Blockchain Development

What is Blockchain Development?

Blockchain development is about building the infrastructure and platforms that power decentralized applications. It involves the process of identifying a problem, thinking through or brainstorming the problem, selecting a blockchain platform, creating a proof-of-concept, building a visual design, and developing/coding.

blockchain development

To start with we will talk about the problem identification stage of blockchain development. There are several reasons why people develop blockchain projects, at least if these projects are not shitcoins. The biggest reason is to solve an existing problem, and it is the same idea that popularised Bitcoin in the late 2000s'. Blockchain development starts with thinking about the problems you intend to solve with blockchain technology in any industry, and coming up with solutions to these problems. You must also consider the path you need to follow. It is possible that the solution can be provided by moving your existing system to the blockchain. Alternatively, you may have to develop a blockchain platform from the scratch. In either case, you will need a blockchain developer or a blockchain development company providing thorough blockchain development services.

After you have identified the problem and explored the solutions you hope to provide with your unique blockchain application, you should start brainstorming ideas and putting aspects of your project together as you will want it on the front and backend. Brainstorming should help you develop a unique workflow timeline for completing the project. The reason for brainstorming your idea is to bring you closer to how the project will look like when it is finally developed. Doing this will help you clarify the steps and processes required to get to where you want to be in the end from where you are right now.

The next step in the blockchain development path is choosing the blockchain. To do this, you should consider all aspects of your project, comparing with what exists in the blockchain space to find a perfect match. Some blockchains offer complete security, although the finality time makes transactions on such blockchains slow. Some offer fast finality at the expense of security, while others offer both simultaneously. You should also consider the popularity of the chain you are using because launching a product on a popular chain means a larger market for your product. You should also decide the programming languages you want to use for your front-end and back development. Lastly, you should decide whether the blockchain network you intend to develop will be permissioned or permissionless.

The next step in the blockchain development process is the proof-of-concept design which involves the development of prototypes. Doing this helps testers to understand the product and give useful feedback for changes and improvements. The proof-of-concept includes tested products, mockups, designs, sketches, and architecture details.

When useful feedback has been obtained from the proof-of-concept stage the next step in the blockchain development process is the creation of the visual and technical design. The visual design is a UI/UX development process, while the technical design is the development of the platform architecture using UML diagrams and other technical tools.

The development stage is where developers or any blockchain development company specializing in blockchain development services start building the application. The pre-alpha version of the app or platform is shown to the owner and as soon as it is approved, developers start testing the internal structure of the application in the alpha stage. They chose inputs to try paths through the code for expected outputs. After this stage, the blockchain solution moves to the beta stage. Software developers share their work with external parties for useful feedback. Next, the application is tested on a test network for a careful test of its functionalities. The decision is then made on which version of the application needs to be deployed before the app is deployed to various resources with provisioning. Provisioning is a crucial step in blockchain development, and as soon as a blockchain application is provisioned it can be hosted on the mainchain. Hybrid blockchain applications can be deployed on cloud servers and the app store. Blockchain developers also ensure that the application is deployed in a way that enables upgrade as the priority of the enterprise software development company originally the owners of the application changes in the future. Blockchain developers use a lot of tools like Geth, Remix, IDE, GanacheCLI, Solium, EthScripter, Embark, Metamask, blockchain test net, and truffle. The resulting application from blockchain development represents a business process, financial services, often called DeFi, web apps, enterprise solutions, or real estate business solutions written using smart contracts on the blockchain.

blockchain development

Most businesses and entrepreneurs who want to stay relevant in an innovative environment hire blockchain developers or a blockchain development company to help them build decentralized network solutions that meet their business needs. We now know that there is a heck of a process involved in blockchain development, and a bit about why blockchain developers and a blockchain development company are important. Now let's move on to understanding distributed ledger technology.

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Distributed Ledger Technology

A distributed ledger is a wider term under which blockchain technology belongs. While blockchain is becoming more accepted as a concept in the world of finance with the idea being explored daily by traditional financial institutions. Although, it is a common mistake to use blockchain and distributed ledger technology. They are quite different and we shall explain what the umbrella term, distributed ledger technology is here.

A distributed ledger technology is a database of records that are not stored or confirmed by a central body. The data is stored by several nodes, and each node saves an identical copy of the ledger which makes it decentralized. The nodes work independently with one another. The distributed ledger technology ensures that each node updates independently, and the nodes vote independently to ensure that majority of the nodes agree on the conclusion reached. The voting process is known as a consensus. Distributed ledger technology reduces the cost of trust just like blockchain and it offers the implementor flexibility over how the distributed ledger technology is implemented. It is technologically decentralized and relies on similar consensus guidelines as blockchain, it offers owners the ability to dictate the structure and function. Distributed ledger technology is the first step towards blockchain, but it does not necessarily make a chain of blocks. A distributed ledger can be stored across many servers that communicate to ensure that the most accurate and up-to-date record of transactions is maintained without the need to create blocks.

