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Rejolut is one of the very few Frontend Development Company which deliver pixel perfect front-end

Delivering pixel perfect front-end at lightening speed which supports on multiple device require a very deep understanding of Java-Script, Html & CSS

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World are moving fast and so the companies. To cope-up with the competition we need to keep our web and mobile app with the latest front- end framework and Rejolut can help you to achieve it.

Ember JS

Ember.js is an open-source JavaScript web frame, depending on the Model-view -view model (MVVM) design. It helps programmers to make scalable single-page web software by integrating standard idioms and best practices to the frame. Ember can be used on many popular sites, such as Discourse, Groupon, LinkedIn, Vine, Live Nation, Nordstrom,, along with Chipotle. Although primarily regarded as a frame for the internet, it's likewise feasible to construct mobile and desktop programs in Ember. The most notable case of an Ember desktop program is Apple Music, also a characteristic of their iTunes desktop program. The Ember trademark is owned by Tilde Inc

React Native

React Native is a open-source portable application framework made by Facebook. It's utilized to produce programs for Android, iOS, and UWP by allowing developers to utilize React together with native system capacities. The working principles of React Native American are almost equal to React except that React Native will not control the DOM through the Virtual DOM. It runs at a background process (which translates the JavaScript composed by the programmers ) right about the end-device and communicates using the native system by means of a serialization, asynchronous and batched Bridge.

React JS

React (also referred to as React.js or even ReactJS) is a JavaScript library for constructing user interfaces. It's preserved by Facebook along with also a community of programmers and businesses. React may be utilized as a foundation in the maturation of single-page or cellular applications because it's ideal for fetching quickly changing data that has to be recorded. But, withdrawing information is simply the start of what happens onto an internet page, and that's the reason why complex React applications generally require the usage of further libraries such as state routing, management, and interaction using the API.  

Angular JS

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source web framework chiefly preserved by Google and from a network of people and companies to address lots of the challenges encountered in creating single-page software. It intends to simplify both development and the testing of this software by giving a framework for the client-side model --view --control (MVC) and model --view --view model (MVVM) architectures, together with elements widely utilized in rich Web applications.   

Vue JS

Vue.js comes with an incrementally adaptive structure that concentrates on declarative manufacturing and part makeup. Advanced features needed for complicated applications like routing, state control, and construct tooling can be found via formally preserved supporting packages and libraries.


Flutter programs are written from the Dart terminology and use lots of the language more innovative capabilities.On Android, also on Windows, macOS, and Linux through the semi-official Flutter Desktop Embedding job, Flutter runs at the Dart virtual system that comes with a searchable execution engine. Because of App Store constraints on dynamic code implementation, Flutter programs utilize ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation on iOS.

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Features for the latest Front-End framework

Speed is the key in today’s world. There is a huge pressure to roll out the product faster if you want to win the market but at the same time you need to adhere to the latest front-end development practices. Rejolut is a one-stop solution for all the latest front-end related work

Speedy Development and User-driven Outcomes

Utilizing certain contemporary frameworks will allow faster growth of components. Additionally, the travel towards making it function is much briefer. By way of instance, if you have a certain shot program in your thoughts for a program where the backend is set to move and you also will need the front part to go hand-in-hand using it then the leading end area may be in full blossom within a couple of days.


An additional feather in the cap whilst utilizing a framework before development is the programming is totally secured. This really is a blessing and you might not need to be concerned about your website's working on any current browser.

Quickly Reacting Features and Apps

Newest frameworks and technology utilized by the programmers permit them to develop fast responding structures and features eventually powering the program to react, respond and work quickly.​

Easy to Learn, Use and Scale Technologies

The majority of the contemporary frameworks and technology favoured for front end growth have passed through many rigorous recurrences and thus they extend quite user-friendly building layers which are extremely simple to follow and learn from.  

Powerful Features and Layouts

If any attribute or component is constructed to your site, a significant concern will also have to ensure its robustness. Frameworks which are utilized by front developers will offer an excess advantage for the growth of strong website because of its default designs. Finally, the entire result will glow powerfully on the internet with the plugins that are extraordinary.  

Real-time Programming

Currently, it's feasible for the programmer to discover the alterations in the browser with no anxiety about reducing the status of program and replica of loading that the browser webpages.

What does front-end development mean?

