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Developing Dynamic NFT Using Chainlink Oracle

You may make money off of the craze and interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by launching your very own NFT marketplace development, which is one of the ways you can capitalize on the trend. Additionally, there are a variety of other choices available to be made. There is a strong possibility that the quick increase in popularity of NFTs is directly tied to the growing need for non-traditional asset exchanges. If you make use of our solution for a ready-to-deploy NFT marketplace, you will be able to reduce the amount of time it takes to bring your very own individualized NFT marketplace to the market. This is because our solution has already been developed.

NFT trading is one of the most recent phenomena on the Internet. If trading NFTs is something you are interested in doing, or if you are already doing it, you might also be interested in learning how to construct your own NFTs. In this insightful piece, we will go over the process of developing NFTs by utilizing the Chainlink Oracle. Do you know that employing Chainlink oracles can create Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) in 16 different ways? The most important thing about Chainlink development is that it enables dynamic non-fungible tokens, which are generally seen as the next step beyond static non-fungible tokens.

This article will provide a comprehensive discussion on dynamic NFTS, focusing particularly on the use cases for dynamic NFTS and the function of Chainlink oracles.

On the other hand, there is a concise introduction explaining the principles of Chainlink oracles and NFTs for those just starting. Suppose you already have a solid grasp of oracles and NFTs. In that case, you may skip the first three sections and jump right into learning about dynamic NFTs without reviewing any of the material covered in those sections.

Understanding Chainlink, Dynamic NFTs, and Metadata


Non-Fungible Tokens, also known as NFTs, are tools that are not found anywhere besides the blockchain environment. This opens the door to a vast array of potential applications and uses. Those interested in programming collectibles, tickets, gaming applications, independent tokens, or anything else that the ERC721 token standard allows for should begin constructing a dynamic and randomized NFT. This is an excellent way to get started. However, what can we do with it at this point?It appears it would be much fun to show off your freshly created randomized or dynamic characters.

There is vast digital content everywhere, including digital texts, films, GIFs, photos, and digital arts. As a result of the ease with which digital content can be replicated, proving possession of digital content can be difficult.

For illustration, how might an artist prove his possession of a digital creation? He could copyright it, but what happens when he decides to sell the artwork to a consumer and the leadership changes? How does one keep track of this? Access to the resale market for artists presents additional difficulty. What, then, is the artist's process to receive a payment when virtual assets are sold on the resale market? NFT is the answer to all these problems since it stores an unalterable and permanent record of possession in the blockchain.

Further clarification on dynamic NFTs is provided by explaining the key distinction between static and dynamic NFTs. The operation of dynamic NFTs would be the next significant point you should remember. You can see how non-fungible tokens can be designed for flexible adjustments in the token metadata by looking at the answers to the question, "How does a dynamic NFT operate?" Smart contracts are the essential component that drives dynamic NFTs' activities.

The LaMelo Ball NFTs are among the most well-known instances of dynamic NFTs. Basketball player LaMelo Ball has created eight dynamic NFTs that each keep track of his performance statistics. As his game stats, such as his goals scored, boards, and passes, vary, so do the LaMelo Ball NFTs. The LaMelo Ball NFTs are among the most well-known instances of dynamic NFTs, adjusting for differences in background color in response to the player's ability.

Chainlink Oracle

Although blockchain technology is revolutionary, it has one drawback that applies to NFTs. Because blockchain is immutable, it can only communicate with data already on the network. The applicability of Blockchain as a solution to actual issues is severely constrained by its failure to integrate with real information platforms and resources. The Chainlink Decentralized Oracle Network (DON) is crucial in addressing this connection issue. Blockchain smart contracts may be safely and consistently linked to other data sources and systems via chainlink oracles. It makes it possible for Blockchain to it with off-chain data located in the real world in this approach.

The first thing you most likely need to know about Chainlink is its explanation to comprehend its basics. It is a decentralized oracle service, as was already said, that promotes improved connectivity among smart contracts. The decentralized oracle service can be used by smart contracts to gain easy access to various resources, including payments, APIs, and reliable data streams.

Any explanation of the Chainlink development should start concerning one of its fundamental components: its architecture. The Chainlink blockchain uses a variety of nodes to gather the information needed for smart contracts. But before sending data to the smart contract, the nodes reach a consensus. The smart contract need not rely on a single, centralized oracle as a result.

Coding the Dynamic NFT

Let's first understand what a Dynamic NFT is. NFTs that are created with Chainlink Oracle are no longer static NFTs. Since they can communicate with off-chain datasets, including IoT data, online APIs, and other network operators, Chainlink-powered NFTs are dynamic. Dynamic NFTs are far more applicable and practical due to their capacity to interact with actual data sources. Additionally, dynamic NFTS can use Chainlink VRF to connect to the current underlying architecture, access provable randomization, and even activate computer processes.

Dynamic NFTs don't entirely rely on the on-chain data, though. Oracles assist dynamic NFTs in collecting the off-chain information required to modify the NFTs. Oracles also provide the necessary computational services for dynamic NFT repairs and alterations. Oracles assist in reducing centralized control, increasing the automation of dynamical NFTs, and closing the gap between smart contracts and exterior web services. Above all, oracles may help ensure that dynamic NFTs are better grounded in reality.

The following is an outline of our activities:

  • Create a Dungeons & Dragons character that can be checked for randomness using the Chainlink VRF.
  • IPFS can be used to add a tokenURI.
  • Putting your randomized NFTs up for sale on the OpenSea Marketplace.

