you to run cables throughout your building.

Alarm Systems

You can employ an alarm system as a component of your company's security plan. Alarm systems are intended to identify intruders and alert the police or a monitoring agency so that they can take immediate action. Alarm systems can be combined with other security measures, such surveillance cameras, to offer a complete security solution.

There are two main types of alarm systems:

  • Wired Alarm Systems: Physical cables are used in a wired alarm system to link the sensors to the control panel. Although wired systems are often more expensive than wireless ones, they are more difficult to take down by an intruder.
  • Wireless Alarm Systems: Radio waves are used by a wireless alarm system to connect with the control panel and security sensors. In addition to being less expensive, wireless systems are frequently simpler to deploy. They are more susceptible to disruption from things like power lines and wireless networks, though.

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