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Metaverse Crypto Games

Many years before, we used to read about the virtual world in science fiction alone. Today, developers and metaverse experts embrace the concept across the industry, and the phenomenon fastens tighter into our social fabric daily. There are now hundreds, perhaps thousands, of platforms with multiple integrations and features accessible in unique virtual worlds. Crypto metaverses are immersive virtual worlds powered by blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Activities in these worlds hold a tremendous social and financial promise because the integration of blockchain technology makes it possible to exchange assets in these metaverses for other things of value, such as cash. Since these metaverses combine the best of virtual reality, video game playability, social media interaction, and crypto value exchange, they are poised to define the next phase of gaming and the internet.

What is the Metaverse?

Most metaverses are virtual worlds made with AR, VR, IoT, XR, and AI. Although the tech stack may vary with the requirements and considerations during development, these worlds essentially share some common characteristics that bring experience as close to daily life experiences as possible. Participants in metaverses can interact, build unique experiences, and develop objects and landscapes. Metaverses often have unique economies powered by crypto tokens and digital assets that can be exchanged for things within those metaverses and out in the real world due to the connectedness of the blockchain and crypto economy in which these projects exist. Assets on the metaverse include NFTs, real estate, digital avatars, and other accessories. Users can access these worlds using various devices such as VR headsets, mobile devices, and desktops.

Although the biggest metaverses at the moment are mostly centralized, decentralized metaverses use blockchain technology and crypto assets. They are considered ideal for the future because of the drawbacks of centralized systems. The integration of distributed ledger technology with the metaverse is the game changer for the space, turning simple multiplayer games into rewarding experiences for participants. Creating multiple token standards has also helped with the way and the kind of assets that can be owned and created in these virtual worlds. Ownership in the metaverse is non-contestable because the information defining ownership is stored on the blockchain. These positive developments have also drawn the attention of companies and businesses outside the crypto and gaming industry. As the world transitions from a physical to a virtual world driven by blockchain technology, AR, VR, AI, and IoT, some of the biggest fashion, real estate, and tech giants are building and evolving with the space.

Decentralized metaverse developers are building these virtual worlds according to some standards which set them apart from centralized metaverses. The first characteristic is decentralization. The underlying model of the decentralized metaverse is decentralized, and blockchain technology makes this feature possible. Unlike centralized virtual environments, transactions and activities are controlled and processed in a centralized server by a central entity that could eventually disappear. Decentralized metaverses differ to the highest extent from popular business structures and models. With the network powered by decentralized nodes spread across the globe, no single entity can take down the network, and the absence of any node or developer does not mean the ultimate end of these worlds.

Another critical characteristic of metaverses is fairness and equitable participation in its activities. Some metaverses are decentralized autonomous organizations, giving all participants equal decision-making opportunities through voting. Economic activities in DAO metaverses are built around the governance token of the DAO, and participation can grow the DAO into an ideal democratic institution.

Ownership is yet another core characteristic that differentiates decentralized metaverses from centralized metaverses. Non-fungible token standards are defined by the blockchain where the metaverse exists and maintains ownership of assets traceably and transparently. The non-fungibility of metaverse digital assets also prevents many issues from arising in real-life transactions owing to the absence of provenance. Crypto metaverses also enjoy the benefits of being a part of the broader crypto economy. Being a part of the broader crypto economy means holders of assets such as real estate and other valuables can exchange or use the same for transactions in the real world.

What Are Crypto Games?

Blockchain has been a buzzword in the cryptocurrency world, and video games came alongside the popularity of blockchain. Most readers would love to ask how blockchain has suddenly become so relevant in gaming. Today we are seeing crypto games surging in popularity. So how do video games use the blockchain? Well, some of these games are free to start playing, while others require some form of upfront cost to play.

Either way, you earn some assets as you play, which are like crypto but stored on the blockchain and unique. Items you can earn in a game range from weapons to cosmetic skins and other collectibles. You may wonder how this is different from playing games and earning skins and other collectibles in centralized games. Unlike centralized games, the assets you earn in crypto games are permanent and remain valuable in so far as there is demand for the item. You can also move the asset between titles and in other games. Players of the most popular blockchain games are already earning rewards they can reclaim for cash in the real world by selling to other players.

Crypto games are based on transactions after buying, so they come with the same concerns as traditional gaming: you sometimes need to pay to access the game. With NFT already considered highly risky assets that can quickly go worthless. There is also the problem with some crypto games having similar features to other traditional games that require lots of in-game payments from their users. Blockchain technology will be a part of the future of digital gaming, with some of the biggest names in the gaming industry, like EA and Ubisoft, hinting at their plans to make crypto games soon. Other projects collect unique NFTs and assets in an experience built entirely for gamers.

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What Are Metaverse Crypto Games?