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Blockchain technology is a form of distributed ledger technology that has specific technological features. It ensures cryptographic signing and linking groups of records of transactions in a ledger to form a chain which is where we got the name blockchain from. Depending on the specifics of a blockchain, anyone can give their opinion on how the blockchain is structured and its future. The codes guiding blockchain are completely open-source, and anyone can contribute to it. A distributed ledger is only partly decentralized with the governing portion of the ledger completely centralized. All blockchains are forms of distributed ledgers but all distributed ledgers are not blockchains. Other examples of distributed ledger technology are directed acyclic graph technology and hybrid ledger technologies.

You can now see that there is a difference between blockchain and distributed ledger technology and that businesses may need one of the two at any time. While some businesses prefer to use other forms of distributed ledger technologies, a lot of businesses prefer blockchain technology. The high demand for blockchain technology is why the perfect blockchain technology company is high on the list of in-demand companies. Blockchain technology companies understand these slight differences and they help with custom software development using DLT technologies along with blockchain development skills and experiences. An understanding of distributed ledger technology (DLT) is therefore crucial in blockchain development. Some businesses prefer to work with blockchain companies with experiences in all related technologies like private blockchain development, blockchain app, digital solutions development, mobile app integration, and integration of artificial intelligence functionalities, and web design technologies. Enterprise solutions can consist of different processes combined to provide a unique solution. Understanding DLT and the blockchain development process will prove useful to anyone who intends or is in the process of transforming a business idea into a core business solution. The right blockchain development company understands the importance of these processes and the teams in any blockchain development company often consist of experts in custom software development, smart contracts, blockchain app development, and business process development. We will now look at blockchain app development which can be custom software development of blockchain projects.

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What Are Blockchain Applications?

Blockchain applications are decentralized applications developed using the process described earlier in this article. Oftentimes, a business wants to translate a part of all of its business processes into a useful application for its users. These businesses understand the power of blockchain technology and are ready to hire the right blockchain development company or blockchain developer to build their blockchain projects. Blockchain applications range from simple decentralized databases to lending protocols, decentralized exchanges, social applications, and payment solutions. The idea behind blockchain applications is that they are decentralized and therefore have no single point of failure which makes them more secure. Blockchain applications also protect user data, and we understand the importance of data protection in today's world.

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Blockchain applications are derived from the various use-cases of blockchain technology. Blockchain applications rely on decentralized nodes that verify transactions on the blockchain. Blockchain technology is being integrated with legacy systems and the kind of use cases are mostly applied to business problems. The examples we talked about earlier such as loan applications, exchanges, and insurance are just examples of an aspect of blockchain applications called decentralized finance (DeFi). Blockchain, for example, is used in healthcare to protect patient data.

The structure of the blockchain in a healthcare setting is usually permissioned so that the user can allow access to the healthcare records. Some of the healthcare blockchain applications simply facilitate insurance and social care payments while others are complete websites or decentralized blockchain apps developed to manage the entire healthcare process.

Traceability is also another area in which the application of blockchain technology is crucial. The importance of tracing food items and drugs has been accentuated by COVID-19. Blockchain can be used in drug traceability as information from manufactured can be stored permanently on the blockchain for verification throughout the supply chain. Food sources can be stored on the blockchain giving consumers the ability to view the source of the food they are purchasing.

Another example of blockchain application is voting applications. In blockchain voting applications the voters log in to the blockchain application to cast their vote. The identity verifier on the blockchain application verifies the ID and confirms the ID input by the user is unique and authorizes the ID key to vote on a certain ballot type. The ID verifier is paired with a blinded token and sent to the registrar requesting the signature of approval for a certain ballot type. The registrar then signs the blinded token and sends it to the voting booth. The voting both then sends an unbound token with a vote key to the registrar requesting a type of ballot. The registrar sends a certificate of authority for the voting key. The result is a system in which everyone can agree on the final count of votes based on the consensus and dishonest votes cannot be added.

With blockchain technology, during the payment for a good or service, blockchain smart contracts can calculate the levy based on the tax amo

unt levied during the production process. Smart contracts directly transfer the tax amount to the tax authority, and the refund, if any, is sent back to the customer's account. Blockchain can also prevent forgery in public data such as land ownership and other official documents. Companies can also benefit from blockchain by developing blockchain-based KYC. It offers highly immutable data and a reliable audit trail. The various use-cases for which blockchain development is required are numerous. Most firms work with a blockchain development company to bring these and other use cases to reality through blockchain app development and the deployment of smart contracts. Custom software development by a development company in the blockchain space can always be done according to your unique requirements. As we start to talk about blockchain development services and try to understand a blockchain development company, we will explore more about blockchain companies.

