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Top 5 Enterprise Blockchain Platforms in 2024: A Comparative Analysis

In the last five years, blockchain technology has advanced significantly. It is no surprise that Enterprise blockchain platforms are taking off as more businesses express interest in them. It's time to talk about enterprise blockchain development.

We're going to discuss about the top five enterprise blockchain systems that should be considered in 2023.

What Are Enterprise Blockchains?

Before moving on to Enterprise Blockchain technology, know that Blockchain is a decentralized, immutable database that makes it easier to track items and record transactions in a corporate network. An item may be physical (such as a home, car, money, or land) or a digital asset (intellectual property, patents, copyrights, branding).

A Blockchain network for big businesses and organizations is called enterprise blockchain. The advantages of blockchain technology, including privacy, immutability, and decentralization, are still present in enterprise blockchain networks, but the underlying architecture has been modified to work in business-level settings.

This blockchain network has completely changed how businesses operate. Because it provides them with a market edge, businesses are prepared to face the change. Additionally, there are numerous applications for blockchain in business contexts. What draws firms from all around the world to it is its adaptability. It opens up countless options for business models.

Enterprise blockchain investment will undoubtedly become essential for competitive reasons alone. According to several experts, the business interest in blockchain will be comparable to that of the PC revolution of the 1970s and 1980s and the mid-90s World Wide Web explosion. Businesses did this because they knew their competitors were using these advancements. In actuality, FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is primarily fueling the recent rise in interest in blockchain business applications.

Blockchain technology has emerged as a significant priority for their firms in 2019, according to 53% of respondents in a global poll of businesses done by Deloitte 2019. It is an increase of 10% from 2018.

In 2021, the total cost of enterprise blockchain technologies was $6.6 billion. The corporate sector has been overrun by cryptography technology, which has transformed how businesses communicate and exchange transactional data.

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Types of Enterprise Blockchain

If you're curious how it differs from other blockchains, keep in mind that enterprise blockchains are permissioned blockchains, meaning businesses have direct control over them. Permissionless blockchains exist outside of the control of any organization or government and are vulnerable to privacy.

When it comes to allowing users to transact on the blockchain or confirm the accuracy of each block added to the distributed ledger, the various types of blockchains are divided into open and closed categories.

These are the main categories:

Private Blockchain

Enterprise blockchains, also called private blockchain technology or permission blockchains, are what we were referring to earlier. A closed network means that the organization controls who has full access because it is located there. Private blockchains can only be controlled by one entity, which makes them unique. As a result, it has some decentralization. Because a central node owner chooses which data to validate, it is a little poorer than a public blockchain. Nevertheless, it performs better than other blockchain systems because there are fewer nodes, in contrast.

Hybrid Blockchain

Hybrid blockchains, often used by businesses, combine the advantages of public and private blockchains. Businesses can use this technology to divide data into information that is accessible to the general public and information that is not. The node owner cannot change transactions or smart contracts, reducing the private blockchain’s security risks. Since the performance is superior to public blockchains, this technology has combined the most delicate features of both blockchains while minimizing their drawbacks.

Public Blockchain

Since no permission is needed to join the network, public (permissionless) blockchains are accessible to all users. As a result of all transactions being open to the public and accessible to everyone, this significantly increases network transparency. Because there is no central node and many users, it is difficult for hackers to compromise a public blockchain. But because of its open nature and a huge number of players, it has turned out to be the weakest sort of blockchain.

At its foundation, permissioned blockchain utilizes distributed ledger technology (DLT), a peer-to-peer network with duplicated data that does not require a central administrator. Each node iterates over the transaction when a blockchain event needs to be recorded. If all necessary nodes reach a consensus on the result, each node adds the transaction information to its copy of the ledger.

Another type which is hybrid form of private and public blockchains is known as consortium blockchain.

Benefits of Enterprise Blockchains

Blockchain eliminates mediators and primarily automates labor-intensive operations, which might reduce labor and IT expenses for businesses, speed up e-commerce and banking, and open up new business opportunities. Additionally, it can help organizations increase the number of customers they serve, reach them more effectively, and find new suppliers and business partners.

Enterprise blockchains fix the issues with conventional blockchain networks and adapt them to meet the demands of large corporations. Your company can implement distributed ledger technology (DLT) and benefit from privacy, scalability, and control with corporate blockchains.

Additional instances of blockchain use include:


Blockchain networks enable businesses to connect directly with one another without the use of intermediary services. “Enterprise blockchain is like e-mail, but for machines,” says the CEO of R3, a company that offers blockchain as a service.


A public ledger called an enterprise blockchain upholds data and transaction accuracy among all peers. The impact is that identical data is accessible to every network user, enhancing transparency while substantially cutting down on verification efforts.

Data Integrity

Information can be recorded on-chain for enhanced security rather than being kept in weak data sources. It would be extremely expensive to take over most of the nodes in a blockchain network to hack it and steal the data it contains.

Efficient Supply Chain Management

Corporations are using enterprise blockchain to enhance supply chain management. It can improve the visibility and transparency of the supply chain and make it simpler to trace down damaged goods. Customers can also have confidence in the product information because each stakeholder in the network verifies it.

Blockchains' transparency benefit supply chain management, visibility, and traceability. Blockchain is already making it simpler and more economical to extend supply chain openness to the tiniest suppliers, like coffee farmers, tuna fisheries, and miners while boosting confidence in details about product provenance as the commodities enter the system to consumers.

