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NFT and Social Media

In 2022, NFTs seem to be rapidly infiltrating the conventional social media industry. Instagram's inapp NFT choices were released in mid-May, while Twitter implemented NFT profile photo verification in January. The company that owns Facebook and Instagram, Meta Platforms Inc., also declared that NFTs would be accepted as profile photographs. Only one week later, Linktree has already acceded to the club.

NFT and social media are used to enable the buying and selling of unique digital items, like memes or special edition digital art. They have gained popularity in recent years due to the rise of blockchain in media and advertising, which allows for the creation of digital assets that are unique, verifiable, and cannot be replicated. Blockchain consultancy firms specialize in creating and implementing strategies for using NFTs on social media platforms to drive engagement and monetization for businesses and individuals. A reputable NFT marketplace development company can provide you with the best NFT marketplace development services to bring your social media project to life.

Working with OpenSea, the link-in-bio service is integrating many NFT-related functionalities into its platform.

Integrating Web2 users and Web3 projects together

Three new NFT features that will let Linktree's more than 23 million users connect their Web2 audience to their Web3 projects are now available.

The first one is an NFT Gallery link. With the help of this tool, users can display a gallery of up to six NFTs within their Linktree. Only the Metamask wallet and the OpenSea marketplace are supported by this functionality at the moment, but Linktree promises that more options will be added soon.

By using them as PFPs on social media sites like Twitter, many NFT holders have created online personas around their artwork. Now, that identity is also possible on Linktree. Users can further develop their Web3 brands by stylizing Linktree with their NFTs using the NFT Profile Image and Background tool. Each NFT is also validated by Linktree using a hexagonal frame and emblem.

Linktree's third addition is NFT Locks. This function allows creators to contact address-lock their Linktree links. Visitors who own an NFT from a certain collection are the only ones who can access private links in this way. Making it simpler for artists to give NFT owners benefits like apparel and special material is the aim.

Jack Dorsey made close to $2.9 million with the sale of his first NFT tweet. To give you a better sense, consider the tens of NFT aficionados who responded to a tweet with the five words just putting up my twttr and were ready to spend millions straight away. Other famous people's tweets, like those from Elon Musk, attracted bids of up to $1.1 million during the auction.

Although the tweet won't be deleted from Twitter, the collector will keep ownership of it thanks to a signed digital autograph. In 2022 and beyond, more social media NFTs are anticipated as influencers sign their experiences as digital treasures.

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The Utility of NFT for Social Media Users

Digital Content Commodification and Monetization

Because they allow content creators to commercialize and sell their work, NFTs may be advantageous to brands, marketers, influencers, and any social media user. Despite the time, money, and resources that artists invest in their work, social media photos and artwork that is digital material have no real market value. By linking their creations to a cryptocurrency-based token, artists may turn their works into NFTs, enabling them to stand out from the competition and sell distinctive goods.

A customer must be connected to a brand on today's social media platforms, which must keep up with the growth of NFTs and act as a meeting place for buyers, sellers, or middlemen in the selling of NFTs. Social media helps to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers and determine the value of NFTs even though it does not permit the direct sale of NFTs.

Ownership Protection

Regarding copyright, the person who posted the picture to social media will continue to be the rightful owner and have total discretion over how the work is used. Users can "mint" their own work by giving it an NFT value, making it unique, and having the piece's uniqueness certified by the NFT source code. Users can "mint" any form of material they share on social media, from digital art to images and music. This is a solution to the issue of current social network content providers losing money because of streaming and the commoditization of digital reproduction.

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Source : Linktree

Source : Linktree

Source : Linktree

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