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Metaverse in education and learning

Consider a classroom full of students as the history teacher delivers a lecture on the Harappa civilization, the Indian subcontinent's earliest known urban culture. Instead of reading from a book, the teacher takes the students to Harappa in Punjab, then to Mohenjo-daro near the Indus River in Sindh. A timeline of events is projected in front of the students, and they walk around the sites, discovering, asking questions, and learning

In the metaverse, a virtual recreation of the real world, this is how education will look in the future. Users and developers can customize it to their preference.

The metaverse has the potential to revolutionize education by providing immersive and interactive learning experiences. Some main Metaverse use cases in education industry include virtual field trips, interactive lessons, collaborative Metaverse learning, virtual reality training and language learning. One main metaverse application in education could be the creation of virtual classrooms and learning environments. This would allow students to attend classes and participate in coursework remotely, as they would be able to attend virtual lectures, complete assignments, and interact with their classmates and teachers in a shared virtual space. A metaverse development company or metaverse developers with the help of blockchain technology experts can provide valuable education resources for students looking to learn about the future of digital worlds and decentralized systems.

The Use Cases of Metaverse in Education and Learning

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  • Connect and learn in an immersive virtual campus
    Learning had already begun to shift from physical classrooms to more virtual and blended spaces prior to and during COVID-19. The metaverse enables immersive campus life, in which students wearing virtual reality headsets enter a virtual campus or university to learn, explore, and socialize. Learners can, for example, explore different learning pods, visit libraries and breakout rooms, meet coaches and counselors, and socialize with peers in this digital space.
  • Connect and learn in an immersive virtual campus
    Learning had already begun to shift from physical classrooms to more virtual and blended spaces prior to and during COVID-19. The metaverse enables immersive campus life, in which students wearing virtual reality headsets enter a virtual campus or university to learn, explore, and socialize. Learners can, for example, explore different learning pods, visit libraries and breakout rooms, meet coaches and counselors, and socialize with peers in this digital space.
    These digital experiences have the potential to truly democratize education by bringing people from diverse economic backgrounds and geographically dispersed locations together to learn in a costeffective, flexible, and faster manner. For example, the planned Kenya-KAIST virtual campus, located 60 kilometers from Nairobi's capital city, will allow the institution to extend its reach across continents in September 2023, enabling students to learn together on cutting-edge topics without having to leave their home countries.
  • Improve real-world proficiency in virtual and hybrid environments
    The metaverse offers experiential, embodied skilling opportunities through real-world scenarios and high-pressure situations in which mistakes can be made without repercussions. It combines VR with data science and spatial design to improve learner engagement, confidence, and application when well designed. Some of the advantages of training in the metaverse include:
    1. Learning through experience
      Novartis, a pharmaceutical company, uses high-fidelity, multiplayer VR simulation to train lifesaving lab skills. Students enter a virtual lab where they can interact with instructors while practicing welding tubes, removing bag caps, and labeling bags with unlimited redos.
    2. Conscious practice
      The metaverse offers intense practice and feedback loops, allowing learners to hone skills by practicing many variations of a concept. Walmart's Spark City game is unique each time it is played. If customers appear within 10 feet, players must ask if they can assist, but only after addressing spills and other safety hazards.
    3. State- dependent education
      Responding to microaggressions in the workplace causes psychological stress at Providence Health. A live actor captured in 3D volumetric video appears as a hologram standing in the room in front of you through the camera lens of your phone or tablet, for learning and retrieval to take place under the same conditions.
  • Explore different worlds through visualization and storytelling
    Visualization and storytelling are two hallmarks of a metaverse learning experience, and they are desperately needed today after the deluge of dull Zoom experiences at COVID-19. Learners can step into an entirely different world or into the shoes of another person using VR technology. DaVita, for example, uses an interactive, multi-sensory first-person story to build patient empathy.
    Entering metaworlds makes it easier to visualize scenarios, including complex development challenges. A learner, for example, can use a VR headset to investigate a street transformation in South Asia or to experience life in a green Smart City. Learners "enter" critical global development challenges such as climate change, education, gender, urban development, international trade, and public health through bite-sized 360-degree stories, virtual tours, and visualizations.
  • Improve human capabilities in interpersonal and difficult situations
    Soft skills training for employees, such as communication, leadership, listening, and empathy, is difficult to achieve and measure. The metaverse facilitates this by immersing learners in realworld conflicts and allowing them to practice soft skills, such as having sensitive or difficult conversations with employees or customers, in a safe environment.
    Safety training scenarios involving robberies can create a sense of danger and overwhelm for Verizon employees. Verizon used virtual reality to train over 22,000 associates across 1,600 stores for this complex scenario; the company reported that 97 percent of those trained felt prepared when placed in such dangerous situations.
  • Improve accessibility for people with disabilities
    The metaverse has the potential to improve educational and social opportunities for people with disabilities. An immersive environment, for example, allows young adults with special needs, autism, and social interaction issues to improve their interpersonal and job skills through activities such as visiting a mall or grocery store, shelving products at a store, or loading goods into a truck. They can practice skills and interact with others in a safe environment using VR apps without feeling overwhelmed or anxious.
    VR can also help people who have mobility or anxiety problems improve their quality of life. For example, the Starlight charity uses virtual reality technology to allow pediatric patients to "escape" the confines of their hospital room and be transported to another world. They can use VR goggles to play soccer, hang out with friends, or travel to faraway places.
  • Increase data collection on learning performance.
    Creating immersive learning experiences in the metaverse enables organizations to collect previously untapped data to gain insights into learner behavior in order to track progress, identify gaps, and continuously improve the learning experience. Usage, performance, attention and engagement, sentiment, and predictive analysis are all examples of useful data on learner actions. Teachers can also take a more active role in gathering data and analyzing lessons on the effectiveness of such learning environments. Hand movements, for example, are tracked in Pfizer, Novartis, and Bristol Myers Squibb's pharma sims. If users cross their hands or angle them incorrectly under the biosafety cabinet, the sim delivers rapid feedback and restarts. Every digital footprint can be quantified, and a telemetry data dashboard may provide actionable information to improve the simulation experience.
    Following the internet, the metaverse literally means "life." Virtual campus activities, 3D simulations, and gamified activities are examples of early implementations of this new form of learning. This is just the beginning—there are limitless possibilities for reimagining and democratizing education using this technology.

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