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A glimpse at blockchain game development

After the NFT boom, the next big story to hit the headline in the cryptocurrency space was NFT gaming. People have always played some of these games but the sole idea that you can transfer and earn assets of value from doing the same thing set the crypto space on fire! In a short, while some of the tokens related to the NFT games increased so fast by several multiples and a lot of holders became millionaires.

It's like playing your favorite adventure, racing, or sports game and keeping the whole of the money you earned from it right in your pocket. Also, the benefit of blockchain for players is that they can store whatever they earned and come back to continue right from there. There is no such thing as your game disappearing because the server of the host company crashed.

If you think the gaming world is fun already, then you are just getting started and you should read further because we will talk more about the gaming world in this article, especially the NFT gaming world. Online games with in-game purchases, gaming arena, and digital assets to be earned just by having fun in an ultra-modern gaming platform. Let's not say too much before going into the actual story. Just sit tight, grab a cup of juice, as there is so much more to learn in this article.

What Are Blockchain Games?

A blockchain is essentially a big database that stores information. It also allows for crucial factors like being impossible to censor, and immutability, being owned by no one, decentralization, and provable ownership and history. What this implies is that if you own a quantity of an asset, you will continue to own that amount of asset for as long as you want. On a blockchain or immutable ledger, transactions are recorded on a public ledger showing who owns what.

In blockchain gaming, this permanent ownership happens with assets such as gears, swords, properties, and other collectibles which you earn from reaching milestones in the game. So while in blockchain terms someone can own some amount of a token, in gaming terms the tokens owned are assets similar to those you can own in the physical world from a similar experience. Gaming items are tracked on the Ethereum blockchain network, or other blockchains that perform the same function.

Blockchain games can make use of smart contract development in a number of ways like, smart contracts can be used to manage in-game assets, such as virtual currency, items, and collectibles. Smart Contracts Development can be used to automate game mechanics, such as matchmaking, leaderboards, rewards and a lot more.

While checking transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain, for example, will show a transfer of assets between persons, checking transactions in a game will show the transfer of these collectibles. In traditional games, you buy and play games, and as you play you earn items, digital assets, and gear. These items are needless to you outside the game. A blockchain gaming platform transforms everything by giving the swords or shield you earned in one game into other games which makes it continuously useful.

With traditional games, there are card games such as Hearthstone, MMO games like World of WarCraft, first-person shooter games like counterstrike, and traditional dungeon crawler like diablo. The items found in these games are only useable in their respective games, so you must play a particular game to use the respective in-game item. There may be guns, skins, grenades, swords, cards, characters, etc. Although the use of these assets is limited.

Blockchain game enables a working system for creating in-game items and storing the information forever. Your developers can create an item, name the item, add a picture, define the quantity of the item, and decide the criteria for owning these items by fulfilling some activities in the game. Anyone with the right skillset can create the game by publishing that to the smart contract. There can be giveaway competitions for distributing in-game NFTs and anyone who owns items has something of value.

A blockchain game developer may not necessarily have to create a game before developing an asset of value. Instead, they can create unique assets that can be incorporated into other games connected to the smart contract. So in traditional games, separate games have only separate assets, but in a gaming platform, a blockchain game developer or any user can incorporate assets from different games into whatever game they wish on the blockchain. So you can take the sword created at a fixed amount from another game and use that sword in another game, leading to what has been dubbed a "multiverse".

In some cases, you can own assets that are not yet useable in a game, while waiting for a blockchain game developer to incorporate those assets into their game. A real-world example is Enjin, a leader in the blockchain gaming space who released an axe as a collectible blockchain item that they distributed to users for storage in their Enjin wallets. Holers of these axes were able to share these collectibles with each other, sometimes in exchange for tokens like Ethereum. Enjin designed their crypto wallet to show a fine-looking image of the asset held by the user or gamer on the Ethereum blockchain.

Another blockchain game, created by game developers which can serve as a good example of blockchain game development and explanation for what a blockchain gaming platform is, is Forgotten Artifacts. The game development entity of this blockchain game implemented blockchain technology in the game such that when you log in to the game they could check your address for axes which you owned and were distributed by Enjin. Minecraft is also a game that incorporated wooden swords created by Enjin.