Remember that you can modify the repository to be compatible with dynamic NFTs. You will have no trouble replacing the VRF with the Chainlink Price Feeds or the Chainlink API.

This repository currently only works with Rinkeby, so if it is something you would like to use, you'll need to switch to Rinkeby. It is okay if you haven't read the previous post because we will review everything from the beginning again.

Your wallet will prompt checking if you have the Rinkeby Testnet ETH and Rinkeby Testnet LINK.

Create a Mapping of Byte32 String

We now require a method through which the random number we requested and the random number that was called back can be matched. To accomplish that, we must set mapping as follows (add these three mappings to the mapping section):

A property is mapped to an array of owners(address) (property owners), and each owner is mapped to the stake(uint) they own in the property.

Using struct to implement this is seen below:

Pushing the New Character to an Array of Characters

The character must now be pushed onto the array of characters. Add the following code to the internal override method to accomplish this:

This results in the NFT being chopped up and transmitted to the owner along with the token id.

Setting up the Token URI

The code below will define a function that will set up TokenURI. In essence, it's a method of describing something.

Creating A Quick Deploy Script

After setting up the Token URI, we will create a quick deploy script. Below is that:

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Creating Your Metadata

Dynamizing the NFT necessitates that we construct the metadata on-chain using the API variables. The following function is called within the tokenURI process:

The Metadata Folder

You must add your JSON object with metadata to IPFS. Your name and characteristics must be retrieved from your deployed token. In the create-metadata.js script, we handled some of the work for you. Just run.

Additionally, your metadata will appear in the metadata folder. Now it only requires the image URL! The metadata consists of the random numbers and statistics generated by the Chainlink VRF. Directly we obtain the CID of the pinned picture we just made and include it to our metadata JSON file, then upload that file to IPFS and pin it there. It will look somewhat like this:

Changing the Stats of Your NFTs

So, are we able to modify the stats on our NFT? Yes, it is the answer. By including an additional function, we can alter the stats of the NFT dynamically, as demonstrated below:

Now that you are familiar with the Dynamic NFT creation process, let’s look at our services in the section below

Let's build together on Chainlink

Work With Us to Build Solutions on Chainlink

As a firm specializing in the development of blockchain technology, we offer services and solutions for smart contract development and dApps, the development of nodes and wallets, as well as blockchain consultancy, maintenance, and upgrading. We take on tasks on an as-needed basis and provide unique solutions that may be deployed rapidly. We offer all-inclusive services for NFT and can assist you with the following issues and concerns:

  • Creating and building intelligent contracts for your NFTs through design and development.
  • Make use of NFTs for all of your digital assets.
  • Start your very own specialized NFT marketplace.

The craze and popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be capitalized on in several ways, one of which is opening your own NFT marketplace. The increased demand for non-traditional asset marketplaces can be directly attributed to the meteoric rise in the popularity of NFTs.

By utilizing our ready-to-deploy NFT marketplace solution, you can reduce the time it takes to bring your own bespoke NFT marketplace to the market. The following capabilities are supported by LeewayHertz's NFT white-label marketplace solution, which is designed to make it easier to bid on, sell, and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

  • Every hour, the NFT Rankings are updated
  • Filters for the search
  • The cataloging of tokens as a collection in its own right
  • Simple navigation based on categories
  • Content That Can Be Unlocked
  • The choice to integrate a collaborator Wallet and many other features

Creating a vested NFT-driven business model is possible with the assistance of our white-label NFT marketplace solution, which can be utilized by blockchain-focused entrepreneurs, art platforms, start-ups, game publishers, and other interested organizations.

We are a team of experienced professionals and smart contract development services specializing in chainlink Oracle solutions and smart contract development. We can help you design, implement, and deploy secure and reliable smart contracts on the blockchain, using the latest tools and technologies such as chainlink. Our team has a track record of delivering successful projects for a wide range of clients, and we are committed to providing excellent service and support throughout the development process. If you are looking for expert assistance with chainlink Oracle solutions or smart contract development, we encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss your needs and see how we can help

You can get in touch with our group of NFT specialists if you want to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for the digital assets you own to keep an immutable record of your ownership or if you want to participate in the trading of NFTs. Wallet building and smart contract development were two of our company's additional NFT-related services.


First, Non-fungible Tokens, or NFTs for short, are cryptographically safe tokens that live on the Blockchain and signify control of something particular. As digital products that may be purchased and traded in NFT markets, NFTs are well-liked. They should not be confused with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and alternative coins

Secondly, The decentralized oracle network has gained significant attention lately, bringing in newcomers of all sundry. You can learn about the various real-world uses and applications of Chainlink by reading the following discussion. The underlying motivations for creating such a platform become crystal evident to you.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are gaining popularity outside the Web3 community after being widely adopted. NFTs are already among the most widely known implementations of blockchain technology. The next phase of NFT development has only just begun. Through their capacity to adjust and modify in reaction to outside events and data, dynamic NFTs (dNFTs) are extending the design area that NFTs can handle. Basic sense, a dynamic NFT is subject to alteration depending on environmental factors. Change in a dynamic NFT commonly applies to modifications made to the NFT's metadata due to smart contract development.

And Finally, we've reached our final words. We began describing an NFT, Chainlink oracle, and an NFT that is dynamic with a guide on how to build your NFT dynamic. We hope that you are fully aware of dynamic NFTs and are capable of developing a dynamic NFT.

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