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Top 15 decentralized applications in 2022

A new era of finance championed by developers engaged in dApps development and popularized through DeFi applications. People who have been on the periphery of the economy for a significant amount of time are given the ability to recover their place in the economy as the market matures and acquires strength.

The development of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges is now at the top of the priority list. These exchanges are intended to facilitate peer-to-peer trading, a significant component of decentralized finance. Now, to get you up to speed and into the swing of things, let's look at what a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange is and what are some of the most notable DEXs in the business.

What Are Decentralized Apps?

Apps that operate on top of blockchain networks are decentralized applications, decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, or dApps for short. They are capable of being created for a variety of application cases based on real-world scenarios. Although decentralized apps (dApps) may appear to have a user experience (UX) comparable to that of web applications, the back-end procedures of each are distinct. Decentralized apps avoid utilizing centralized servers to conduct business in a distributed and peer-to-peer (P2P) manner. This is in contrast to the conventional method of communication, which is the HTTP protocol.


According to certain reports, Uniswap is the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that handles the most trade volume. It is a blockchain system built on Ethereum that enables peer-to-peer trade to be initiated through AMM and liquidity pools. AMM is a smart contract used to administer the pools where users submit tokens for trade. These pools can then be utilized to facilitate trading. Nevertheless, when a deal is conducted, Uniswap's AMM algorithm lends a hand in finding an effective token price based on supply and demand dynamics among the tokens in these liquidity pools. These dynamics are taken into account by the algorithm. In 2020, Uniswap introduced its native token known as UNI, which allowed increased community involvement and monitoring. After that, people with UNI tokens can vote on different development projects, and the results of those votes will influence how the platform develops.


Pancakeswap is the first and largest decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Binance smart chain. Token exchanges, yield farming, and staking are made much easier with a well-known AMM-powered DEX. Users can "farm" CAKE, the native utility and governance token of the network, to get LP tokens by staking tokens in protocol liquidity pools. A non-fungible token (NFT) market, a lottery system, a prediction market, and an initial farm offering (IFO) function have all been added to the platform and can be availed in the application.

Curve Finance

Curve Finance is a decentralized exchange built on Ethereum and was established by the Russian scientist Michael Egorov. It provides a very efficient way to exchange tokens while maintaining low fees and little slippage because liquidity pools may only be formed of assets that behave in a manner comparable to other assets.

The Curve model, which is more conservative than other AMM models in that it reduces turbulence and volatility in favor of predictability, is a critical support for a diverse and robust asset market. This is because the Curve model lowers turbulence and volatility.

Curve Finance is presently a good-rated application among DeFi platforms in terms of the total amount owned, even though the company is new. After the most recent announcement of its native token, CRV, it transitioned into a decentralized autonomous organization known as a DAO.


Sushiswap is a clone of the Uniswap initially offered by Chef Nomi. Its purpose is to give the user community further control over the platform. Staking incentives and governance are two of the essential community-oriented features that are included with the SUSHI token. SushiSwap and its predecessor continue to see tremendous expansion, and DeFi dealers currently regard both sites as among the most popular DEXs available. Furthermore, Uniswap could reclaim some of the transaction volumes it had lost to SushiSwap by later implementing comparable community-centric features and introducing its own governance token, UNI.


On the Fantom, Opera network is where you'll find SpookySwap, which functions as a decentralized exchange (DEX) and an automated market-making (AMM). On the surface, it appears to provide users with various options to do business without the involvement of a third party. The in-built cross-chain capability of SpookySwap gives customers to bridge between many blockchains simultaneously. For instance, you can bridge Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and other chains.

On the Fantom blockchain, you'll find an AMM and DEX named SpookySwap. To establish and carry out orders, AMMs make use of a smart contract, a collection of programs recorded on the blockchain. Because it is a decentralized protocol, Spookyswap is not governed by any regulatory authority. SpookySwap allows its members to earn incentives by contributing liquidity to various pools.