The Top 5 Enterprise Blockchains

The quantity and class of blockchain platforms with business-class blockchain development tools and designs have grown to the point where most businesses may find a blockchain platform and a helpful developer and system integrator community.

Here are the top five enterprise blockchain platforms that should be considered in 2022:

Block Apps

With clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, BlockApps is a blockchain service provider. The company’s platform, BlockApps STRATO, is designed to promote the use of blockchain technology. The Brooklyn, New York, headquarters of BlockApps were established in 2015. Using Web3’s power of transactional transparency and APIs, BlockApps enables you to fully realize the value of your company’s digital assets.

Stellar Blockchain

Stellar's website describes itself as “a platform that connects banks, payment systems, and people.” They claim their goal is to “transact swiftly, reliably, and at no cost.”

Stellar describes itself as the bank of the future. It provides services for the underbanked, transfers, mobile offices, microtransactions, and digital cash. You can utilize Stellar to alter payment infrastructure if you work in the payments industry. Utilizing the network, development happens swiftly.

The hallmarks of genuine blockchain technology, decentralization and open-source, are present due to Stellar Blockchain development. Due to its business processes, the transaction confirmation time is shortened to 3 to 5 seconds. Thousands of transactions can be supported each second.

R3 Corda

An industry-leading consortium blockchain and open-source platform, Corda serves the financial sector. This permissioned platform that supports DLT applications lets companies carry out secure transactions across a private network. Relying on asynchronous byzantine fault tolerance (ABFT) techniques enables reliable and secure transactions and smart contracts between networks. It also provides smart billing capability to streamline the exchange of agreements and computer records.

Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger is a modular blockchain platform that enables companies to build a robust blockchain ecosystem with the aid of a large, open-source network. The company’s operations will change once this technology is adopted. It gives structure and credibility to the activities and reduces many layers of inefficiency. Through a peer-to-peer network, Hyperledger Development makes sure businesses may conduct direct transactions transparently and securely.

Over a peer-to-peer network, businesses can perform direct transactions using Hyperledger, which ensures their anonymity and transparency. Companies like SAP Ariba and Intel use Hyperledger.

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The Geth client was altered to create an Ethereum quorum. This open-source blockchain platform enables the development of specialized, high-performance apps. It can be used in various industries to satisfy the requirements of real estate, digital currency, supply chains, and other organizations. Software developers can utilize this platform to create blockchain apps on the public Ethereum Mainnet or a closed permissioned network.

Hedera Hashgraph

A cryptocurrency network called Hedera Hashgraph development aims to act as a platform where anyone may conduct commerce and deploy applications while several companies manage the program.

Hedera makes significant design decisions that set it apart from other platforms to achieve this goal. For instance, the network’s HBAR coin provides fast financial transactions, but only authorized nodes are permitted to take part in influencing account activity.

XDC Network

The XDC network is a hybrid blockchain for international trade and finance for enterprise use. Through the use of cross-chain smart contracts, it combines the advantages of private and public blockchains. The platform has attributes like decentralization and a liquid network that leverage interoperability to fuel digitalization and tokenization and provide immediate regulation of trade activities on the platform. Applications developed for the XDC network are effective because it reduces reliance on complex FX infrastructures. It uses the facility of stakeholder approval voting and Delegated Proof of Stake (XDPoS). XDC is supported by several well-known wallets, including Freewallet, XcelPay, BitFi Wallet, etc.

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Businesses across the globe continue to rely on our blockchain development expertise to improve business processes, cut costs, and save time. Our enterprise blockchain experts understand the daily objectives and constraints businesses face as they try a maximize them while giving out the most value to their customers. Implementing enterprise blockchain solutions may be the next breakthrough for your business, but you will never know if you don’t reach out to discuss with a blockchain development company.

By improving workflows across all industries, enterprise blockchain fixes are making the connection between traditional corporate infrastructures. Enterprise blockchain solutions have the potential to save your business time, energy, and resources by eliminating needless middlemen and automating several labor-intensive procedures. You may select the best enterprise blockchain solution for your business based on your particular objectives and needs. Do your research into the many blockchain integrations and business processes accessible to your enterprise and the Web3.

Identifying problem spots in interactions and their reduction through automation using blockchain technology would be the crucial first step towards acting as an opportunity.

The blockchain readymade solutions and consulting services are offered. They are ideal for business owners and entrepreneurs interested in technology. Get connected with us immediately to learn more about our cutting-edge decentralized ledger solutions for scaling your company.


Metaverse platform development

In the current digital environment, innovation is happening quickly due to blockchain technology. There are presently more blockchain corporate use cases than ever before, and it is projected that this number will increase as more businesses use blockchain technology. With the help of numerous corporate blockchain platforms, you may create incredibly scalable applications. Businesses should recognize the need for enterprise blockchain solutions as soon as feasible since doing so will provide them with a major competitive edge and increase their market penetration.

Enterprise blockchain developers believe there are more significant prospects in expanding tokenization to generate new types of verification (vaccine certificates being one early use), while overpriced and ridiculous-sounding NFTs dominate the evening headlines.

Before blockchain replaces the current means of sharing data and transactions across digital networks, a lot needs to happen. That day at least appears more likely now that enterprise blockchain development frameworks and tools are demonstrating their usefulness for enterprise applications.

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