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The Exponential Growth of the Bitgert Ecosystem Could Overtake Solana

Lots of developers in the cryptocurrency space are pitting Bitgert against Solana. But why exactly are they talking about the two blockchains? The most common connection is how blockchains strike a balance between decentralization, security, and scalability. While some blockchains offer speed at the expense of security, other blockchains sacrifice security and scalability in a bid to offer a fast network. As a blockchain development company, working with this technology daily, providing a clear analysis is a part of our priority.

Navigating Both Ecosystems

Bitgert is a proof-of-authority (POA) consensus blockchain secured by double-sign detection and other slashing logic. The network selects validators through bonding, and the blockchain supports EVM smart contracts and cross-chain transfer of assets. It also offers near-zero transaction fees and swift finality. Brise Chain uses Clique, a Geth consensus engine selected for its shorter block time and resistance to 51% attacks. It prevents centralization using a delegation and staking mechanism similar in many ways to Cosmos with some fork from the Bor POA consensus.

Solana uses proof-of-history (PoH a novel architecture that verifies order and passage of time between events of the blockchain and encodes the passage of time into a distributed ledger in an append-only data structure. PoH also cuts block finality by reducing block overhead in a Byzantine-Fault-Tolerant machine state. It implements PoH using a proof-of-replication mechanism to prevent forgery and order blocks on the ledger in relation to time. The network currently boasts of being able to scale up to 710k transactions per second. Solana also enables developers to build user-friendly applications like Solana NFT marketplace Solanart which you may have interacted with while using the Solana ecosystem. Solana keeps composability on the network by maintaining a single global state across the blockchain.

How They Work Under the Hood

Solana’s consensus mechanism works with the same proof-of-stake idea. One lead validator processes transactions at a time and writes the states of the network. Other validators read the state published on the network, verify the transactions and vote for those transactions to be confirmed. To increase efficiency, Solana breaks the ledger into small sections, and validators become leaders on the network by taking turns about every 400 milliseconds. The validation process occurs according to a predetermined schedule generated randomly on the network. The schedule is based on how much each validator has staked on Solana, along with the data of transaction history on the Solana network. Solana uses proof-of-history to ensure that all validators take up leadership at the right time and malicious validators do not try to censor transactions. Proof-of-history is based on the property of hash functions known as preimage resistance. It allows validators to prove time as passing by creating hash tables and using previous hashes to verify subsequent hashes. Poof-of-history ensures that the observers can simultaneously verify that all the hashes on the network are correct. With all validators on the network providing proof-of-history, they can trust that the exchange of leadership on the network is according to schedule without communication. By verifying the proof-of-history of a validator, anyone can be sure that the validator started and completed the publication of transactions at the correct time. Proof-of-history is Solana’s mechanism for trustless ordering of data. It improves block time by allowing nodes to switch leadership without communication.

Bitgert was launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a better version of the Binance Chain which was created for high speed and transaction throughput. The initial version of the blockchain was based on the tendermint consensus algorithm. Binance Smart Chain was launched to resolve the problems that prevented the wide adoption of Binance Chain. Binance Smart Chain is a fully programmable smart chain that supports smart contracts. Like its parent BSC chain, Bitgert is, therefore, a fork of the Ethereum Golang implementation, Geth. The version of the blockchain it operates on sacrifices decentralization and censorship resistance for higher throughput and low fees. Bitgert uses the native proof-of-stake-authoritym (PoSA) model provided by BSC. In the PoSA model, transactions are validated by nodes known as validators on the network. The number of active validators is limited to 21, and validators must be active on the network in order to validate transactions. The active validators are those who hold the highest number of BNB at the specified time and are qualified to validate blocks on the network. With Bitgert, users can transact on the network with zero fees, and a payment of 5% buyback tax which is used to purchase tokens into the liquidity pool and burned to accrue value to the protocol. The token can also be used for a range of global payment use-cases.

