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Many businesses are using Next.js to power their online applications as technology progresses and demand for quick and user-friendly websites rises. It's no surprise that Next.js has been a popular choice for developers given its capacity to offer server-side rendering, automatic code splitting, and optimal performance. However, it might be difficult to locate the best Next JS developer to work with, particularly for those who are not familiar with the technology.

In this article, we will explore the key skills and qualities to look for when you plan to hire Next.js developer, and provide some tips on how to attract top talent in this field. Let's start!

Understanding Next.js

A JavaScript framework called Next.js is used to create server-rendered React apps. It makes use of a modular design that enables web page creators to employ server-side rendering (SSR) right out of the box.

A built-in development server in Next.js enables automated code splitting to reduce the size of the JavaScript bundle that is transmitted to the browser and hot-reloading while work is taking place.

Additionally, Next.js has APIs for handling environment variables, routing, and improving application performance. The framework offers an improved build process for production-ready code that creates static files for every page, enabling quick delivery and scalability.

Overall, Next.js contributes to streamlining the process of creating scalable, quick, and effective online apps.

Advantages of Using Next.js

A well-liked open-source framework called Next.js is used to create server-rendered React apps. It has several advantages over other frameworks of a similar nature, and many developers now turn to it as their preferred option.

• Server-side Rendering: One of Next.js' major benefits is its pre-rendering system, which enables quicker page loads and better SEO. This is so that before being delivered to the browser, the HTML for the page is fully rendered on the server. As a result, when a person accesses your website for the first time, they won't have to wait for JavaScript to load and run before seeing the completely displayed page. As a result, page load speeds are quicker, which is beneficial for both user experience and SEO as search engines favor quickly loaded pages.

• Performance: Next.js' emphasis on performance is another major benefit. Your applications will be quick, effective, and scalable with the framework even as their size and complexity increase. It makes use of lazy loading and code splitting to make sure that only the essential elements are loaded when a user accesses a website, leading to quicker load times and a better user experience in general. Additionally, Next.js offers runtime errors and hot code reloading, which make it possible to modify your application without having to restart the server and guarantee that your customers will continue to have a positive user experience even in the case of an error.

• Easy Deployment: Using Next.js, you can quickly and easily distribute your apps to a number of hosting companies, including well-known cloud computing infrastructures like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. This enables you to create scalable and highly available applications by utilizing the newest hosting technologies, such as serverless computing. Additionally, Next.js offers straightforward connection with well-known tools and services, including CI/CD pipelines, containerization, and more, making the development and deployment of your apps simple.

• Better User Experience: Next.js' emphasis on delivering an optimal user experience is another major benefit. With tools like runtime errors, hot code reloading, and automated code splitting, Next.js makes sure that your customers will have a smooth experience even as your application expands in scope and complexity. It is also straightforward to add new features and functionality to your apps thanks to Next.js's extensive collection of APIs and tools, which makes it simple to create and manage user-friendly, responsive applications.

• Usefulness: Next.js is built on top of React, making it simple for developers to start creating apps with it. Without having to create a lot of proprietary code, the framework offers a large variety of plugins and connectors that make it easy to add new features and functionality to your projects. It is very simple to get started and learn how to utilize the framework thanks to Next.js's clear and comprehensive documentation.

• Better Security: Last but not least, Next.js offers a safe environment for creating online apps, including XSS and automated header protection capabilities. This makes it easier to guarantee that your apps are safe from typical security risks and that the data of your users is secure. Furthermore, Next.js makes it simple to integrate additional security features and functionality into your apps. This includes easy integration with widely used security tools and services like SSL certificates, firewalls, and more.

Building server-rendered React apps is becoming increasingly popular, and Next.js is a popular alternative since it has several advantages over competing frameworks. Next.js is a fantastic option for any developer trying to create high-quality, scalable online apps because of its focus on performance, usability, and security.

Top Websites Using Next.js

Some well-known companies and websites that use Next.js include.

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon
  3. Tesla
  4. Hulu
  5. GitHub
  6. Verizon
  7. Coursera
  8. Square
  9. Shopify

These are just a few examples, and the use of Next.js is growing among websites of all sizes and industries

Why Should You Hire a Next.js Developer?

You should hire a Next.js developer because of the following benefits.

More Productivity

By utilizing the built-in capabilities of the framework to speed up the development process, Next.js developers may contribute to an improvement in productivity. Developers don't have to spend their time developing new code when they use Next.js since it makes it simple to construct reusable components, control navigation, and enhance performance. As a result, resources are made available for other projects, shortening the time it takes to finish a project.

Better user experience

The framework is used by Next.js developers to create quick, responsive, and user-friendly online apps. The framework has features like automated code splitting, which makes sure users only download the code they need, and optimized loading times, which help users stay engaged and lower bounce rates.

Upgraded SEO

It's imperative for businesses that wish to increase traffic and client base that their websites are optimized for search engines, which is a skill that Next.js developers are adept at. Developers can quickly design server-side rendered (SSR) pages that are optimized for search engines with Next.js, resulting in improved exposure and higher search ranks.


Given that it is scalable by design, Next.js is perfect for companies who want to develop and expand. The framework's modular architecture enables programmers to quickly add or remove features as needed, guaranteeing that your website can expand and grow along with your company.

