Tokenization In Gaming

Players are constrained by traditional in-game virtual item purchases on console and mobile devices. In 99% of titles when a player buys an in-game asset (such as weapon, armor, or avatar clothing) they don’t actually own it. It remains locked during a virtual environment, only licensed to be used within the sport. But what if the player could trade or sell these things to other players, or transfer them between gaming environments? This is often where tokenization comes in. Games can use the blockchain to permit players to truly own the things they buy as ‘crypto collectables’.

Assets are tokenized, registered to the player on the blockchain and are theirs to stay (or sell if they wish). Quick assets are favorable to players and generate a greater sense of engagement and also are safer as each asset generates a permanent blockchain record upon purchase.

A tokenized asset example would be a digital representation of a physical asset, such as real estate, that has been divided into multiple tokens, each of which represents a fractional ownership of the asset. Asset tokenization startups are utilizing blockchain technology to streamline the asset tokenization process, making it possible to fractionalize ownership of real-world assets and trade them on a global scale. A blockchain development company, staffed with blockchain technology experts, can assist with the tokenization process and build custom Blockchain solutions.

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How tokenization changes gaming industry

The computer game industry has skyrocketed in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Albeit Covid restrictions are gradually lowered and other people return to offices, they still find tons of your time to play. At an equivalent time, the gaming industry is taken into account promising for blockchain integration. Especially, gaming tokens and crypto can contribute to the present industry. Tokenization's adoption into the gaming industry has the potential to draw in more investors and considerably speed up the industry's growth. Below, we'll check out the most scenarios for using tokenization within the gaming industry.

What is the matter with investing within the gaming industry right now?

At this stage within the development of the gaming industry, there's a gradual transition from physical carriers like disks to digital games. You’ll buy them directly from the publisher, and this results in a dynamic increase in income.

According to the Newzoo 2021 Global Games Market Report, the worldwide games market generated total revenue of $180.3 billion, up 1.4% from 2020. Consistent with forecasts, by the top of 2022, there'll be 3.2 billion players within the world, which can cause market growth of up to $196.8 billion. A part of this growth is thanks to the very fact that the recognition of games on mobile platforms has grown. In 2022, revenue during this segment is estimated at $93.2 billion.

However, despite the industry's income gradually growing, investment in it remains problematic thanks to the limited number of instruments. In fact, retail investors have little or no access to the market and can't buy shares of their favorite publishers. Only large investors can purchase private equity in game studios and make a profit. Accordingly, a closed investment ecosystem is being created, which is unprofitable for retail investors and limits companies' ability to draw in investments.

What opportunities does gaming tokenization open up within the video games industry?

Gaming tokenization can break the vicious circle related to limited investment opportunities. At this stage, private investors can only receive minor bonuses – for instance, an early copy of the sport or additional content. A way simpler incentive for personal investors would be tokenized capital within the sort of security tokens.

Security tokens issued as a results of tokenization can give investors the proper to get a share in property and, accordingly, the income from it. It seems that if a private invests during a company, they're going to be ready to claim a particular share of the income and receive an immediate benefit.

In turn, the corporate benefits by attracting far more investment from fans. Additionally, tokenization allows you to boost funds much faster and cheaper. There’s no got to organize funding round, await its completion, or issue traditional securities.

The adaptability of gaming tokenization is a significant benefit. It’s possible to tokenize not only a share of property rights. For instance, you'll tokenize certain ingame assets – items, coins, trading cards, etc. they will be issued as NFTs with the likelihood of selling them on external marketplaces. This may enable cross-game interaction and cross-platform gaming.

As of 2022, not one AAA-level game has yet decided to implement tokenization technology due to the shortage of tools. Currently, several platforms are being developed to assist create the required infrastructure for the world's first tokenized in-game assets.


Tokenized teams and sponsorship

Blockchain exposes new opportunities for esports teams also. Especially, they'll launch new initiatives to boost funding. This is often especially important for little teams with a selected audience but experiencing funding problems. There are several solutions which will help affect that problem.

For instance, the renowned Dota 2 OG esports team was tokenized in 2019. As a consequence, fan tokens that could be purchased or traded on the Socios network were produced. Token holders can participate within the voting, receive special rewards from the team, etc. this is often not an ideal blockchain solution, but it's the primary attempt. Within the future, these possibilities are often significantly expanded.

Through the use of gaming tokenization, fans will be able to share ownership of their preferred esports team. Even a little share already gives a particular status. Additionally, each investor will have the chance to take advantage of the team's winnings. For instance, you'll tokenize your potential winnings in exchange for an upfront payment. During this case, a fundamentally new sort of investment will arise. At an equivalent time, teams also can use NFTs, which also provides a particular share of income for the team and increases its recognition.

In addition, tokenization intensely simplifies the method of attracting investments. You are doing not got to involve lawyers within the registration of investments and conclusion of contracts – use smart contracts instead. All information is stored on the blockchain and can't be deleted or changed. Also, tokenization within the gaming industry can significantly increase the liquidity of these esports assets previously considered illiquid.

Casinos are pushing tokenization forward

Virtual casinos are traditional leaders in implementing all innovations associated with the gaming & gambling industry. An equivalent thing happened with tokenization. The web gambling sphere welcomed it with great interest and immediately began to implement it. In 2022, many virtual casinos already accept cryptocurrency, and lots of them allow the utilization of gaming tokens crypto. For instance, tokens on gambling platforms are often used as gaming chips, which are credited after the account is replenished. Also, tokens are often used as additional bonuses.

This approach to using gaming tokens crypto are often considered too simple. However, many casinos didn't stop at elementary solutions. Platforms that have previously tokenized their earnings exist. As a result, purchasing gaming coins entitles consumers to a portion of the platform's revenue.

Investors also reacted positively to such innovations. This will be considered a symbol that there could also be casinos that are completely owned by players and don't have centralized management within the coming years.


The gaming industry is hospitable large investors, but it's still difficult for retail investors to seek out how to take a position in popular gaming companies. Tokenization within the gaming industry could dramatically change how companies attract investments and interact with their players. Companies can raise funding through STOs, also as issue NFTs to market the brand. Gaming tokenization exposes almost unlimited opportunities for raising funds for both game developers and professional eSports teams.

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