The Benefits of Bitgert Blockchain

  • Bitgert promises near-zero fees stated to be as low as $0.00000001 for each transaction.
  • Bitgert handles about 100,00 transactions per second on average which is higher than the current throughput on Solana even though it boasts of up to 710,000 per second which it is yet to prove to the world. Solana hasn’t shown that it is capable of this in a real network event so its potential remains a possibility.
  • Bitgert’s token is beneficial to all users of the platform and it accrues value through a defined buy-back function.
  • Bitgert is used for the settlement of cross-border transactions using Bitgert’s low-fees decentralized network.
  • Bitgert also offers staking rewards of up to 80% APY depending on the number of tokens staked.
  • The organization behind Bitgert has promised to provide free smart contract audits for projects in the Bitgert Ecosystem which will encourage developers to build more projects on the network.

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The Benefits of the Solana Blockchain

During your time spent utilizing the Solana nft development ecosystem, you may have had the opportunity to engage with the Solana NFT marketplace or other intuitive apps like as Solanart. These types of apps are now within the reach of developers because to Solana. On the Solana network, the maintenance of a single global state that is constant throughout the blockchain is what ensures that composability will be maintained. The process for reaching a consensus that Solana has created makes use of the proof-of-stake concept. The lead validator is responsible for processing transactions one at a time while also keeping track of the network's current state.

  • Solana’s speed outperforms most other blockchains with a potential 710,000 transactions per second. Although this has not been realized.
  • Solana uses proof-of-history along with proof-of-stake which allows participants to agree on time innovatively. Nodes do not need to talk to each other before consensus is reached which saves time wasted in transaction delays.
  • Unlike other smart contract blockchains like Ethereum, Solana does not need layer 2, sharding, or other scaling solutions.
  • Solana smart contracts are highly secure. You can only possibly compare the security on Solana to Cardano. Unlike traditional proof-of-stake networks, smart contracts on Solana have not been a serious target for hackers, especially because hacking these contracts is hard.
  • Solana has also been dubbed one of the most efficient proof-of-stake networks. A single transaction on Solana uses two Google searches worth of energy, an impressive figure in an environmentally conscious world.

The Disadvantage of the Bitgert Blockchain

Bitgert’s smart contracts are not as secure as those on Solana or Cardano. Since EVM smart contracts are popular among developers, there are also lots of blackhat hackers who often try to exploit projects on EVM networks. The network has promised to help projects with audits, but other projects that have been hacked in the past have also been audited. Going by that, there is no guarantee that projects on the network are safe. There may also be problems later on as such low fees may make it hard for the network to sustain itself. It is hard to say that developers will move from existing blockchains like Ethereum all of a sudden and start using Bitgert. Unless there is a significant effort from the team, projects like Bitgert will find it really hard to scale. As a blockchain development firm, we have seen several cases of reentrancy attacks and other backdoor problems seized to steal a huge amount from blockchain platforms.

Disadvantages of the Solana Blockchain

  • Solana's major shortcoming is the series of outages the network has suffered. Over the years, the Solana blockchain has been down on multiple occasions. The outages on Solana are incomparable to that experienced on other networks in the cryptocurrency space. Most of these have resulted from hackers attempting transactions that push the network beyond its limit. One recent outage explained by the network was caused by bots trying to mint NFTs which required a bandwidth of about 6 million transactions per second. It is important to note, however, that rather than denial of service attacks which are common on a centralized network, Solana’s case has been unique. Solana has only suffered from some novel forms of inbound transactions that stalled consensus by running network nodes out of memory.
  • Another problem with Solana is its programming language which is quite hard for developers to learn. Even though is difficult to hack a survey recently revealed that some of the best programmers in the language gave themselves a 7 in 10 rating in terms of mastery. Some developers even consider Rust a language they would not want to learn altogether. Just one idea from a good blockchain developer can drive immeasurable value on most blockchains. If their ideas are harder to implement on Solana, they will move elsewhere. The complexity of programming on Solana can be addressed if the network decides to invest a lot in education and educational resources.
  • Another problem with Solana is that it was not specifically designed for interoperability

What Does the Future Hold for Solana?