Front-end net development is the practice of converting information to a graphic interface allowing user to look at and interact with information through electronic interaction with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. There are lots of programs and programs (WordPress, Magento, etc.) Available which may be utilized to create the front end of your site, and knowing which instruments would be the best match for particular activities marks the distinction between creating a hacked website and a nicely designed, scalable website.

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How Rejolut can help you to save huge development cost

Reusable Modules

Working on real-world online programs might require simulating a sizable job. Within this circumstance, it is essential to have the ability to deal with the job to prevent loss of management and copying of design parts. The principal benefits of this approach are the simplicity of maintenance in addition to readability and sophistication of the model that is obtained. Such Reusable versions save a good deal of efforts and time.

Scale on demand

 Price of this service changes depending on the involvement with us, be it long term or short term. The scale of development rate fluctuates accordingly and based on the need of our client a personalized strategy is introduced for the stated project.

Low on your pocket

Our development price is quite economical as well as cost-effective. Our development price is three or more times more economical compared to having an equal group in Western Europe or the United States. Our customers receive a substantial cost advantage when maintaining outstanding code quality. Our growth cost Is Extremely economical and acceptable.

On-Time delivery

We are aware of the significance of a product being delivered on time & the loss incurred because of delay. Therefore, the dedicated team made for a job makes sure each and every task has been done in-time, no delay, and additionally with maximum efficacy. We supply with routine Demos about the task being done thus far and be certain our clients are satisfied at each point.

Premium Quality

The finest method to build trust with a client is to deliver a product that he needs with superior quality. That’s what we do in Rejolut. We provide a product that is best from the Industry and standout the market


30 days free warranty​

We are so confident about our deliverables that we provide 30 days free warranty for any issues or bugs arises in the code written by us. Although it does not happen normally but if it happen we will solve it for free.

Why Rejolut for latest front-end development

Growth Driven development

Continuous learning and improvement are particularly important since GDD is an iterative, ongoing process that contrasts with a traditional website redesign,which tends to be an all-at-once event. Rather than planning to do everything at one time, GDD focuses on iterations, or “sprints,” for shorter timeframes (which are less risky and less costly).

In depth responisveness

It’s very difficult to support all the screen sizes with the complex design. But our certified experts mastered the art of responsiveness. We have delivered some really complex designs at no time supporting around 100’s of devices.

Customer obsession​

We are obsessed to serve you better than any other hedera consulting firm. This obsession leads us to go extra mile for all our customer. Your priorities are our priorities. Your goals are our goals. Your success is our success.

Pixel Perfect

We have worked with some of the top class and award winning agencies and clients who is known for their UI/UX. To meet their expectation is really a challenge as even one pixel deviation from the actual designs are considered as blunder. But after developing 1000’s of apps and apps we are not the champions in it.

Animations & Transitions

Transitions & Animations plays an important role when it comes to follow the design principles. Developing complex animation require a great expertise in CSS3 and also it require a design eye/sense. We have developed our own animation framework which reduces the time of application of animation.


30 days free warranty​

We are so confident about our deliverables that we provide 30 days free warranty for any issues or bugs arises in the code written by us. Although it does not happen normally but if it happen we will solve it for free.

Let’s build something awesome using Front-end

Frequently Asked Questions​

HTML/CSS: Knowing HTML and CSS is the basic requirement of a front-end developer.  Aptitude of the candidate. Communication skills are important and cannot be ignored. Candidate’s eagerness to learn new frameworks, languages and interface.

Front-End Framework. Also referred to as”CSS frameworks,” these are bundles comprising pre-written, standardized code in folders and files. Usually, front-end frameworks include: A grid which makes it simple to coordinate the design elements of your website.

  1. React
  2. Vue.JS
  3. Angular.JS
  4. Backbone.JS
  5. Aurelia

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We are the customer first agency and our obsession to solve customer problem differentiates us from other agency.  We believe in a philosophy that “Your happiness is our happiness and as you grow, we grow too”

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Vishal Dharmawat

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Lead front-end architect

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“Deliverables are of premium quality at lightening speed which saves a huge cost on technology”

Rejolut is a great company when it comes to custom blockchain development. They are obsessed about quality deliverables and customer satisfaction.
I am happy to recommend them for any custom blockchain development.

Shiv Aggarwal


“Customer obsession are of different level”

I worked with them at Mentorbox. They provide a fantastic technology consultancy with fast and accurate results to deliver high-quality product development. The founders are creative, knowledgeable and technical experts with vast experiences in many industries.

Gary Guo

Software Engineer, Google

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