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NFTs may be used to signify contributions to charity or fundraising efforts. Platform developers produce NFTs, which are then released during a "drop" event. A drop allows a platform to raise money, much like an initial coin offering (ICO). However, the developers are marketing NFTs rather than selling tokens. The number of NFTs produced and sold during the decline is decided by the platform's creators. While some NFTs have a limited supply at an auction or fixed price, others only exist for a predetermined amount of time. The NFTs are then offered for sale to customers in exchange for cryptocurrency, mainly Ethereum-based cryptocurrency. The money earned in the drop can then be used by platform developers, artists, and other parties.

One example of NFT fundraising is through the sale of limited edition NFTs that are tied to a specific cause or NFT charity auction. For example, an artist could create a series of unique digital artworks, each of which is represented by an NFT. The artist could then donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each NFT to a healthcare-related charity or nonprofit organization. There are many other potential NFT benefits which could be used for fundraising in the healthcare industry. As the use of NFTs continues to grow and evolve, it is likely that we will see more and more innovative ways in which they are used for charitable and fundraising purposes. Although, Each NFT development company or a blockchain app development company that stay in forefront of fundraising and charity, has ability to create cutting-edge NFT marketplace development solutions that can play an important role in charity auctions.

Another crucial distinction between NFTs and other assets is the potential for future sales to generate income. An NFT's author may choose a commission for all upcoming sales of the work. This implies that even NFTs with extremely low initial sales prices can eventually bring in money for their designers.

There have been a few significant NFT decreases that included philanthropic giving. Recently, Jack Dorsey declared that the charity Give Directly would receive the earnings from the sale of his first Tweet, which exceeded $2.5 million (source: CNBC, 2021). This would only be feasible if well-known contributors or nonprofit organizations are also participating in non-fungible tokens. However, it might offer creative ways for nonprofit fundraisers to work with famous people or affluent benefactors to produce NFT chances.

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Additionally, groups and artists have started to invest their own resources to guarantee that the proceeds from NFT sales go to deserving causes. Many of these programs are meant to help youngsters.

For instance, Sheqonomi is an initiative that uses NFTs to assist children in need, especially girls in underdeveloped countries. According to Sheqonomi CEO Anu Bhardwaj, the community of lowincome people who lack access to streaming media services like Spotify is the target audience for the rewards-based listening app.

Especially for COVID-19, "this podcast listening app was built for users to listen, learn, and earn." We collaborated with the Indian telecom behemoth Reliance Jio to produce the $10 mobile phone Sheqonomi on KaiOS. This will soon encourage 150 million JioPhone users to pay attention, learn, and receive incentives in the form of digital assets."

Bhardwaj continued by stating that as an incentive for giving the platform with user-generated data, users that listen to the app can receive reward tokens. Then, listeners can either save these tokens in their digital wallets or use them to purchase the NFT art that will soon be made available on Sheqonomi's platform. On March 8, 2022, International Women's Day, we will construct an NFT gallery where individuals can use their tokens to buy artwork NFTs, according to Bhardwaj. Each sale will result in a donation to a participating charity on our platform. For instance, a minimum of 25% of NFT purchases will go to The State of Women Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes the issues and stories that young women and girls face."

Bhardwaj claims that because NFTs reflect the views of women and girls everywhere, the platform uses them for charitable purposes. "Divine feminism in all of its manifestations is the key topic we wish to highlight. For instance, an eight-year-old girl designed one of the NFTs that will be on display in our gallery with the intention of donating 50% of the profits to refugees.

Source : Sheqonomi

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Furthermore, according to Bhardwaj, using NFTs to give back enables the business to keep adding nonprofits to its platform while also enabling customers to understand exactly where those donations are going because of the transparency that blockchain technology offers.

TheGivingBlock.com facilitates the transaction for NFT, a campaign that aims to sell Non-fungible Doge art with 10% of sales going to Save the Children (source: https://www.nfdoge.com/). This illustration shows how a nonprofit can benefit from the sale of meme NFT while still being a valued partner.

Promoting community involvement and formation is an innovative use of NFTs. Exclusive perks, greater airdrops, and rewards for using NFTs are all available to token holders.

All historical NGOs and museums have a HUGE chance to make money out of their physical assets while still having access to them. Many charitable organizations might be sitting on digital wealth, and a whole world is being built and monetized around digital ownership.

Another illustration is the 'Extinction' series of gummy bears by artist WhIsBe, which portrays the plight of endangered species. Unspecified amounts of the revenue will go to wildlife conservation groups like the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

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