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Metaverse in agriculture

Metaverse is expected to have a significant impact on indoor farming in the next years, with a market value of $24.8 billion by 2026. Many indoor farmers are investing in cutting-edge technology to conduct sustainable and trouble-free agriculture.

The South Korean Ministry of Agriculture contains well-established articles based on the computer game Minecraft. The metaverse-based game includes virtual tours to agriculture museums, smart farms, and government organizations with the hopes of promoting the value of agriculture to the millennial and Z generations. Digital agricultural implementations have already begun in the metaverse in the form of intelligent farms and agriculture museums with the hopes of glamourizing it so that the millennial and Z generations will participate.

Plato Farm, an NFT platform, has developed an immersive farming metaverse in which participants must grow crops and raise cattle. They are rewarded with MARK and PLATO coins for their efforts.

Virtual field trips, crop visualization, livestock monitoring, agricultural research and development, virtual farming, virtual training and simulation and some of the prominent Metaverse use cases in agriculture industry. These are just a few examples of how the metaverse could be used in agriculture, but the possibilities are many. One main application of the metaverse in agriculture could be precision farming. Precision farming is an approach that uses technology to collect and analyze data from the field, and then uses that data to make informed decisions about crop management and farming operations. The metaverse could be used to create a virtual representation of a farm, where farmers could use real-time data from the field and combine it with historical data to generate insights and predictions, and help them make data-driven decisions. A metaverse development company or metaverse developers with the help of blockchain technology experts can help farmers leverage the power of decentralized systems to improve supply chain transparency and traceability in the agricultural industry.

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The Use Cases of Metaverse in Agriculture

  • The Association of Equipment Manufacturers
    The Association of Equipment Manufacturers says the construction, agriculture and manufacturing sectors are poised to be greatly affected in this technological shift. In the agricultural sector, farmers have the potential to create an authentic digital replica of their farms —everything down to the pickup truck and the dog. Consider it a cross between the old SimFarm video game and James Cameron's film "Avatar." The advantages could be substantial and quick. Farmers, for example, might assess how new farm equipment would improve efficiency before purchasing. Are you considering purchasing a new high-speed planter? Allow your avatar to lead the way to the field in the metaverse.
  • Sharing Farm Stories
    The metaverse may also give agriculture a way to connect with its city cousins and better tell the story of where our food comes from. QR codes are already appearing on food containers that can connect consumers to the farm where the basic ingredients were grown, whether it's a corn farm in Illinois or a dairy farm in Wisconsin. This virtual experience allows us to bring the farm closer to today's dinner table and communicate our story directly.
  • Trying out different crops before implementing in real-life
    Just think if you could experiment with a different cropping practice before actually trying it in the real world. Advances in sustainability practices, carbon sequestration, water quality, soil health, plant genetics, and machine efficiency can all be tested in the metaverse in a matter of days, weeks, or months, with hundreds of various scenarios tried. You are not required to wait years.
  • Metaverse in Indoor Agriculture
    According to Markets, the indoor farming technology industry would be valued at $24.8 billion USD by 2026. Indoor farmers are investing in technology to simplify and optimize the entire indoor growing process, from seed to consumption, while also improving sustainability.
    With more producers entering the business and an increased emphasis on food security and the need for more sustainable agriculture, the virtual world has the potential to offer a lot to Indoor Agriculture
  • Indoor farming education reimagined and widespread with the Metaverse
    AR (augmented reality) technology are already being used by indoor farmers to digitize and monitor plant biology, growth, and data. The metaverse might be a tremendous tool for making that tracking available at any moment, and it could be transformed into intricate instruction on the indoor farming sector. Augmented reality minimizes training time and allows farmers to learn on the go by providing micro-learning information in real-time.
    Indoor farmers can be trained and instructed in a more immersive, participatory, and clear manner from anywhere in the world.
    Furthermore, new entrants into the industry or simply buyers of indoor ag equipment may see a future in which they can experience their new container farm, hydroponics farm, etc., virtually but realistically from anywhere, a step up from the virtual tours that companies like Urban Crops Solutions already provide. The Metaverse's technology could help farmers comprehend the workings of their farming purchases, their demands, and the functions early on. Designing and developing your farm while tracking prices, space and storage, and equipment requirements in real time. It may later be used to train much-needed plant scientists, regardless of where they are located.
  • Trade shows, conferences and communities
    One of the key possibilities that companies and sectors are investigating is community development in the Metaverse. Nike and Skechers, which recently filed eight trademarks indicating the sale of virtual goods, are betting on the idea of developing communities through their brand and products.
    However, community building for Indoor Ag may take a different form. Trade exhibitions and conferences may be able to transfer their community-building and learning roles to the Metaverse. Hosting trade exhibitions, seminars, and live panels within the Metaverse increases their accessibility and availability. Investors and newcomers can access and participate in these trade fairs even after they have occurred, from anywhere in the world.

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