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The perfect guide for setting up a new business app as a startup founder

Everyone has a groundbreaking idea at some point in their lives. However, it takes more than just an ingenious mind to transform that thought into a successful reality. For most people, the challenges in bringing a startup to life are too great to overcome. This is where startups like yours come in. By taking on the risk and uncertainty of launching a new business, you provide a valuable service to the economy. In return, society offers you the resources and support you need to succeed.

As a startup owner, one of the most important decisions is whether to build a mobile app for your business. Whether it's necessary. Ultimately, deciding which platform to build your startup depends on your specific needs and goals. Regardless of your challenges as a startup owner, remember that you are not alone. An entire ecosystem of resources and support is available to help you succeed. With hard work and dedication, your startup and whether to build an app for your company can make a significant impact. Since the world is going digital, and most of our time is hooked to a screen, any successful small business is involved in a startup app development solution. We will break down the steps that can help you make the cut and are crucial to successfully running a startup through a mobile app.

Benefits of API Management

APIs cannot provide an organization with the supervision and visibility required to guarantee that users' needs are met while protecting their APIs from unwanted access and unlawful use. Organizations benefit from the following benefits with effective API administration.

Validate your idea

When developing new ideas, taking a step back and considering all your options before moving forward is important. Making a list of all potential ideas can help you gain perspective and clarity on which direction to take. This process allows you to brainstorm different possibilities and evaluate the pros and cons of each option. It also allows you to reflect on your goals and what you hope to achieve with this new project. By considering your options, you can be sure that you are making the best decision for your business or venture.

Before investing time and resources into developing a new product, it is important to make sure that there is a market for the item. One way to do this is to get feedback from leading experts in the field. An experienced mobile app company can help assess the product's potential and validate the idea. Through a series of discovery workshops, the consultant will gather information about the product and its feasibility. This process helps to ensure that the product is viable and has a chance of success on the market. By getting expert input early on, you can avoid costly mistakes and increase your chances of developing a successful product.

Creativity is important to generate new ideas, but it is also important to understand that there is always scope for improvement. Sometimes, the entire process can lead to new outcomes that were not initially considered. It is essential to be open-minded and pay attention to other ideas. Overlooking potential solutions can lead to suboptimal outcomes. To avoid this, it is important to consider all options and to strive for improvement constantly.

Before embarking on any new business venture, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the problem you are trying to solve and the solution you are offering. This may seem common sense, but it is interesting how many entrepreneurs need to do their homework before launching their product or service. Not only do you need to be clear about your own vision for the business, but you also need to have a deep understanding of the needs of your target market. Otherwise, you risk developing a solution that no one wants or needs.

Detail-oriented market research

No matter how cutting-edge or innovative your product may be, it will only reach its full potential if you take the time to establish a target market. Mobile app development is highly competitive, and you will quickly get lost in the shuffle without a clear understanding of your target audience.

The first step is to conduct a thorough market analysis to identify the needs and wants of your target customers. Once you have a firm understanding of their needs, you can tailor your product accordingly. It is also important to establish a strong marketing strategy that will allow you to reach your target audience effectively. Without a well-executed plan, even the most revolutionary products will struggle to succeed.

When launching a new product or service, it is essential to study the competitive landscape carefully. Why? This means taking a close look at the existing players in the market and understanding their strengths and weaknesses. It also involves conducting a competitor audit, which can help to identify gaps in the market that your product or service can fill. Furthermore, research on failed apps can provide valuable insights into what not to do.

Preliminary research is a crucial step in the product development process. Conducting surveys helps to understand the user demographic and engagement. This information is essential for building a product that the target audience will use. Remember that user engagement is key, so keep your niche audience in mind at every step of Development. Doing so will help ensure that your final product is something your users will truly want.

Focus on designing an impeccable UI/UX

The role of UI/UX design is not limited to creating an appealing interface. The application must also be usable and functional. Many successful startups have one thing in common: impeccable design. Whether it is Instagram, Canva, or Facebook, you will find that these applications all have an intuitive design. Intuitive design makes apps easy to use and essential for User Experience. Moreover, good design can make complex tasks seem simple.

For example, designing a search bar that can filter through a large amount of data requires creativity and technical skill. Good UI/UX design considers the user's needs and the client's business goals to create an effective solution. Thus, the UI/UX team plays an important role in the success of startups.

