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If you have been following the news lately, you much have seen videos of teens boasting about the insane money they made playing metaverse games in crypto. I understand this saddens their boomer parents who would rather have these kids studying to get a college degree, but it seems like these games are here to stay all together.

Call it play-to-earn games or NFT games the truth is that these NFT games may be here forever and huge chances are they will get better in time. Now imagine an opposite scenario of a parent who scolded his child for playing NFT games only to be sacked from work by his nagging boss the following week.

Now their kid has a couple of thousand dollars earned from playing metaverse games which used to be distasteful to the parents. The kid simply connects their wallet swaps a couple of in-game NFTs and pays the bills for that month including the electricity bills and gas bills too. Now the indifferent old parents have got to start playing NFT games too.

Who wouldn't? After all, the only reason the parent puts up with such an annoying boss for such a long time is that working with him helps them pay their bills so even if they wished so passionately to leave that negative atmosphere they need to earn for the family keeps them bringing as much as possible to earn the approval of their boss.

The story we just illustrated is one of the many stories of parents joining their kids to play NFT games that are far more rewarding than draining 9-5. The other interesting story is the millions of dollars made from selling in-game assets like pieces of land, gears, swords, and other utilities. It would almost seem like these folks are crazy, right? You have got your point, and there is no questioning this fact.

If you consider a multibillion-dollar company, and some of the most desired places to work in tech has just rebranded the company into Meta, then you might be thinking, well, are NFT games the future? And if yes, what real value do these add to the economy. I will answer that question by telling you that the global wine industry is worth billions of dollars, yet drinking can be the worst form of nuisance, especially irresponsible drinking.

So gaming does not harm, but it is pretty much like spending an entire day on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, which a lot of us will be guilty of more than once in our lifetime. Blockchain games are therefore a necessity that will become more crucial in the future. In this article, we will explore everything about NFT games from the tech right to the thrill that comes from getting things that are truly valuable from just playing games.

We have not seen such job titles as chief gamer yet, but we are sure this will be a thing shortly. Consider this a new kind of entertainment industry, Nintendo and Microsoft have run profitable gaming businesses in the past so what's the harm in doing the same thing and sharing the experience and money with the world.

What is an NFT GAME?

Now let's dive into NFT games into blockchain games and tell you pretty much what you must know if you want to turn your gaming hours into an investment. By the way, did you hear about a plot of digital land that was sold for 2.3 million dollars? I am afraid, but that is what we heard too.

Sadly, going by the national statistics in most high-income paying countries, it is going to take around 60 years of butt-killing 9-5 to earn this huge amount of money. Thank you, Axie, a lot of people should be playing and interacting on your platform, really.

At a high-level NFT games used blockchain to prove ownership of certain game assets. Earlier in 2021, we saw the NFT Art world explode and now NFT developers are jumping on board to do some interesting NFT development in the games we have ever played. If you understand the value of tokenizing games, you will see why it is here to say and how you can make some pretty insane amount of money by playing these games. NFT games do three important things which can pass for the reason why they are important in the long-term.

First is proven ownership. By now you should know the mechanics of blockchain technology and that a blockchain is a database that records transactions immutably. It basically stores who owns what and the history of transfer of the value or who owned what asset.

If we have a battle-ax as an NFT, for example, the ownership of that battle-ax is tracked on the blockchain. If anyone else owns the ax, that person will continue to be the owner of the ax until it is traded or sold. The thing is, the game could shut down, yet the owner will still hold that NFT in their wallet and they can sell the NFT for whatever asset they chose.

Next is provable scarcity which means that in-game assets minted as NFTs are created in defined quantities, and the information about the scarcity of the assets in question is a part of the data stored on the blockchain database. If there are just 50 NFT battleaxes, there will only ever be 50 NFT battleaxes. Developers cannot just hop in and decide to do whatever they like simply because the in-game items whether they exist in play to earn games or free to play games finite.

Third, assets secured with blockchain technology are immutable which means they never change. These in-game items are also uneditable. If the battle-ax in our previous example was created with a Gold finish, it will always be Gold. Anyone cannot just jump in and change it to silver because they wanted it to be that way.

The fourth point is the most important feature which is why the entire blockchain and blockchain gaming industry is valuable in the first place. Blockchain games are decentralized so you can think about it as new decentralized gaming industry. No one owns the blockchain or plays to earn games. They are available for everyone to play and use. Are NFT games free? We will explain this properly in the next section so hold tight.