The setting for metaverse crypto games is a fantasy world, and the immersive experience is made possible by the same digital technology that powers centralized metaverses. In metaverse games, players can go head to head with other participants or play their favorite games with their friends wherever they are in the world. Gaming has always been the most common way for people to get into the metaverse because it boasts a large developer community. Most platforms are working to develop a metaverse starting from gaming. In metaverse crypto games, people can engage in new ways in a competitive gaming arena. They can have an immersive experience that makes them feel more connected and involved than they would ever be looking at a flat screen. Players can also adapt to the environment around them.

Crypto gaming is set in the metaverse, a technology that combines the best of virtual reality and augmented reality to deliver a next-level simulation of the physical environment. Gaming in the metaverse features free and paid-to-play games where players can compete and earn valuable assets, often NFTs that they can sell for platform tokens or other cryptocurrencies on exchanges. Players can also rent out or lease NFTs for specific cryptocurrencies. With blockchain technology, the face of online games has changed, and cryptocurrencies are the driving force for gaming activities. Besides the yields from the tokens in these games, the design of NFT assets is now improved, and some additional value comes with such effort and design. Crypto games are based on a concept that lets players win virtual gaming items and sell them to earn money.

Characters in crypto games are controlled through players' avatars, virtual representations of real identities. These characters live in the metaverse as people live in the real world, and players can invite their friends, interact with others and enjoy the gaming experience together. Since metaverse leverages AR and VR to create an organic experience, players of crypto games feel like they do when they interact in the physical world. Metaverse gaming platforms are interoperable, allowing players to move their gaming items from one place to another without change. The potential of the crypto gaming industry became evident during the pandemic when movement and social interaction were limited.

Several cryptocurrency games have recorded many users coming to play on their platforms. The onboarding of players to compete for in-game assets in these epic games, which rank among the best metaverse games, also increases the number of transactions associated with the particular metaverse game on the blockchain. The community of developers of these games is also increasing with the number of players. Several games today allow players to develop, build cities, and revolutionize how people connect.

The Gaming Genres

There are many video games out there, irrespective of the devices you are playing on, and their genres define how players experience these games. Let's now consider some of the most popular genres used in cryptocurrency games.

Action Adventure

Action Adventure games feature players on a journey to conquer obstacles in new and varying environments. While it is hard to point out which cryptocurrency game is just like this at the moment, it is important to note that some of the greatest traditional games, like God of War and Tomb Raider, belong to this genre. If we transformed the experiences in some of these traditional games into a decentralized version, it would be all about navigating new landscapes with a weapon such as a sword or other unique weapons that can be changed according to the player's progress.

Role Playing Game (RPG)

RPG games often feature a vast world for players to explore. Other RPGs, such as liner dungeon crawler RPGs and MML RPG, allow you to play with other players online. As role-playing games, most RPGs allow players do things they may not be able to do in real life, such as fighting people on the streets and taking their valuables. It's a game, right? So anything can happen. RPGs, however, have some in-depth stories that people hardly pay attention to, which is surprising because most traditional RPG games have brilliant writing. Some RPGs are based on a quest where the player needs to find some precious item like a piece of jewelry or some other valuable items. When you find this item, you get rewarded with access to other places, an opportunity to save a people or a captured monarch.

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Multiplayer Battle Arena (MBOA)

Individuals actively work against each other to defeat the enemy in these games. They often have a pyramidal perspective which features players contesting against each other while they manage resources in the game. Teams in RPG games are often worse than any team member thinks, which is why playing an opposite role often leads to getting an opposite result. Most RPG games are competitive, and team alignment is essential.

Real-time Strategy (RTS)

Traditional real-time strategy games were only known as what they indeed are after a while. Some of the most popular RTS games feature human and AI players controlling different factions to compete against each other at the same time. Players often experience these games from the top, and some additional features include managing maps and resources in the game.

Shooter FPS and TPS

Shooter games are the most popular genre according to their variety. There are single-player story modes, online theme deathmatch, capture the flag, defuse the bomb, or battle royales. Battle royales are spectacular because players in these games fight to emerge as the winner and last-man-standing as the map decreases in size. The trick in traditional shooter games makes them ideally suited as crypto games. Take the case of a metaverse game that is free to play, yet some in-game items must be bought to progress in the game. Game developers use this strategy to onboard more players in metaverse games, even though the immersive virtual world experience can often get ruined by the frustration of waiting if you cannot pay for the asset you need to progress in these metaverse games.

Simulation and Sports

Sports games are not popular in crypto, but with recent developments by Electronic Arts and Other gaming brands, we may soon start to see the emergence of sports games in crypto. Traditional sports games typically recreate the real-live sport with animated versions that feel as close to the actual game. Fighting games are a category of sports games that can get players glued to their screens for hours in the quest for revenge. Competition in these games can get pretty fierce, and it would be worse if they were metaverse games. Players of fighting games get themselves battered and beaten to a stupor. Even though there is no physical injury, you get hit mentally if you don't exercise caution.

