What is Agility?

Agility is the ability to move quickly and easily, overcoming obstacles in an agile and graceful manner. In the business context, agility is similar, enabling a company to make changes and decisions quickly. This property confers several advantages, often making a company more competitive (or even more profitable). But what exactly is it that makes a company agile? And how can you achieve it?

The benefits of agility

Let's start with a brief discussion of the benefits of agility. Being agile and able to move quickly helps you in several ways.

  • Respond to new market conditions or competitors: Every business has to deal with changing competitive and market conditions. Even if your industry isn't saturated with competition yet, it's only a matter of time before competent new competitors emerge to threaten you. By being agile, you can adjust the business and make new decisions and changes to accommodate these new variables.
  • Solve and respond to problems: No business is perfect. Eventually, you'll run into problems like late shipments, failed orders, and internal outages that prevent you from serving your customers. If your business is agile, you'll be able to recognize these issues proactively (and hopefully fix them before they do any damage).
  • Launch of new products and services: Agility is also about Innovation. If your business is willing to learn, adapt, and grow, it will be easier for you to create and launch new products and services. Depending on your position and your goals, this could be a valuable opportunity to outperform your main competitors.
  • Minimize time spent internally: With agile business practices, you can also minimize the time and effort your staff members spend on internal operations. You can recognize inefficiencies and change your systems to eliminate them.

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High Points for Business Agility

For a company to be agile, it must achieve the following.

  • Robust data streams: Agility won't help unless your decisions are based on objective data. Your first goal is to establish robust and reliable data streams for every aspect of your business. You need to measure your performance across all departments and the company constantly; analyzing the data should help determine the next actions.
  • Quick decision-making: Agile companies are capable of making quick decisions. If a problem does arise, a quick decision can mitigate its impact. If a competitor emerges, the company can make the transition in a matter of weeks instead of months or years. This often means resisting the development of slow bureaucratic systems in favor of decision-support systems.
  • Flexible systems: Flexibility is critical to agility. If your technology infrastructure and operational workflows can't accommodate rapid change or expansion, they won't help you in your quest for greater agility.
  • Innovation: We also need some engine for Innovation. For agile to be effective, you must encourage and support new ideas, including ideas for new products and services.

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How to make your business more agile

So what practical steps can you take to make your business more agile?

  • Promote entrepreneurial thinking and autonomy: First, train all employees in your organization to think like entrepreneurs. Please encourage them to solve their problems and allow them to make their own decisions whenever possible. The more autonomy your employees have, the faster they will make decisions (and the more agile your business will become).
  • Encourage small team groupings: Large, hierarchical organizations have some advantages, but they are inherently agile. Instead, it is better to work closely together in small teams. Try to avoid excessive bureaucratization.
  • Avoid getting too used to anything: Stay attached to everything in your business, including the people, the software, the workflows, and even the company culture. It would be best if you remained flexible and willing to incorporate new ideas.
  • Cut what doesn't work: Whether you're trying to find a new lead generation strategy or refine your advertising approach, you must be willing to eliminate what isn't working. If it doesn't provide an objective benefit to your organization, remove the dead weight.
  • Focus on sprints rather than marathons: Plan your major projects. Improve your organization and work on projects in short sprints instead of marathons. It will keep you agile and avoid wasted effort.
  • Check-in regularly: You need reliable metrics that inform you of your progress, and check in with them regularly. As you do so, solicit feedback from your employees and ask them how they think the organization could be even more agile.

Any business can become agile. That includes the huge bureaucracies that need more flexibility and agility. However, to do this, you will need to make agility a top priority in your business and continue to fine-tune until you achieve it.

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