Therefore remember, great design is not only about making something look good but also about making it easy and enjoyable to use. Creating a beautiful and user-friendly interface requires a deep understanding of human behavior and how people interact with technology. In other words, UI/UX designers must have a strong grasp of psychology and computer science.

Product development

Before you jumpstart the development process, you would require an app development team. This is where careful strategizing and planning come into play. It would be best if you considered various factors such as the size of the company, its industry expertise, cost and most importantly, portfolio.

Once you have considered all these aspects, you can start shortlisting companies. The best way to finalize is by reading reviews or taking referrals from people who have previously availed of such services. This will give you a fair idea about what to expect from the company and whether they will be able to deliver according to your expectations. You finalize the deal once you are completely satisfied with your research.

As any business owner knows, challenges are inevitable. However, how you respond to those challenges can make all the difference in the world. There are two main options when hiring a development team: an in-house or a freelancer. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the option that best aligns with your business needs is important. For example, an in-house team may be better if you need a fast turnaround time or have a complex product idea.

On the other hand, a freelancer may be a better choice if you're on a tight budget or if you only need occasional development help. Ultimately, the decision to go with an in-house team or a freelancer is one that only you can make. However, carefully considering your options will ensure that you make the best decision for your business.

Being ambitious is great, but you should stay aware of a maze of features. First, concentrate on building an MVP for your app, address the core pain points and then gradually shift to improved features after garnering feedback from your users. The emphasis should be on the 'must-have' features; the 'nice to have' features can always be added later. For example, if you are building a productivity app, the core features would be something that helps the user manage their tasks better. Once you have these key features in place, you can start working on adding more bells and whistles. However, it is important to remember that an app with too many features can overwhelm users and lead to them abandoning it altogether. Therefore, it is essential to strike a balance between ambition and practicality.

Think about investments

However, securing venture capital can be difficult, and even if you successfully obtain funding, you may find that you need more than the money to complete your project. In addition, you may also face pressure from investors to achieve certain milestones or reach a certain level of profitability. As a result, it is important to carefully consider the costs of developing an app before undertaking such a project. But how do you go about attracting investors?

One way is to create an elevator pitch: a short, compelling summary of your business idea that can be delivered in the time it takes to ride an elevator. Your pitch should touch on what your business does, why it is unique, and what kinds of returns investors can expect. If you can capture an investor's interest in a matter of seconds, you'll be well on securing the funding you need to make your business a reality.

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The Importance of Scalability in App Development

As an entrepreneur, your main goal is probably related to the growth of your business. Naturally, every business owner hopes that their app will become a hit on the market at some point. Success entails a steady growth of your user base, which is inextricably linked to higher pressure on your app's performance. After all, more people using your app means more data being transferred, more backend processes running, and more space needed to store all that data. A crash is inevitable when your application cannot handle all this information.

When creating an application, keeping future growth in mind is essential. This is where scalability comes into play. This ebook tells you all you need to know about scalability in app development and why it's important to prepare your application for growth in an early stage of Development.

What is scalability in applications?

App development is a complex and time-consuming process. To make the process as efficient and fast as possible without losing quality, our developers implement specific agile strategies to work towards a product perfectly aligned with the end user's needs. It is wise to start small when creating a digital product rather than constructing a full-fledged version from the start. Instead of offering your customers something they might not like, you can build a simpler app version and test it out among end-users. This is where the concept of the MVP or Minimum Viable Product comes from. You start by putting together a simple product version, testing it out among end-users, and upgrading the solution with feedback from these users.

You might wonder what that has to do with scalability, and the answer is pretty simple: everything. Scalability depends on your app's ability to grow and evolve with your company, depending on the demand. A scalable app is, therefore, an application with a flexible architecture in which additional features can be added without affecting the overall performance.

Why does scalability matter?

As mentioned before, when you have your app developed, future growth will likely be one of its main objectives. This means that if all goes well, your app will be used by an increasing number of people. You want to avoid starting from scratch soon after developing your app because it needs to be built to accommodate an influx of new users. Not only would this be a major waste of time, effort, and financial investment, but it also causes you to lose the user base you've been working to build for so long. All this could have been avoided if your app had been built with scalability.

