Tokenization Of Agro Commodities

Tokenization in agriculture combines effectiveness, security, transparency, and cost savings to improve customer relationships and financial results for agribusiness firms. It consists of generating tokens, encrypted records which will represent an asset traded on the blockchain.

One benefit of tokenization is that it provides greater transparency and traceability in the agro-commodity market. By using a blockchain-based platform, it is possible to create an immutable record of all transactions related to a specific commodity. This can help to increase trust and confidence in the market, and can also aid in preventing fraud and tracking the origin of goods. Tokenization can also be a way to make the market more efficient. By creating a digital marketplace for agro-commodities, it can be easier and faster for farmers, traders, and investors to buy and sell goods. This can also increase the liquidity of the market, which can help to reduce volatility and promote stability. A blockchain development company offers a wide range of blockchain development services, including tokenization and other custom Blockchain solutions to help enterprises streamline and secure their banking processes.

Tokenization of Assets in Agribusiness

Stocks, crop rights for the future, milk supply from a herd, patents, fresh agricultural endeavors, and other assets may all be tokenized. A good example is Agrotoken, in Argentina, which tokenizes soy stock stored during a partner company. The Soya stablecoin, which is sold on the cryptocurrency market, is supported by the backing provided by the grain.

If a corporation wants to advance within the production of wheat, for instance, it offers project tokens, almost like what's through with shares.

When it comes to agricultural tokenization, there are three key distinctions to be made.

  • No intermediaries: less bureaucracy and costs.
  • No geographic limitation: increases the audience base.
  • Total system availability: encourages investors abroad.

Tokenizing agricultural production are going to be a technique for little businesses to plug their products, using the P2P methodology – directly, without intermediaries.

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Tokenization Steps in Agribusiness

  • The company specializing in tokenization studies the feasibility of tokenizing the asset, evaluating all aspects (commercial, legal, tax).
  • The asset is split into variety of tokens. Thus, the worth of every token are going to be accessible to the best possible number of individuals and corporations curious about buying tokens (shares) of the asset.
  • The tokens are offered on a blockchain, supported by the smart contract – a digital document with the rights, obligations and guarantees of the token issuer (the company) and therefore the investors.
  • All computers that structure the network, without human interference, must validate each transaction, using the smart contract.
  • At the top of the fundraising period with the tokenization, the blockchain electronically transfers the calculated capital to the corporate and credits investors for the purchased tokens.
  • It is additionally the blockchain’s responsibility to remunerate each token within the manner provided for within the tokenization process.

Tokenization of Production Chains in Agribusiness

It is also possible to use blockchain to tokenize supply chains, tracking all activities and controlling company processes.

A great example is that the tokenization of the sugarcane production chain in Brazil, a project led by EMBRAPA since 2021.

The effectiveness of agricultural production will rise thanks to the application of blockchain in process management, which will increase the agility of risk and opportunity analysis.


Benefits of Tokenization for Agribusiness

The benefits of tokenizing agribusiness, as we will see, are many. Let’s introduce a number of them.

Democratization In Investment

The fractionation of the asset or project allows small and medium investors to participate within the process, increasing the bottom of potential buyers and helping to spread the word about the investment opportunity.

Greater Transparency In Transactions

Each transaction is recorded during a digital ledger, is given a singular key and is out there for consultation. The smart contract digitally reflects what would be legally wiped out a standard transaction.

More Security

Blockchain is that the technology won’t to create and trade cryptocurrencies and has the very best levels of knowledge security additionally to using top-notch encryption.

  • Token balances and data are absolutely protected.
  • There is not any risk of fraud, as all points on the network have approved conditions and may prevent a tampered transaction from being validated.

Greater Liquidity In Results

There are not any intermediaries between the corporate and therefore the interested parties, like brokers and management companies utilized in asset funds. This substantially reduces the value of operation.

The future of agribusiness lies within the increasing professionalism in management and operations and within the massive use of latest technologies, breaking standards that don't meet the strategic needs of the world. Tokenizing is one among them!

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