Top Metaverse Crypto Games at the Moment

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is competitive breeding and the fighting game launched on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to compete and breed Axies. The game is inspired by Pokemon and is classified as an NFT game that allows individuals to earn NFT from playing the game as they breed to race battle and trade Axie creatures in the marketplace. The game was meant to introduce players to the possibilities of playing and earning in crypto. All Axie data are openly accessible, and the game economics rewards contributors to the game. Axie Infinity offers a play-to-earn structure that allows players to compete with other players to breed Axies, and sell them in the marketplace. AXS is the governance token, while SLP is the token earned as a reward for playing the game.


Cryptovoxels is an online Ethereum-based video game with a real-cash economy where you can create whatever world you please and sell your properties for Ethereum. To access the game, however, players must buy plots of land in the game. Players can visit the website and buy these lands on OpenSea and track activities in the game. The game is browser-based, and after paying, players can purchase and add features to their land and build other cool stuff in the game. Exploring the game feels like moving in and around some robotic middle-eastern architectural edifices.


Decentraland allows players to create and sell stuff for real money in an immersive metaverse. Players experience the metaverse like in real life on Decentraland, and many players are playing the game, which means a lot for the gaming economy. The game was developed with a 2D proof-of-concept known as the Stone Age in 2018. The game was built to be a completely decentralized 3D virtual world for experiences and transactions in a landscape that can include anything from games to art and other massive events attracting thousands of users. The game world is divided into fragments called parcels measuring 52 feet by 52 feet each, and the owners of several parcels can create an estate. Some areas in the game have allocated themes which makes them a district. The land is a non-fungible token that is unique and used for transactions governed by a native token, $MANA, in the game. All participants in the game have equal opportunities and can participate in the decision-making to determine the game's future.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a fantastic and revolutionary metaverse idea. It is a community-driven platform where creators can monetize voxel assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain. It is similar to Minecraft, but it is decentralized. The game is made up of four components. The first component is the vox edit, where you can create and animate voxel arts that you can export anywhere. The created items can be minted as an NFT. The next aspect of the game is the marketplace where you can buy and sell NFTs, which are not limited to The Sandbox. The third element is the game maker, which is essential for making and playing games. In contrast, the last element is the gameplay which is tied to the metaverse game and necessary for exploring the massive world of The Sandbox metaverse. $SAND is the platform's native ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The token is used throughout the game ecosystem and has a finite supply.

We Can Help You Build Your Crypto Metaverse Game

Most people design games because they have this idea they believe they can bring to life. Using blockchain technology and a combination of AR, VR, and IoT, our blockchain development experts build games that synchronize excellent player experience with user appeal and elaborate purpose communication. We use elaborate design skills and graphical interface development to test, build, and create the metaverse game of your dreams.

Our metaverse gaming experts have more than a decade of gaming development experience. Aside from that, we have been building software for all sorts of use cases for as long as anyone can remember. Our blockchain and crypto software solutions are trusted by the best players in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. We are poised to make your crypto gaming development dreams come to reality. If you have been in the crypto space long enough, you must have heard about hacks and seen whacky software designs from the front to the back of websites.

After writing over 100,000 lines of code without reports of errors or backdoors across multiple blockchains, we can assure you that your crypto game will stand out among metaverse games if the idea is truly worth it. We admit that other factors come into play in successful metaverse games, but we know how to handle the hardest part of the problem. Developing with us also helps you win the attention of investors in metaverse games without too much hassle or effort. The biggest part of the piece is the software, and those who will play your game, in the end, will most be interacting with the software aspect of the game.

We are also multichain proficient. Our full-stack metaverse gaming experts and developers are seasoned players and high-performers notorious for making things work and delivering superior technology solutions and design on Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Algorand, Avalanche, and other smart contract compatible blockchains. We continue to stand out as a force to reckon with in the game, not because of our history alone but our ability to replicate the process that leads to success in blockchain software development. Developing metaverse games can get complicated, but you do not have to worry about that with us.


This article talked about crypto metaverse games, starting with a brief introduction to the metaverse and gaming in the traditional sense. We later saw the differences between the traditional metaverses, metaverse games, and crypto games powered by blockchain technology. Next, we considered the multiple genres in traditional games to clarify any false assumptions and establish a background of the multiple experiences you may encounter as you play crypto games. While action and adventure games are primarily based on missions where players conquer obstacles to victory, MBOA games let players manage resources while competing to win in the game. Runtime strategy games feature a quest to find a unique object that unlocks the destiny of a people or is simply precious for what it is, while shooter games let players compete using weapons. Sport crypto games, although uncommon in metaverse games, can get super addictive because they simulate real-life gaming experiences. We also mentioned the top metaverse games and discussed a bit about each. If you intend to build your metaverse game, contact us. Keep well and hold tight for the next article.

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