So in summary, blockchain allows for true ownership of game items. To achieve this blockchain game development involves instructing the blockchain game to check for the collectibles of game items owned by the person accessing the game. The process in which a blockchain game implements items owned by a person in the game leads to a multiverse where it is possible to take game items across different worlds.

The Story of the Blockchain Gaming Industry

Blockchain games and the blockchain gaming industry helped a lot of folks, perhaps you who love video games so much that you would love to be paid to play the games. The first blockchain game launched in 2017 was crypto kitties. The blockchain development company behind the game is Axiom Zen, and the game was launched for personal computers and the gameplay features an important activity of cross-breeding with other players for offspring with more desired traits. Cryptokitties became popular when a pet sold for over $100,000. Following this, there was an increase in the number of players of the game to such an extent that the traffic of users coming in from countries especially in Asia was a matter of concern to the host blockchain, Ethereum, and the blockchain game development company alike.

Another popular blockchain game, The Sandbox was released earlier in 2012 before it was remade in 2018 to support blockchain assets created by players using the game toolbox before selling for digital currency to others who can display these assets in their digital lands. Axie Infinity is another NFT game that was released in 2018. The game allows players to earn and improve NFTs through activities in the game so that they can be sold to other players. Those who play to remake the NFTs are compensated for their work, and at some point, some of the participants in Axie Infinity earned far more than they would have earned from full-time jobs in the Philipines.

NFT and blockchain gaming hit the mainstream following the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. A huge gamechanger is that there were concerns that gaming platforms and developing games that rewarded users in cash were the same as gambling. With blockchain technology, however, the focus is shifted to gameplay and reward for participation instead of simply payment of cash after certain milestones are reached. The advent of the metaverse development fired the frenzy once more, and there are lots of traditional game development companies out there who now feel that Ethereum dapp game development and the connection of games to smart contracts will be the biggest thing for in the future.

Today, even though there are still concerned and backlashes from users, prominent game developers such as Ubisoft, Epic Games, and electronic arts are considering or have launched their own blockchain network-based games. Some of these endeavors have proven to be successful with the corresponding tokens increasing several times by a large margin. Ubisoft, for example, released its Quarts technology on Tezos, marking its foray into the blockchain-based game development and the gaming business of crypto.

The English video game developer, Peter Molyneux told the public that their famous game Legacy has plans to include NFTs and collectible features. The business simulation game will allow players to buy and sell legacy lands where they can establish in-game factories. After the presale was launched, the native LagacyCoin for the platform reached more than $50 million in a few days.

Another game, CryptoFights developed by Fyx stores the move of every player's game on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. These moves are recorded as transactions, and the ability to verify every move makes gaming more honest and valuable. Since users must perform tasks with provable veracity on the blockchain to show that they are eligible for corresponding rewards, cheating in video games will be drastically reduced. Sometime this year, the volume of transactions on Crypto Fights was so much that it reached more the 2 million compared to some of the biggest blockchains in the cryptocurrency space.

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Who Are Blockchain Game Developers?

Blockchain gaming is starting to take off, and game developers build these games by building Etherem smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and creating a client-side application that helps users interact with the game. They develop games of various kinds and genres that are exciting to play and give users NFTs or native tokens for completing tasks in the game.

Most of the tokens created by blockchain developers are implemented in the ERC20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. The programming language used is for writing these game smart contracts is solidity. There are also packages like NodeJS which are important in the blockchain development process. Truffle is a framework for writing Ethereum smart contracts, testing and deploying these smart contracts. Ganache blockchain is a complete blockchain that runs on any compatible device and is used by developers to test, execute commands, and inspect states while controlling the way the chain operates. Developers also use the Metamask extension on Google chrome to handle test transactions and interact with smart contracts. Along with lots of integrations and migrations, tools like open Zapellin are used to structure smart contracts following a template. Constructors are used to initiating arguments and the various testing frameworks are tools are also required.

Blockchain game developers as individuals develop and improve blockchain game-related dapp game applications, gaming smart contracts, and architecture. Blockchain developers enable secure digital transactions by building systems and applications to store blockchain data and prevent external intrusion or hacks. There are two types of blockchain gaming developers, they are the core developers and the blockchain software, developers. The core developers design the protocols needed to successfully run the blockchain and the architecture. Software developers develop and implement blockchain using designs and solutions created by core developers. You can think about the blockchain software developers as smart contract engineers implementing codes based on the architecture developed already by core developers.