My Freedom Coin

My Freedom Coin is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Platform created on top of the trustworthy and open-source Blockchain technology known as Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20). There will never be more than seven billion MFC coins available for purchase, and they will be distributed in stages. The monies that have been gathered as a result of the MFC coin offers are kept in the BUSD Treasury, a Smart Contract hosted on the BEP20 Network.

The Treasury Department is responsible for accumulating and holding the cash necessary to purchase back every single coin that is currently in circulation. This is what people refer to as "The Floor." The term "The Floor" refers to the price of the coin at its absolute minimum possible value; after that, it can only increase. Each new offering distributes the currency at a rate 2 times the Floor Price, which ultimately results in a better value for the price of The Floor.


Polymarket is a decentralized information markets platform that enables users to trade real-money markets on the outcomes of the most hotly contested current events. Additionally, users can watch the odds to gain accurate insights about the future. Users can buy and sell Outcome Shares, which may be redeemed for $1 if it is determined that the outcome was accurate but lose all value if it is determined that the outcome was erroneous. Owners of outcome shares are never committed to keeping their stake and are free to sell it at any moment. The objective is for Polymarket to gather people's collective knowledge and give the general public an objective source of truth on the possibility of big events occurring in the future by tapping into the power of free markets.


Oddz is a platform for trading fully decentralized options on the blockchain. It allows users to establish fully decentralized option contracts, conditional tokens agreements, and futures contracts and maintain, execute, and settle those contracts.

Oddz first presented the concept of deviation-based pools, inspired by Uniswap version 3. The new function determines the lowest and highest possible prices for an asset, and it attaches a transaction charge to any trades carried out within this range's parameters. This enables quick, safe, and versatile exchanges, expanding available options. In addition, it has a secondary market in which users may buy and sell options at any price they choose. On this P2P (peer-to-peer) marketplace, you can put bids based on the asset's strike price, quantity, and expiration date.


Bancor was one of the first companies to launch AMMs on Ethereum in 2017, well before the term "DeFi" was even coined. Users of Bancor can exchange two tokens directly with one another without the need for a third party to mediate the transaction. All of this takes place within the Bancor wallet, and because of this strategy, Bancor can provide traders with automatic liquidity for their trades.

More importantly, it ensures that the network can continue to operate without any central authority. A significant portion of the network's functionality is made conceivable by the innovative utilization of the BNT token to facilitate financial transactions.

The most recent protocol version, Bancor v2.1, gives liquidity providers access to several important features. These features include protections against single-sided exposure and impermanent loss (IL). The Bancor protocol uses the fees generated from its co-investments of BNT tokens in pools to pay for the costs associated with temporary losses across the entire network. Even though some pools might provide low costs but high IL, others might have the opposite combination.

The Balancer

The Balancer is an asset management module (AMM) that allows users to create liquidity pools with up to eight distinct tokens in any ratio. These pools can then function as weighted index funds for DeFi. Instead of manually rebalancing liquidity pools like a typical index fund, Balancer uses its constant mean market maker equation to carry out algorithmic asset rebalancing within pools each time a trade is executed. This is in contrast to the way a standard index fund would rebalance its holdings. On the other side, how the BAL token is what controls how the balancer system works. It is to everyone's advantage if there is a greater supply of liquidity, tokens, and cryptocurrencies.

The balancer consists of pools that have preset criteria, such as those that modify. The exchange is powered by the smart contracts associated with the Balancer pools. These smart contracts control how traders exchange tokens.

The 1inch exchange

The 1inch exchange is widely regarded as one of the most successful decentralized markets. It does not operate as an exchange but rather compiles data from decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to find some of the best cryptocurrency prices and assists dealers in avoiding slippage. Slippage occurs when insufficient trading activity leads an asset to be acquired for more than it was initially intended or sold for less than it was initially meant, owing to a lack of trading volume. Slippage may also occur when an item is sold for less than it was initially supposed to be sold for.

1INCH is an Ethereum token used to fund 1inch, a decentralized exchange that aims to provide the cheapest pricing possible by identifying the most optimum exchange routes among the finest decentralized exchanges. Users of 1inch and other DEXs can trade tokens directly with one another, eliminating the need for a third party to act as a middleman. 1inch takes the token values from several DEXs and converges them to get the most competitive rate for its consumers.

