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Metaplex Candy Machine

In this article, we will discuss a Solana Metaplex candy machine for those who have zero knowledge where we show you how to Mint a 1-of-1 token or NFT on Solana. That is the actual linking of the picture/metadata to the token that has a Solana balance and other token capabilities of NFTs. To do this we will use a program called Candy Machine. Candy Machine CLI and the Metaplex js packages CLI are tools that enable you to set up your own Solana Devnet NFT shop from wherever you are. In this article, we will walk through how to set up this one-stop-shop for Solana Devnet NFT minting. This guide is meant to show you the workflow, recovery seed phrase, however, passphrase improves security and technique for how to develop directory name assets and mint your NFTs on Solana config.


Thousands of developers team squad and creators are looking to launch their NFT projects and react apps like those on the directory on Solana config. Metaplex candy machine is a one-stop office, ecosystem, and solution that instantly resolves this problem using packages CLI src candy or CLI src candy machine.

The developers of the project established Metaplex Candy as a response to feedback from thousands of peopl. Having tools like the candy machine v2 allows the minting and selling of thousands of NFTs using NFT ideas from cherished images and already existing NFT projects. For the use by inventors and producers, the project is working hard to build primitives, prescriptions, and extensible storefronts.

What is Metaplex?

Metaplex is a collection of devices, smart contracts, and more organized procedure to make, assemble, and launching NFTs. While the main priority is to support the needs of the arts and entertainment industry.

Our plans expand far beyond that to all use cases where an NFT may add value. Nowadays our two main programs are.

  • Metaplex Storefront
  • The Candy Machine v2

Metaplex storefront is a project which leads a generalizable NFT selling standard while the Candy Machine is a tool that concentrated on profile pictures and works like the gumball-style candy machine program of old.

Where is Metaplex js File Assembled?

Metaplex is assembled on Solana not only because of scalability but also because Solana has many other great aspects. eg, “Proof of History”. Solana has a great status to launch NFTs in part because of the satisfactory work of the Metaplex team.

Originally a Solana enterprise, we were spun out to achieve our motive of creating a best-in-class NFT maker experience.

Metaplex candy machine CLI Products:

There are many Metaplex products, Some of these products and their stability levels are mentioned below.

  • Token Metadata (2 Stable)
  • Auction House (1 Stable)
  • Auctions (2 Stable)
  • Candy Machine (0 Deprecated)
  • Candy Machine V2 (2 Stable)
  • Fair Launch (2 Stable)
  • Token Entangler (1 Experimental)
  • Fireball (1 Experimental)
  • Fusion (1 Experimental)
  • NFT Packs (1 Experimental)
  • Gun drop (1 Experimental)
  • Membership Token Scale (1 Experimental)


Nonfungible tokens

Metaplex's nonfungible token is a part of the Solana program Library (SPL) and can be defined as an extraordinary token with a restricted supply of 1 and 0 decimals.

Following are the types of NFTs that have been created using the Metaplex protocol.

Master Edition

A master edition token represents both non-fungible tokens on Solana and metadata when minted. Which allows creators to control the provenance of prints established from the master edition.

Rights to built prints are tokenized itself, and the holder of the master edition can publish tokens that allow users to create prints from master editions. Added to this, the creator set the maximum supply of the master edition just like a regular mint on Solana, with a major difference between that every print is a numbered version created from it.

A preferable effect of the master edition is that as prints are sold it remains visible in the purchaser’s wallet.


It represents a copy of a master Edition. Every print has an edition number related to it. Most prints are created as a part of the auction as it happened on Metaplex, but they could also be created by the producer manually. Prints can be created during open edition or limited edition auctions.

Normal NFT

A normal NFT when minted portrays a nonfungible token on Solana and metadata but lacks print rights. For example, it's just like artwork in which an artist once sold their product it's no longer on the artist's wallet but in the purchaser's wallet.

Scale your Metaplex Candy Machine projects with us

Types of Auctions

Metaplex nowadays promotes four kinds of auctions that are all developed from English auctions.

Basic parameters include:

  • Auction start time
  • Auction end time
  • Reservation price

Moreover, Metaplex involves a unique concept of the participation NFT. Each bidding participant can be rewarded a unique NFT for participating in the auction. The inventor of an auction also can configure the smallest price that should be charged for saving, with the option to set it as "free".

Single item

This kind of auction can be used to sell normal NFTs and re-sell Prints, as well as the sale of Master Edition themselves (and the related printing rights) if the artist so wishes. While this last behavior is not revealed in the current UI, it does survive in the protocol.