Are There Free NFT Games?

What does NFT gaming mean for the entire gaming industry? Considering the traditional gaming industry, you first have to buy a game set everything up, and start playing. If after playing these games for a month or so, you stop suddenly to focus on something else, you will lose your time money, and effort in one swoop.

Doesn't that sound terrible enough? Time is the most valuable asset you have because if you lose it, you will never get it back. The items you acquire while playing the game are stored in an inventory, and they have no value in the real world outside the game. The thing i, even though you collected in-game items or you purchased them, you do not actually own them.

In an NFT game, you still buy the game, so it is not entirely free. Keep in mind, though that the idea behind buying the game is by far different from that of the corporation that created the games you played in the past. While the goal of those companies is pretty much like killing your time to enrich their staff, the payment made in NFT games is used to build the community and a better experience for you in the game.

While playing your preferred play-to-earn game, you still collect gears, weapons, beauty items, houses, cars, etc, but all the stuff you collect belongs to you and you alone. So you understand what is at stake here at the moment. The items you collected can also be used outside the game, and you can sell the NFTs for real dollars which you can keep in your bank account. If you leave the game to do other stuff, and you never return for a long time, the odds are those NFTs you collected must have increased in value which leaves you richer for your time and effort put into playing the NFT game.

So NFT gaming is free to play when compared with traditional gaming, but the value is redistributed across the community which is why you have to pay a fee in the native token of the gaming ecosystem to get started. Items collected are valuable and as more people play the game and earn while doing so, the gaming ecosystem advances with it. Play-to-earn games are not entirely free but the profits from participating in these play-to-earn games are huge.

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Blockchain Games

Non-fungible tokens have brought a lot of good into the crypto space. NFT games created by game developers in popular gaming genres support in-game transactions and the digital assets earned in blockchain games are fast gravitating into possible assets in the new virtual reality commonly known as the metaverse. The metaverse is in itself inspired by gaming experience which was nothing more than speculative reality in the past.

Digital assets as diverse as those in real life such as sports memorabilia and clothing are now part of the lucrative rewards in most of these games. Digital art items in NFT games are useable for some purpose based on the way these games have been designed by the developers. NFT gaming companies are taking the stage offering players the possibility to earn rewards and digital assets. Players collect things as diverse as virtual clothing, buy digital land and digital pets in NFT games. The experience is much like traditional gaming, allowing players to switch to adventure mode, and collect digital collectibles as they conquer opponents on their way. The funniest part is player versus player competition which makes it real as ever.

The developer ecosystem for blockchain technology-based games is also growing as more devs are building blockchain game such as in diverse genres like role-playing games with an entire gaming economy that allow players to earn rewards by simply having fun in the digital world. Most games are played to earn including some of the best NFT games in the blockchain ecosystem.

Axie infinity, for example, is a play to earn the game and one of the best NFT games too which have increased the value of assets from the game as well as the community of players that earn rewards from the blockchain game.

Axie Infinity is the first gaming ecosystem that became a huge success using the play-to-earn model and for that, it receives over 2 million users monthly. The game is like pokemon but every item in the game can be traded for the platform's native token, and the valuation is worth billions of dollars. These items are treated as a digital assets, and the game offers two game modes. In the first mode, the role-playing game allows you to play as an adventurer, while in the other mode, the battleground allows you to compete with other players. Players breed new Axies in Axie infinity, and these Axies are comparable to digital real-estate or other virtual assets. A smooth love potion is a gaming token used to power the breeding of new Axies in Axie infinity. The Axie virtual world is packed with experiences and for all players and the possibilities are huge. No wonder, the gaming platform is worth several millions of dollars and is only surpassed by Opensea based on the value of the assets in the game.

Another play-to-earn game, gods unchained has been described as the best game ever and one of the top games in the crypto space. It allows users to earn free gods tokens for playing the game. It just looks like a game that is fun to play, but there are other aspects of the game that offer built-in incentives. Gods unchained is a trading card game that allows players to earn real gods tokens from playing the game. The game is financed by Coinbase, Galaxy digital, and Naspers, and led by Chris Paly who has had success in gaming in the past.