All blockchain developers understand the basic concepts of blockchain technology such as hash functions, distributed ledger technology, trap-door cryptography, and consensus algorithms. The next thing all blockchain engineers know as much as other software engineers are data structures and coding. Data structures and algorithms are the most fundamental skills required to become a software developer. It helps them configure blockchain properly according to specific requirements. Knowledge of smart contracts is also crucial and blockchain developers spend a significant amount of their time writing smart contract codes.

Core developers implement features and functionalities of the blockchain by using more general-purpose programming languages like C++ and C# to design consensus protocols for the blockchain networks. They also build solutions that protect data on the blockchain and are responsible for the smooth and secure functioning of the network by and large. As for blockchain software developers, they can implement game smart contracts and deploy the required dapp game. They have a history of and portfolio of applications developed in the past that can be used to show potential clients and employers.

Rejolut is Your Blockchain Game Development Company

From selecting the blockchain to the technology stack and actual programming, Rejolut can help you develop robust strategies as well as technical implement these robust strategies to ensure that your dapp game is launched with fully functional virtual currencies and NFTs that have real-world value. We are a blockchain game development company focused on taking on blockchain game development projects aimed at building a blockchain gaming platform that without in-game purchases that leverage Ethereum dapp game development as well as the dapp game technologies offered by other blockchains to build the most formidable blockchain gaming experience with no centralized server or central authority.

Our team is backed by experienced and specialized developers who have built decentralized marketplaces and other unique private assets with a track record of success for about a decade. We plan the development process carefully with the developer, even though they are from a non-technical background. We always reach a point where what we build offers maximum benefits for gamers because of our responsive game development blockchain approach.

Gaming platforms and ecosystems designed by Rejolut remain responsive with maximum transaction attributes and provide security on a verifiable ledger. As players earn more money from playing the interesting games we have built, we have delightfully recorded a growth in the popularity of the developers, our client at the same time. We ensure that advanced security concerns in blockchain development are taken care of with more users showing interest in the thrilling gaming experience while they earn non-fungible tokens on a platform that maintains transparency.

Most of the companies we have worked with have diverse interests and stories to tell with their game dapp, but we have been resilient enough to help them bring these to reality. We deploy transparent codes and in the spirit of true decentralization give users of the platform full control of their assets and experience according to the request of the game developers. We also offer ongoing support, which is also part of what sets us apart. We do not simply build projects and leave them unless the owners of the idea are comfortable doing so, or have technical specialists on the ground to handle ongoing problems. Where they have tried that to no avail, we can always come in to resolve technical issues or offer advice on what should be done. Rejolut is an award-wining blockchain game development company with proven leadership based on excellence and quality of delivery of blockchain solutions across continents.

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In this article, you have learned about why blockchain gaming is the next big thing in the cryptocurrency space. We started by giving an overview before explaining what blockchain, the underlying technology for building smart contracts and dapps is about and how it works. We explained blockchain gaming as some kind of traditional online gaming that uses blockchain technology to reward users by giving them value for their time and interaction with the game. We saw how a blockchain gaming platform is built as well as the kind of assets that can be received as a reward for playing games.

We also talked about the technical aspects of blockchain game development and the tools needed to build a blockchain game such as truffle, ganache, open zeppelin, etc. We discussed the history of blockchain gaming, going back to the early days of Cryptokitties, to some of the most popular games at the moment, like Crypto Fight. Furthermore, we discussed blockchain developers, talking about who they are and what they do.

We learned that blockchain core developers are different from blockchain software developers even though they can sometimes handle similar responsibilities. While the core developers are responsible for eh architecture, security, and overall functioning of the system, software developers are concerned about smart contract deployment and how the user interacts with the game. We mentioned some of the skills necessary for blockchain development like cryptography, data structure understanding, and smart contracts.

In the end, we mentioned why working with us to build your game can make a lot of difference owing to our experience and track record of success. Blockchain gaming is here to stay and if you have something on your mind to build, you can reach out to get started with that awesome game of yours today. Did we say one game raised $50 million in a few days? Oh yes! That could be you, but you are never going to know until you try by launching something. Rejolut is here for you.

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