Besides the fact that a highly scalable application ensures sustainable growth of your user base and business without facing drawbacks in performance, there are much more benefits to high scalability:

  • Cost-effective Development
    Starting small and scaling up is a safety net that saves you considerable money. Begin with a product that has just the right amount of functionalities, the MVP. Show it to your users, collect valuable feedback, and improve. You can save critical resources this way because your product's expansion is based on reliable data, and you're not merely delivering a fully-developed product to your customers that eventually doesn't do it for them.
  • Improved user experience
    Developing an application based on the strategy of an MVP allows you to tailor your app and its functionalities to the needs of your end-users based on their input. This implies that when you scale the app based on what your customers need, you can continuously improve and adapt the UX to new features or modifications while ensuring that the app runs smoothly as the number of users grows.
  • Stability in performance
    An improved user experience is, without a doubt, the most crucial benefit of scalable Development. When you design and develop your application with scalability in mind, you can be assured that the application can deal with a surge in users. Whereas a non-scalable application would likely show a decrease in loading time or even crash completely, your app's performance will remain flawless, no matter how many people use your app. Which, in its turn, positively impacts the overall user experience.
  • Flexibility in customization
    In case you want to add a new feature or a specific improvement to your application, high scalability allows you to customize your app, ensuring it stays aligned with your business objectives and your users' input. The basis of the app keeps running, while you can implement small design changes or update specific features without starting from scratch. With a scalable application, you can also apply the practice of A/B testing to try out small changes in your design or certain functionality without having to rewrite the entire code. This allows you to add value to your customers quickly and efficiently continuously.

How to prepare your app for growth?

Scalability involves planning and preparation because every business has its own needs and objectives. With your development partner, you'll have to dive into your goals, available resources, suitable technologies and a solid testing strategy.

  • Business objectives
    Before diving into the Development of your application, you'll need to know where you, your business and your app want to work towards. For example, your business is active in a niche market, or your digital solution is meant for a specific group of users. It won't be commercially available in all app stores. In this case, your main objective could be to automate and optimize the workflows within the boundaries of your own company rather than becoming the number one application on the market. These objectives impact your application's scalability to keep functioning in the long term.
  • The right technologies
    Considering scalability during the planning stage, you're already one step ahead. When you begin the Development of your app, special attention must be paid to the technologies that are being selected. Different technologies, such as programming languages, databases and frameworks, possess a different level of scalability. For example, Node.js is the go-to backend environment for flexibility and scalability, and it can be used for both web- and mobile Development.
  • Iterative testing
    Testing your app's behavior in multiple scenarios is the most crucial component of ensuring it is scalable. There are several methods for determining whether your Software can keep up with user growth, the most important of which are load testing and performance testing. With load testing, we increase the application's demand and see its impact on your app's performance in case many people try to access it at once. While load testing tries to see how many users it can accommodate before it impacts the overall performance, performance testing entails the analysis of specific performance metrics, such as loading speed, response time and stability under different circumstances.

How to use mobile apps to manage your business

Work habits have fundamentally changed in the last decade. More people than ever are working from home or on the go, relying on mobile technology to get work done.

This is especially true for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Thus, numerous mobile products and services have emerged to improve business operations. And while mobile enterprise apps can't do it all, they can do a lot, like reduce time spent on administrative tasks.

Accepting payments

The ability to accept card payments over the phone is a revolution for businesses. Gone are the days of going to the farmer's market and remembering to bring cash. Pop-up shops, restaurants, mom-and-pop stores, artists, creative, and freelancers accept mobile payments.

The most popular mobile payment systems use a portable card reader and app, instantly turning a phone into a mobile point-of-sale system that accepts credit and debit cards, as well as popular mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Look for a solution that has cloud reporting so that you can monitor and manage your business on the go.

Peer-to-peer payments, or P2P payments, have become increasingly popular for businesses. These payments allow the transfer of funds between two parties using their bank accounts or credit cards through a mobile or online application. Zelle for Your Business is a P2P payment option that is fast, secure and easy for qualified small business customers to send, request and receive money directly between US checking or savings accounts. And unlike other popular P2P business solutions, it's free to use in the Bank of America app.

Whichever you choose, make sure the payment system is compatible with your smartphone operating system and your existing merchant services account. The mobile payment processing system you choose must also include encrypted reading and transmission of customer financial data.