Solana is a fast and scalable blockchain, and talented developers are becoming interested in building solutions on the Blockchain. The team behind the project also has a reputable background and experience building distributed systems. Like Bitgert, Solana has significantly resolved the blockchain trilemma, which is a problem with most decentralized networks. The problem, however, is that some critics still think the network is largely centralized because the hardware required to become a validator on Solana is pretty expensive. Some analysts have also highlighted tokenomics as somewhat unfair considering the number of tokens allocated to the team and investors. To them, Solana seems like a time bomb waiting to explode on unsuspecting investors.

On a positive note, however, Data from DeFillama shows that Solana is one of the biggest blockchains in DeFi holding about 3.45% of total value locked in projects. For some lovers of the protocol, the most important thing is the low transaction fees, while others are more interested in the security of the blockchain. Solana’s validation requirements mean that not anyone can become a validator as they would if the requirement for nodes was a Raspberry Pi. The developers have defended the platform by pointing out that based on the propositions of Moore’s law the size and cost of the equipment will reduce with time. Although, validators on the network need to implement some key defense and on-chain programs. If these are implemented, Solana will eventually become a robust, secure, and promising network. Some analysts have even pointed out that the network has more useful products to offer, most of which are still in the pipeline.

Why Bitgert Seems Like the Future

Bitgert offers staking with BUSD rewards. The Bitgert token, Brise also has a defined buyback function which helps in price growth and increases scarcity. Brise will also power payment systems using Bitgert decentralized application wallet with zero transaction fees. With Solana development being a bit complex and Rust, the blockchain's programming somewhat unpopular, Ethereum developers and others may start building the best applications on Bitgert driving more value to an ecosystem that already rewards users to a large extent. Bitgert is also built for interoperability, a crucial driving force for the adoption of a blockchain network. Users love the flexibility along with the possibility of connecting and interacting with other blockchains with relative ease.

We Can Help You Build on Solana and Bitgert

Our blockchain services include the development of decentralized applications on Solana and Bitgert. Bitgert uses Binance Smart Chain with technologies similar to Ethereum but with a slight variation. Although the full version of the blockchain is not live yet and may come with its native programming language and tech stack, our team is always learning new technologies and how they can be implemented. Our blockchain services company have got you converd icoveredeed to build a decentralized application on Bitgert or Solana.

Maybe you are already frightened by the idea of building a project on Solana because of the technical complexity. Or your in-house developers are not experienced in Rust and other low-level programming languages. You have nothing to worry about because we have got you covered on Solana development at Rejolut. Our experienced team is made up of Rust experts who have written codes and smart contracts to deploy hundreds of successful projects on the Solana network. We also have in-house blockchain experts working on all forms of Ethereum smart contracts. If building on Bitgert tickles your fancy, do let us know and we will be glad to discuss your idea and help you deploy it perfectly on the blockchain. Some of the problems that happen to projects later along the way can be handled if you work with the right team from the start. Our work and experience speak volumes about what we stand for and all that we do.


Bitgert and Solana are definitely some of the blockchain networks to keep an eye on in the coming years. Developers and users alike will be trooping in their millions to use each of these platforms for the numerous benefits they offer. Bitgert will be loved by developers for its interoperability and the ease of deploying smart contracts in friendly programming languages. Solana will also be a go-to platform for its security and efficiency. The learning curve and sourcing for talents may be hard for projects that will be created by teams that are not too technical. Yet all the time and effort spent building will eventually prove worthwhile with time. Solana dApps also have brilliant UI. We cannot attribute this to any factor but if the UX continues to be so good lots of people may be coming in. Using a platform with a great UI/UX isn’t necessarily an issue of the value promised, but the feeling of authenticity which plays a huge role in DeFi. When the Bitgert main chain goes live, there will be more to say about the zero-fees project but in the meantime, lots of applications can still be built on Bitgert.

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