Open Edition

An open edition auction assigns the contribution of a Master Edition NFT that particularly has no set supply. The auction will only create Prints of this item for bidders each bidder is promised to get a print, as there are no true "winners" of this auction type.

Limited Edition

For a limited-edition auction, a Master Edition NFT (of limited or unlimited supply) may be delivered to the auction with numerous copies as the set amount of winning places. For each prize place, a Print will be minted in order of prize place and rewarded to the winning bidder of that location. For example, numerical pairs or new keypair like the first place winner will win Print #1; the second-place winner Print #2; and so on. It is mandated for limited supply NFTs that there is at least as much supply staying as there are desired winners in the auction.

Tiered Auction

A tiered auction can contain a combination of the other three auction types as winning positions. For example, the first place winner could win a print of limited edition NFT A, while the second-place winner could win a Normal NFT, etc. Moreover, all participants who did not win any place could get a Participation NFT print from a master edition (if the Master Edition had no supply limit).


Metaplex can seamlessly develop on-chain artist divides that remove the awkwardness out of cooperation. Set custom percentages, tag each partner, and you’re off to the races. Every NFT can also be sold with configurable royalty payments that are then sent automatically back to the real inventors whereas an artwork is resold on a Metaplex marketplace in the future.


Metaplex off-chain allows makers to launch a custom storefront like Shopify or WordPress. This project gives a graphical interface to the on-chain Metaplex program, for inventors, customers, and curators of NFTs. The style and layout of storefronts can be customized to suit the desires of the entity creating them.

Back on the main menu, all designation on the Storefront is founded on wallet addresses. Producers and store admins sign through their wallets and users place bids from connected wallets. Custom storefronts allow inventors to create unique experiences per auction. Additionally, the Metaplex Foundation is working on numerous partnerships that will allow building immersive storefronts using VR/AR.

Why people are selling NFTs on Solana config?

The best way to understand Solana is to download a Phantom wallet (RPC URL) and play around with different Solana projects. Once people are experienced and seed phrases from the heart, they realize more about the fascinating ecosystem of Solana. It feels like using the internet with fast speed.

Coming back to NFTs, Solana has started to record some great projects with stunning roadmaps and online communities. When the top NFT collections launched the rally also tipped. When users purchase NFTs, they realized how easy and less expensive it is compared to Ethereum based marketplaces.

Nowadays people are using Solana over Ethereum for selling NFTs and one of the most popular platforms for this is Megaplex. It is created for the special purpose settings to place producers and artists above the influence of traditional gatekeepers.

How is it helpful to NFT developers?

The problems that have emerged for past NFT Marketplaces created on Ethereum, EOS, and other platforms are resolved by the Solana Command Line Interface (CLI). Congestion on the network is unquestionably the key motivating factor behind the migration of customers who are looking for alternative NFT marketplaces to participate in. The Solana CLI has raised the transaction rate to promote the transfer of NFT business models onto the Solana Blockchain in order to prevent difficulties of this sort. This is being done in order to prevent problems of a similar nature. Launching projects on the Solana Blockchain, which provides users with a variety of advantages, is widely regarded as the most advantageous choice among the available alternatives. Solana blockchain development is well positioned to become the blockchain of choice in the years to come as decentralization is the way of the future, and Solana is well positioned to achieve this goal.

NFT marketplace on Solana blockchain ensures to provide low gas fees by leveraging the network's efficient blockchain. Also, the passion behind Solana-based NFT Marketplace schemes in crypto marketplaces is still booming.

Marketplace Development

Solana CLI stops problems faced by the other NFT Marketplaces established on Ethereum, EOS, etc. The obvious reason behind the user's migration and moving towards other NFT marketplace is Network congestion. To avoid such types of issues, Solana CLI increases the speed of transaction rate, for drifting NFT business models towards Solana Blockchain. The advantages of the platform also make it a better idea to establish projects on the Solana Blockchain. The future is decentralized, and Solana is poised on becoming the preferred blockchain of the future.

Candy Machine on Solana

A candy machine is a tool that uses the Metaplex CLI to generate an NFT, link a picture and relevant metadata to the NFT token, and set up a fair auction. A fair auction is based on two separate portions. The first is to start at the same time for everyone.

Candy machine V1

Candy Machine V1 is fair mints and it is no longer possible at the moment since it has been deprecated. To create a candy machine that depends on the config file account. This account stores the huge list of creators to assets that will be minted. This data is useless and not successful run after the candy machine version number 1 ( v1 ) has been fully minted.