Expansion of offers

Writing and receiving checks are getting less common. Still, mobile check deposit solutions let you handle this work fast by enabling you to take a photo of the front and back of an endorsed check and transmit the images to your financial institution.

Fortunately, today's Mobile Banking applications are much more than just a check deposit. A good digital banking application should offer a variety of business services, such as:

  • Bill Payment
  • balance inquiry
  • Transfer of funds
  • fraud alerts
  • Consultation of credit scores (personal and commercial)
  • Purchase of foreign currency
  • Creation of a digital wallet

With security features like two-factor authentication, which can send a unique 6-digit authentication code to your smartphone to approve each transaction, you can be sure your mobile banking is secure.

Mobile accounting

For accounting, many experienced business people use their mobile devices. For example, you can create and send invoices, generate estimates, bill time, manage expenses, and scan, save, and post all the receipts you accumulate with QuickBooks Mobile.

QuickBooks is a category leader, though similar apps like NetSuite, FreshBooks, and Sage are just as robust, useful, and intuitive.

If you're specifically interested in cash flow management, the Cash Flow Monitor and Bank of America's connected apps are other great tools to check out. It tracks your business debits and credits and integrates seamlessly with your business Online Banking and Mobile Banking. You can also connect third-party apps to your cash flow dashboard to see all your key business metrics in one place.

Simplified communication

It's almost comical how little a cell phone is used as a phone, but when defined as a small business communication device, it is incomparable.

Whether connecting with employees, communicating with customers, or following up with potential customers, the immediacy and privacy that text messaging offers are truly amazing. Other very useful SMS options include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Slack.

Manage time effectively

One of the biggest challenges of owning a business is ensuring employees do what needs to be done at the right time.

Cloud-based project management software can serve as an all-in-one solution to this challenge by providing a location for your team to upload and share files and organize due lists and due dates. , log work hours and even discuss projects in a confidential setting.

There are many project management apps to choose from; any of them will allow you to manage and track team members and projects more efficiently. Some of them are detailed below:

  • Microsoft Office Mobile: Microsoft's suite of ubiquitous tools like Word, Excel and PowerPoint have been reimagined for a smaller screen.
  • Trello boards, lists, and cards are another great option for productivity on the go.
  • Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) has everything you need: Gmail, Docs, Google Drive, Calendar, Sheets, Chat, and more.

Mobile note-taking apps (like Evernote) are great for increasing personal productivity since your notes are easily retrieved and searchable. Your notes can be supplemented with photos you take, which is ideal for trade shows and conventions or with web content. Look for a note-taking app that lets you share content via email or by giving access to files.

Sell through social media

Social media marketing has become an important tool for business owners to communicate with customers. All the major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest have tools to improve engagement but consider a dashboard-style app to monitor activity and post content across multiple platforms.

A dashboard-style app lets you track your social media posts, view responses and comments to those posts, and easily submit your responses. The best social media marketing apps also generate reports to monitor your campaign performance over time and can recommend influential people or organizations to connect with to increase your reach.

Social media dashboard apps to consider include:

  • Podium: Collect the opinions published on Google and Facebook about your company via text message.
  • Buffer: Allows you to create and schedule opinions on all social networks. The advantage of Buffer is that you can schedule your social media content to post at any time.
  • Hootsuite: Like Buffer, Hootsuite allows you to coordinate all your social posts from a single hub. Hootsuite's calendar is great for organizing and providing an overview of your social channels, conversations, engagement, content, and more.
  • Sprout Social: Another excellent tool with a similar set of robust features.



Running a business from a mobile device can take a bit of patience while you get used to managing it this way, but once you do, expect to get used to it. When it comes to integrating mobile commerce into your normal processes, we have three final tips:

  • Keep your setup simple
    Don't install and try to master too many apps at once. Start with a few, organize them on your home screen, and get to know them. Only then should it expand and add more.
  • Use voice technology
    Whether it's Siri or another voice assistant, using your voice to respond to texts and emails saves time. Voice assistants are also great for managing your business accounts. Erica, Bank of America's AI-powered virtual financial assistant, can help with basic account functions like getting account and routing numbers, activating a card, and transferring money.
  • Keep it safe
    There is a lot of critical data accessible through your phone, so secure it with passwords or facial recognition technology. Please ensure you can remotely lock your phone in case it gets lost or stolen.

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