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Understanding Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain development services are offered by individual freelancers, in-house blockchain employees, or blockchain development companies. Each category of professionals has mastered the art of building and integrating entire blockchain architecture, web apps, and custom software development from the scratch. While most businesses prefer custom software development, in some cases, what is needed is the integration of APIs or other relevant features. In enterprise blockchain development, for example, the only thing needed is a simple business process automation for higher accuracy of transactions, confirmation without third parties, and efficiency. Just to make it clear to you, blockchain is efficient for its speed and 24/7 transaction possibilities.

The services offered by an experienced blockchain development company can range from mobile and web development of decentralized applications to custom software development. In customer software development, the idea which the blockchain development companies are trying to translate into a unique product has hardly been explored before. With limited data in such areas, smart contract development must be done from the scratch and according to the need of the requesting enterprise. Building a custom blockchain is hard. It is more like creating your own version of Bitcoin or Ethereum. Thankfully there are blockchains today that support DApps or decentralized applications that can be tweaked according to user preferences. Although if a business still needs its unique blockchain, then it can do the work and incur the consequent cost. Etherem is still the most popular platform for building smart contracts, and most blockchain projects are built on Ethereum. Today, however, there are several options for smart contracts such as Avalanche, EOS, Cardano, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum layer-two solutions like Optimism, Arbitrum, Link, Loopring, and Polygon Matic. Blockchain software development services involve web development and software development and all kinds of app development on these blockchain infrastructures. It involves programming, design, and the development processes in the first paragraph of this article. A leading blockchain development company should specialize in providing these services for various industries. The diversity and possibilities are limitless because of the underlying technology, and you will find a top blockchain development company creating a solution in the various industries mentioned earlier. Let's now understand what blockchain development companies look like.

Blockchain Development Company

Blockchain development companies are companies that specialize in blockchain development. If you have read to this point, there maybe just a bit to say that will be new to you. Blockchain development companies are sometimes volunteering organizations powered by open-source contributions and grants. Others are independent companies providing the best services like programming and the design of unique solutions for clients. Blockchain development companies have the same structure as traditional research and consultancy organizations such as Deloitte, PWC, and KPMG. They select the best talent in any software development field and bring the same into their in-house pool of skills to guarantee the best results.

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Most big enterprises and serious individuals prefer to work with blockchain development companies because they have a guaranteed process and the structure of the organization ensures that the best hands working on every aspect of the project they handle. While a freelance developer can double as a software front-end, back-end, and smart contracts developer, development companies leave the job to the best hand in each of these. So web development done by a blockchain development company is often more sophisticated and designed with more consideration than web development done by a freelance web development service provider. That is not to say there are no professionals who can do the entire job from start to finish. No! What it means is that with development companies you get the job done by specialists for each feature needed on your project.

Enterprise Software Development Company

Enterprise software is computer software used to satisfy the needs of organizations such as schools, interest-based groups, clubs, charities, or the government. It is an integral part of a computer-based information system. They offer services like online shopping, online payment processing, interactive product catalog, enterprise resource planning, project management, manufacturing, and enterprise forms automation. Enterprise software often describes a suite of computer programs and development tools with common business applications. It includes tools for modeling how an organization works and development tools for building applications unique to an organization.

It aims to improve enterprise productivity and efficiency by providing business logic and support functionality. Enterprise software is also about the display, manipulation, and storage of large and amounts of complex data, and solving business problems using that data. The key features of enterprise software are identified by the business functionality offered by the software. They include procurement, production scheduling, workflow management, and accounting.

On a decentralized platform like the Ethereum blockchain, HBAR, and Constellation, these enterprise processes can be automated. Top blockchain and software development companies work to carry out blockchain software development that performs the aforementioned business functions. Some instances of enterprise software development involve the use of custom blockchain solutions and blockchain application development. Blockchain application development follows the process described earlier at the beginning of this article.

Rejolut Blockchain Development Services

As an award-winning blockchain software development company, Rejolut follows the process of ideation, brainstorming of tour ideas with you, selecting the best blockchain to deploy your project, and executing with the best blockchain development team. Our blockchain development team consists of proven masters in the art of software. As one of the top blockchain development companies, we have a standby professional team whose primary focus is building successful blockchain products and solutions. We do market research to understand your product and deliver the decentralized solutions that will set your business on te path to rapid growth. We have a lot to show. Resolute has written over 100, ooo lines of code loved and vetted by blockchain auditing companies across Europe, Asia, and North America.


Blockchain development can be quite complex starting from the thought of the problem to the process of building the solutions. Most of the products made for users appear as simple web platforms on the user side, but there is so much to it. The right blockchain development company will help anyone who intends to build a project think through what they intend to do and ensure that the solutions they provide are top-notch. ICO development is also another aspect of blockchain development that we did not talk much about here because our focus is on blockchain development. With a combination of years of industry experience, application development skills, and good interpersonal skills the process of building blockchain products is seamless to a blockchain development company.

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