Candy Machine V2

The second iteration and recent version of the candy machine is a fully on-chain generative NFT distribution program, that delivers many improvements over its predecessor and community. There is an edition that allows you to create a whole new set of distribution techniques and offers security from bot attacks while giving the same easy-to-use experience.

New features

In the Candy Machine V1, we can get an idea that which item would be minted since the mint occurs in sequential order. In this process, we have the opportunity to be able to choose which item to mint, and given all the information about the item is available on-chain assets. But yes it gives a benefit to a select few.

The candy machine V2 removes this possibility by using a sort of random mint index, which is not determined in advance.

Now there’s a possibility to create various configurations for white lists. We have allowed whitelist users to the mint at a discounted price, low rate, or ban the mint for only whitelist users.

SPL tokens and project assets can be used to build a whitelist and we choose how they are distributed.

All mints use a single hash for creating super large and revealing drops. This hash is the same for all the mints, the name of each item is prescribed with a special number, allowing an off-chain process to later update the metadata with the actual item.

Tools of Candy Machine

Before creating a Candy Machine we need to install some of the developers' tools which are given below:

  • Git: to clone the storage
  • Node: JavaScript runtime
  • Yarn: package manager to install the required dependencies
  • Ts-node: TypeScript execution environment

We need the recent versions of these tools.

Upload Command in Candy Metaplex

Creating and controlling a Candy Machine is done through the Metaplex command-line tool and command-line utility, which is currently distributed in the Metaplex GitHub storage. We recommended checking out the latest version. The latest version creates a directory Metaplex in your directory home from the storage. If you clone the storage to a different location you will need to change the path in subsequent instructions. Then you need command commands to install the dependencies from outside the Metaplex directory.

Let's build together Metaplex Candy Machine

Candy machine on Solana Wallet

The Candy Machine operates on the Solana blockchain. We have to need a wallet with funds to build a Candy Machine. Then set up a decent wallet for testing, store it somewhere safe and take advantage of the outfile flag. Solana keygen command is used to create a new wallet. The further process is to make this our default new keypair and remember that we are on the highly recommend making devnet. Add SOL to your decent wallet, we can request funds from a faucet and added security. Now if the command is successful, we can see the updated balance at the end.

Front end experience for Candy Machine V2

Most times we will want to provide a front-end experience to allow your community to mint when the Candy Machine is ready to mint. And we can use the Candy Machine V2 which is already in the Metaplex and downloaded when we committed the git clone command.

Solana configurations in Metaplex candy

First of all, we gave to create a local wallet. We can run this by:

Solana-Keygen new —outfit ~/ .config/solana/devnet.json

Now the outfile used is stored as the keypair file for our wallet. After setting this wallet as the default keypair path on the Solana config file the PubKey can be recovered with this command.

Now we need to set the start date configuration. First of all the KeyPair that we have just built as default and cache file. And then if we use devnet as a playground we have to set it as the default Solana URL or WebSocket URL network.

Now the configuration is done and we can retrieve our PubKey (Solana-keygen pubkey), airdrop some SOL for tests (Solana airdrop1), and get the current wallet balance (Solana CLI balance).

Create your NFTs:

You must move to the Metaplex index and once you are there, you must build a new folder and name it Assets. You will add 3 images at their from google or anywhere and name them as:

  • 0.png
  • 1.png
  • And then create metadata for those images be like:
  • 0.json
  • 1.json

The structure looks like this:

You must create the metadata using the Metaplex standard.


Just like polygon blockchain development, the developers of the project came up with the concept of Metaplex Candy as a means of responding to the feedback and ideas provided by the tens of thousands of people who participated in the survey. Having access to technologies such as the candy machine v2 makes it possible to mint and sell thousands of NFTs by utilizing NFT concepts derived from cherished photos as well as NFT projects that are already in development. These concepts can be used in conjunction with NFT projects that are already in existence. The project is devoting a significant amount of its time and energy to the creation of extensible storefronts, prescriptions, and primitives for the benefit of both manufacturers and creators.

As a blockchain development company, we have used Metaplex tools to setup Js Devnet NFT shops for projects we have worked with. Our blockchain consultants have also built custom devnet minting solutions on Solana for projects. Combining these experiences with our skills in decentralized solutions building, we are positioned to help you build events, main-nets, and testnet functionalities for your Solana applications. You have seen the process in this article, and we hope you will reach out to work with our blockchain development experts on your next project.

With all of that done, we have successfully generated and minted our own Candy Machine V2 NFT project. We learned what Candy Machine is, how to configure it, and deployed our very own NFT project.

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