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We are one of the Leading Node.Js Development Company. We offer best Node.Js development Solutions & Services to solve complex business problems

Rejolut is a Node.js development company to help you to build some of best web and mobile based solutions at lightening speed.Hire Node.js developers from one of the leading technology development company.

Node.js Development Company/ Hire Node.js Developers

We have experience as one of leading Node.Js development company to work over various high capacity platforms across the world with leading reputed brands like Hashing Systems, Hbar price, Earth ID, Tata Consultancy, Malaysia Airlines etc.

Chat Application

Node.js is your best decision to construct a lightweight, data-intensive, very low processing chat program using WebSockets along with Express.js. Being the leading Node.js Development Company we halp you to create chat application. Hire node.js developers from Rejolut technology development company.

Data Streaming

Real audio sound and video information encoding are used with Node.js through data upload, and simultaneous processing is also feasible.

Analytics & Monitoring Tools

The majority of the big Analytics and Tracking tool businesses utilize Node.js to deal with a lot of processes and request them to find the wanted output. The bulk of their huge Tracking and Analytics tool companies use Node.js to manage a great deal of procedure and ask them to come across the desired output.

Node.js application development

Socket.IO allows real-time bidirectional event-based communicating. It works on each network, browser or apparatus, focusing both on speed and reliability. Socket.IO is developed in addition to this WebSockets API (Client-side) along with Node.js. It's but one of the very relied upon library on npm (Node Bundle Manager).

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Node.js Development Advantage

Our 2+ years of cumulative experience in developing various Node.Js development works which makes us understand your requirements better than anyone else, which enhances us to flawless and fast solutions at lightening speed. Hire Node.js developers from the leading technology development company

Event-Driven and Non-Blocking

Event-driven along with non-blocking attribute of Node.js is exactly what gives it an advantage over other languages that are materialistic.

Uses Google Chrome's V8 Engine

Node.js uses Google Chrome’s V8 engine that executes the request insanely fast.

Server-side Proxy

Node.js can manage server-side proxy effortlessly when collecting information from several source points using another response speed.​

Perfect for Data-Intensive and Real-Time Apps

Node.js is ideal for data-intensive programs and real-time software that operate on devices that are dispersed. That is why it's used from the top-guns such as eBay, Netflix, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, PayPal, Uber, etc.

What is the use of Node??

Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. Node.js is an open source, cross-platform runtime environment for developing server-side and networking applications.

Node js development

What are the advantages of Node JS??

Node.js has been regarded as a full-stack JavaScript for serving both the client and the server-side applications. Therefore, the advantage is that you don’t have to hire separate developers for backend as well as the front-end development. It saves both your valuable money and time. We are the leading Node.js development company having developers with minimum 2 experience with track records of delivery. Hire Node.js developers as per your requirements. 

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Long Term Contract


Minimum one year

Hire Dedicated Developer

Short Term Contract


Minimum six months

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Minimum one hour

Hire Dedicated Developer

How We Get Node.js Development Done


We ask our clients to participate in a deeply collaborative process. You’ll be in constant communication with your team every step of the way.

In depth knowledge​

We are one of the Top Node.js Development Company who has the capabilities to go very deep inside the code of Node.js to solve the business problem. 

Customer obsession​

We are obsessed to serve you better than any other hedera consulting firm. This obsession leads us to go extra mile for all our customer. Your priorities are our priorities. Your goals are our goals. Your success is our success.

Code Quality

We treat your project as our own. We always keep in mind the scalability, security and reusability before writing a single line of code. All the code which we do will be shared by you from the day 0 in GitHub repository.

Better, stronger & faster

We move quickly. A fast-paced and aggressive approach will be the catalyst for our engagement and iteration. Staying agile allows us to prioritize needs, test earlier, and land on the best possible solution.


30 days free warranty​

We are so confident about our deliverables that we provide 30 days free warranty for any issues or bugs arises in the code written by us. Although it does not happen normally but if it happen we will solve it for free.

Let’s build something awesome using Node.js

Frequently Asked Questions

Node.js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast and scalable network applications. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.

Java will nearly always be quicker compared to Node. Js, unless it’s used stupidly. That is due to sharing memory among threads is much quicker compared to IPC. Additionally, the JavaVirtual Machine includes something like 15 years longer development compared to that the V8 runtime. Java can also be statically compacted and precompiled into byte code

Checklist while Hiring Node.js developer

Contribute in all phases of the development lifecycle Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable Ruby code
Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to these problems Help maintain code quality, organization
We ensure development is in compliance with specifications. We prepare and produce releases of software components.
We support continuous improvement by investigating alternatives and technologies and presenting these for architectural review
Solid understanding of object-oriented programming Good understanding of server-side templating languages
Excellent understanding of the software development process, including requirements analysis, testing, and deployment.