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Built on top of the Solana blockchain and designed specifically for use with the Serum decentralized exchange, Raydium is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that also serves as a liquidity provider (DEX). As an AMM operating inside Serum, Raydium has the benefit of being the first mover, and the company plans to play a significant role in integrating new and current projects and protocols into the ecosystem.

Raydium offers an additional source of liquidity to the rapid, liquid, and fee-friendly trading of digital assets on Solana by combining the adaptability of an AMM with the dependability of the more traditional order book method offered by Serum.

Those users of Raydium who contribute to the platform's liquidity pool are rewarded in RAY, the ecosystem's native utility token, for their participation. On the other hand, RAY may be staked on the site to earn extra cryptocurrencies.

Trader Joe

The platform provides users access to a wide range of tools, one of which is a robust swap. The platform yield farms provide a launch pad and a DeFi loan tool to simplify trading on the avalanche as much as is humanly practicable. Trader Joe has a straightforward, easy-to-understand user interface and extremely simple order buttons. The trading volume on the platform often exceeds one hundred million dollars daily, and it presently supports well over a hundred unique avalanche-based products. Trader Joe is a decentralized exchange run by a community of people who own joe tokens. It is widely considered one of the most rapidly evolving decentralized exchanges. Trader Joe's is unique in that it includes a helpful feature known as zap. This feature enables users to convert a single token into liquidity provider tokens without the hassle of manually trading in for multiple tokens and adding liquidity. Trader Joe is a rare example of a platform that offers this functionality.


AstroSwap, the First Decentralized Exchange (DEX) built on the Cardano Blockchain, aims to address existing problems in the blockchain ecosystem and push trade to new heights. This will be accomplished simultaneously.

AstroSwap is a comprehensive decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows all traders to trade digital assets on the Cardano blockchain, which was the first blockchain, in an efficient and trustworthy manner. As a result of the BSCPad team's provision of turnkey marketing and promotional services, as well as the groundbreaking security measures and blockchain experience that they provided, the DEX was able to flourish as a platform that the wildly successful BSCPad nourished. Users can also participate in liquidity pools, in which they will get LP tokens in proportion to the amount they contribute and which will allow them to share in the fees.


SundaeSwap is one of the most well-known decentralized exchanges that run on the Cardano platform, and it has a significant amount of followers across various social media platforms. The SundaeSwap Coin, also known as SUNDAE, is the native cryptocurrency utilized to fuel the site.

As a method for distributing its tokens, SundaeSwap relies on a tried-and-true launch technique known as the Initial Stake Offering (ISO). When users stake into the pools, they will earn SUNDAE tokens as a reward for their participation. Token holders of SUNDAE have the opportunity to receive a portion of the revenue generated by the platform, which is proportional to the number of tokens the holder possesses. In addition, governance rights will be granted to token holders of SUNDAE once the voting mechanism is implemented. This will allow token holders to jointly decide the direction that the protocol will take in the future, provided that they comply with applicable laws when doing so.

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DApps are experiencing rapid growth as more and more businesses and individuals recognize the benefits of using blockchain technology. DApps offer a level of transparency, security, and decentralization that traditional applications cannot match, and they are being used in a wide range of industries, from finance and healthcare to supply chain management and gaming. One of the main drivers of DApp development growth is the increasing adoption of blockchain technology. As more people become familiar with the capabilities of blockchain, they are seeking out ways to leverage its benefits in their own businesses and organizations. This is leading to a surge in demand for DApp development services, as companies look to build customized DApps that meet their specific needs and requirements.

Whether you are interested in building an oracle application, a decentralized exchange, or a lending platform, you need the services of an expert blockchain development company to develop your fully-functional application. Our blockchain consultants are skilled in the technology stack and programming languages needed to build DApps, and we also have deep expertise in resolving real-world problems.

The rise of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges is currently the most significant event happening anywhere around the globe, producing massive profits. If you begin working with a development company that specializes in cryptocurrency exchanges right now, in a few years, your market may be the most profitable one that exists.

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