$Gods is a part utility and partly governance token scaling digital assets ownerships on the gods unchained universe. Players can use $Gods to purchase packs from the gods unchained marketplace and earn rewards by huddling tokens in immutable X. The $Gods token also represents voting power that enables players to participate in governance decisions on the gods unchained verse. Players can purchase digital cards with a $Gods token, and influence the game's destiny through their participation.

Trading card games and other games feature a virtual world and an in-game economy under the same play to earn model powering the best NFT games in the blockchain sphere. Many games with distinct storylines are also being launched daily. Another common feature of these metaverse games is that they have in-game marketplaces where NFT assets native to the game are bought and sold. In the next part of this article, we will explore what free-to-play games are, and whether they truly exist.

Free to Play Games

We have been looking at the best NFT games with multiple games making our list because they qualify for the top NFT games at the moment. Keep in mind, though that we have only discussed two of those games in this article. Now free-to-play games are games that are on the blockchain similar to play-to-earn games but these games require no investment, whatsoever on the part of players who intend to participate in the game.

All you need to do to start earning cryptocurrency in these games is to jump right in and you can start earning cryptocurrency in these games. Free-to-play games are not lame or bad either. We will mention 5 games that require no upfront cost to get on board and be a part of the fun.

8-bit-doge is the first game on our list. In this game, your mission is to rescue Elon Musk and his friends from scam token developers in an action-packed adventure. As you shoot and slash your way to claiming the jackpot, you earn valuable tokens and NFTs.

Sandbox is a whole virtual metaverse that allows you to play various mini-games and get to use the land owned by other token holders. If you do not want to invest, you can hop on the minigame made by other players and earn a reward for your participation.

The third game is dreams quest a play-to-earn RPG card game that also requires no investment to participate in the game. Players can go on adventures and participate in quests and events, battling other players with cards represented by dynamic NFTs. These NFTs will be impacted by uncertain in-game conditions such as weather time, and more.

The fourth game is the first free-to-play, play-to-earn mobile game. You will level up in this game but you will also earn cryptocurrency in return. You can engage in the ancient, use your terrain to your advantage, and earn cryptocurrency from playing these games. Upgrade your heroes with skill, teamwork, and wit, while you earn NFTs on the go.

Wack your undead neighbor is the fifth and last game on our list. The game already started with the traditional gaming industry, but with the fear token, the game is now free to earn the game. You have to defend yourself against your scary zombie neighbors while you are scared and horrified. For successfully protecting yourself and your neighborhood, you earn the fear tokens.

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Free NFT Games

These games are in the category we just discussed so you can take this like just another list. Yeah, we are making another list to talk more about our free-to-earn NFT games or free games. These games, by the way, a driven by the current NFT craze and they exist on Binance Smart Chain, with their tokens tradeable on the platform's marketplace. You may not be able to trade some of the tokens directly, though, but there is definitely going to be a place where you can exchange the tokens at first. These games offer unique gaming experiences and they can involve trading cards with card matchups or other rare cards. Some games also feature a ranked game mode and a starter pack.

Not to waste your time, they include splinterlands, vox, coin hunt world, cropbytes, project seed, and cryptofights. All games mentioned here were built by committed developers.

Rejolut Your NFT Game Developer

Rejolut is a blockchain game development company with years of experience using tools such as unity, javascript, angular js, node js, solidity, truffle, open zeppelin, and others to create applications and metaverses that are immersive for users. We know that gaming ideas can be crazy and that is exactly why you should trust Rejolut. In a space that is already inundated by games, most of which are still being launched, Rejolut will help you think through your game development process and build true value which will help your business thrive in a seemingly inundated space.


In this article, we talked about NFT gaming and what it holds for the future. We started by defining what NFT and blockchain games are, the unique features of these games that make them different from the typical games on your Xbox One, and the benefits that are in this verse space for you as a gamer. We highlighted how empowering NFT games are and listed some examples of games that require some investment to get started. Although we also explained that the investment required in these games does not go into the pocket of one entity. It is being used to build the platform and make the NFTs you have earned even more valuable which means if you start to play a game and stop midway, the NFTs you managed to earn will be worth more when you come back. We also talked about games that do not require players to pay anything at all before they can access the game. We highlighted the top NFT games and favorite game genres love across the crypto game-playing world. The top NFT games mentioned may not be such games agreed upon by everyone but they offer digital assets and are unique in their own way. We went further to let you know that if you have an idea that you want to make into a game, you can get started by reaching out to us at Rejolut. Well, that is all for now, and we hope you enjoyed this article.

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