Developer should have the knowledge of fundamentals of blockchain, smart contracts, Consensus, governance etc.


Experience and awareness of library is something you have to check for, because, web sockets help create real-time applications like chat and even games.


Experience and awareness of library is something you have to check for, because, web sockets help create real-time applications like chat and even games.

Our innovative hiring/training process

Our HR team source the resume from best colleges/companies based on the job description

Once we filtered the right set of candidate we provide them the algorithm and domain specific online tests

Once selected the first round we call them at our headquarter in Mumbai for 3 F2F round and meeting with team

Once the developer is on-boarded we deploy them in live projects for 3 months before available for hire by the clients

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Why Hire Dedicated Node.js Developers from Rejolut?

Dedicated Resource

We provide you dedicated resource who only focus on your project which leads to quality code and faster implementation

Daily/Weekly Reporting

Our developer provide you the daily & weekly reporting. We follow Trello for task management & slack for hassle free communication

Scalable Framework

Our proven framework will led you to scale the team on demand keeping the quality intact

Remote Capabilities

We are the remote first company and all our developers have experienced in working remotely

Flexible cost

You can hire from us a dedicated developer or a dedicated team or to solve a small issues

Managed Service

Our all developers are managed by a highly qualified founding team who are responsible for quality delivery on time

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We believe in winning and help you to win

  • Helped start-up to bag multi million dollar funding

    The product which we have developed got multi-million dollar funding and also get selected in the top accelerators and incubators

  • Producthunt Golden Kitty Award

    One of the products developed by us is selected for the ProductHunt Golden Kitty Award in 2019 in Dev Tool category

  • We got covered

    The product developed by us got covered by Markets Insider, PR Newswire, Inc42, TechCircle, Forbes etc

  • Believe in winning

    We are the winner of a couple of Blockchain Hackathon nationally and internationally

  • Contribution to Open Source Projects

    We constantly innovate and contribute to open source projects. Currently, we have contributed to two open-source projects iOS SDK for Heders and Custom Model to parse resume using ML & AI.

  • Selected as the Startup of the week

    We got selected as the Blockchain Startup of the Week in 2019 by INC42, One of India's leading media pltform

  • Working with Fortune 500 companies

    We are fortunate enough to work with fortune 500 companies like Malaysian Airlines, Tata group, Jazeera Airlines etc in a very short span of time

  • First in the world to deploy smart contract

    We are the first in the world to deploy the smart contract in Hedera Test Network.

  • App got selected for Google I/0 2019

    The app developed by us got selected for presentation in Google I/O 2019 to demonstrate Flutter Use-case in beauty Industries.

Happy Customer

We are the customer first agency and our obsession to solve customer problem differentiates us from other agency.  We believe in a philosophy that “Your happiness is our happiness and as you grow, we grow too”

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you the managed service which means all our developers are managed by the founder itself who takes over all the technology & architectural decisions as long as the decisions are within the parameters that the business has set.

We understand the importance of data security and Intellectual property rights, so we have taken it very seriously. We follow these steps to safeguard it:-
1) We sign the NDA before any engagement.
2) Our all the office is protected by biometric door access control system and has only the limited access.
3) Access of any code or data is only available to the senior employee.
4) Our all employee is bound to sign the NDA before joining to protect the customer from any data or information breach.

which is done by us and if it breaks or messed by us we will generally fix it right away. It is rare
that you find the error post-launch (very rare!) but if it does happen, we will jump right on it. If the
code needs fixing because of the issue uncontrollable by us (like third-party libraries and plugins)
we offer a 30 days warranty for free support and fixing.
Naturally, our warranty does not include any fixes or changes done by you (client’s team). So if
someone in your team decided to go into the code and change thing up fixes will additionally cost.

We have taken our communication very seriously. The TAT for any queries by client is one hour in slack & one day in mail. 

Delivering the product on time is the only priority for us so if required our team is also present on client’s time zone along with weekends or on holidays.

We are a pixel perfect development agency. We do understand the importance of UI/UX in development process as it helps in increasing brand’s ROI, attract more users, reduce funnel drop, increase product presence in multiple screen sizes, increase retention etc. 

Our Team

Vishal Dharmawat

Emerging Tech Expert & Consultant

Rahul Asati

Emerging Tech Expert & Delivery

Adopt Node.js in 2020

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Success Story

“Deliverables are of premium quality at lightening speed which saves a huge cost on technology”

Rejolut is a great company when it comes to custom blockchain development. They are obsessed about quality deliverables and customer satisfaction.
I am happy to recommend them for any custom blockchain development.

Shiv Aggarwal


“Customer obsession are of different level”

I worked with them at Mentorbox. They provide a fantastic technology consultancy with fast and accurate results to deliver high-quality product development. The founders are creative, knowledgeable and technical experts with vast experiences in many industries.

Gary Guo

Software Engineer, Google

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