Neighborhood Support

The developer community for Next.js is sizable and vibrant, and members help one another while also making contributions to the framework. You'll have access to this community by working with a Next.js developer, and it may be a really helpful tool for problem-solving, learning new techniques, and staying current with industry changes.

In short, organizations who want to construct quick, scalable, and user-friendly online apps should consider investing in the services of a Next.js developer. Your productivity will go up, your users' experiences will be better, your SEO will be better, your scalability will be assured, and you'll get community support if you hire the proper software developer.

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How To Hire a Next.js Developer?

There are several methods to employ a Next.js developer.

1) Freelancing websites: You may look for Next.js developers who are available for hiring on websites like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr. You may advertise your project, look through offers, and pick a developer that satisfies your needs.

2) Job boards: You may advertise your position as a Next.js developer on sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, or LinkedIn. You will have access to a sizable pool of possible employees as a result, from which you may pick the one who best suits your requirements.

3) Technical recruitment firms: To locate a Next.js developer, you can deal with a technical recruiting firm. So that you can concentrate on making the final recruiting choice, they will manage the sourcing, screening, and interviewing of prospects.

4) Social media: To locate a Next.js developer, you can contact your network on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. To locate possible applicants, you may also join relevant organizations and communities on these networks.

Factors To Consider Before Hiring Next.js Developers

Make a better choice before hiring a Next.js developer. Note the following aspects.

• Technical Competencies: It's critical to make sure the applicant has a firm grasp of Next.js, including its fundamental capabilities and architecture, as well as practical experience utilizing it to create scalable online apps. Inquire throughout the interview process about the candidate's previous experience using Next.js, any difficulties they had, and how they handled them. This can help you gauge their degree of knowledge and problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, it's a good idea to request code samples or administer a coding test to determine their technical proficiency.

• Experience with React.js: Since Next.js is based on React, it's essential to hire developers who are well-versed in the React.js framework and its supporting community. The ideal applicant will have knowledge of the React lifecycle, familiarity with hooks, state management, and React components. They should also be familiar with the integration of React frameworks with Next.js, including React Router and Redux.

• Server-side Rendering (SSR): The developer has to be knowledgeable about server-side rendering and be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of employing it for online applications. They should be able to describe the variations between client-side rendering and server-side rendering, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each strategy. Additionally, they must to be able to use caching and optimization strategies while implementing server-side rendering in Next.js.

• CSS and styling: In order to create apps that are both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, a developer must have a solid grasp of CSS, HTML, and front-end styling. Both bespoke CSS styles and CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Material UI should be familiar to the applicant. Software developers should also have a keen sense of design and be able to develop engaging layouts.

• Performance Optimization: Because Next.js apps may become quite complicated very rapidly, the developer should have knowledge of how to improve the speed of web applications and be proficient in using tools like Lighthouse to gauge performance. They should be aware of and be able to use Next.js implementations for strategies like code splitting, lazy loading, and prefetching. They should also be knowledgeable with browser performance data and know how to make their websites load quickly and provide a positive user experience.

• Troubleshooting and Debugging: The Next Js developer should feel at ease troubleshooting difficult problems and have swift problem-solving skills. They should have knowledge of both debugging tools, such as Chrome DevTools and the React DevTools, and browser development tools just like a full stack web developer. They should also be able to troubleshoot in a methodical way and find problems promptly and effectively.

• Version Control and Git: Git will be a crucial tool in the web development process, thus it's crucial to have a firm grasp of version control and experience utilizing it. Git procedures, such as branching and merging, as well as operations like clone, pull, push, and merge, should be known to the applicant. Additionally, they should be able to handle disputes amicably and have expertise with Git for team collaboration.

Hou Much Next.js Developers Cost in United States?

The hourly wage for Next.js engineers in the USA ranges from $100 to $200, with an average of about $150.

The average annual income for a Next.js developer in the USA is roughly $95,000, according to Glassdoor. However, it may cost anything from $70,000 and $130,000 or more. Remember that these summaries are only estimates, and that real pay may differ.


Key Takeaways

A JavaScript framework called Next.js is used to create server-rendered React apps.

It has a number of benefits, including enhanced performance, server-side rendering for better SEO, simplicity in setup, enhanced user experience, usability, and greater security.

Employing a Next.js developer may boost output, enhance user experience, improve SEO, and improve the final product.

A full stack web developer may utilize static site generation to efficiently create and deploy fast and secure websites and web applications. However, a digital transformation consulting firm can benefit from the Next.js developers' knowledge to update their customers' websites and applications for the technological world.

Companies like Netflix, Amazon, Tesla, Hulu, GitHub, Verizon, Coursera, Square, and Shopify are just a few well-known examples of those who utilize Next.js.


Finally, hiring a Next.js developer may have a significant positive impact on your business' online development initiatives. With their proficiency in the well-known JavaScript framework, they can assist you in developing scalable, quick, and effective web applications that cater to your unique business requirements. Furthermore, they provide value to any team due to their experience with React and its ecosystem. You should take their expertise, portfolio, and cultural fit into account when choosing the best Next.js developer for your team. By considering these elements, you may choose wisely and locate software developers who will contribute to the success of your business.

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