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Metaverse in entertainment

One of the Metaverse use case in entertainment industry is the creation of immersive virtual reality experiences. For example, a music festival could be held within the metaverse, allowing attendees to experience the event in a virtual environment. This could be particularly appealing to music fans who are unable to attend a physical event due to geographic or logistical constraints. In addition to concerts, the metaverse could be used to host other types of live entertainment events, such as theater performances or comedy shows. Additionally, One main application of Metaverse in entertainment industry is the creation of immersive virtual reality experiences. This could include virtual reality concerts, theater performances, comedy shows, and other live entertainment events. A metaverse development company or metaverse developers, specializing in blockchain technology, is revolutionizing the entertainment industry by providing metaverse development services and creating immersive virtual experiences for users.

The future is now in the metaverse. The metaverse lowers physical barriers to allow millions of people to enjoy immersing themselves in live gigs without leaving their homes by taking your virtual self - your avatar - and using it to enjoy and achieve the things you want on the internet rather than in the actual world.

The future is now in the metaverse. The metaverse lowers physical barriers to allow millions of people to enjoy immersing themselves in live gigs without leaving their homes by taking your virtual self - your avatar - and using it to enjoy and achieve the things you want on the internet rather than in the actual world.

Source: Tidio Survey

48% joined Metaverse for the sake of entertainment and art (live virtual concerts, exhibitions, movies)

When asked which industry will benefit the most or have the biggest beneficial impact from the metaverse, the developers polled ranked gaming and entertainment first, with 26% each.

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The Use Cases of Metaverse in Entertainment

  • Online gaming in the metaverse
    Gaming was the first form of entertainment to penetrate the metaverse. As such, it is the foundation of everything in the metaverse.
    Despite the fact that the word "metaverse" was coined in 1992 with Neal Stephenson's dystopian novel Snow Crash, it was a game called The Sims that provided a glimpse into this virtual environment in 2000. Three years later, another gaming franchise, Second Existence, technically gave birth to the metaverse by allowing players to live a second life in a virtual environment.
    As we can see, games have progressed enormously over the last two decades, to the point where the graphics displayed by engines are nearly indistinguishable from live action movies recorded on 4K cameras.
    Naturally, gaming and the metaverse are nearly synonymous. Roblox and Fortnite are recognized as forerunners in providing the best metaverse gaming experience to their fans. And these platforms don't just end with missions,' 'battles,' or side-quests.' They let gamers create a world of their imagination by using blockchain technology and digital trading assets like non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
    While Fortnite is primarily a battle royale game in which players shoot each other down, it also conducts music and dance events within its own virtual environment. Roblox, on the other hand, allows its users to create mini-games such as Adopt Me within the Roblox realm. Roblox players can even engage in trading, which, subject to certain conditions such as age, can be changed into real money.
    Rec Room and Ember Sword, two recent games, have been acclaimed for their broad metaverse experiences.
    Illuvium, a role-playing NFT-based game, is expected to be released on the Ethereum blockchain in either Q4 2022 or Q1 2023. The game allows players to explore a vast virtual landscape in search of unusual species known as Illuvials. Though most metaverse games have cartoon-like graphics, Illuvium has received plaudits for its high-end graphics, as seen in trailers. By playing the game, participants can earn cryptocurrency known as ILV, the game's token. Land ownership is also an important aspect of the game. Fans of metaverse games have a bright future ahead of them.
  • Online concerts
    Virtual concerts are music concerts that take place in the metaverse. Anyone with a VR/AR device or a computer that can connect to the metaverse can watch their favorite musicians shout out songs in a virtual setting where all players are represented by avatars.
    Several well-known musicians are planning to play on various metaverse platforms. Among the many musicians who have already built a name for themselves in the virtual world are Marshmello, Travis Scott, Ariana Grande, and Indian singer Daler Mehndi.
    Claire Elise Boucher, better known as Grimes, made headlines recently when she performed on the final day of Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) in March 2022 with a DJ performance for everybody in attendance.
    The MVFW was the metaverse's first fashion week, showcasing various renowned fashion labels such as Bulova, Tommy Hilfiger, and Dolce & Gabbana, among others. It was hosted on Decentraland, a platform where users may trade and develop anything ranging from a little store to a full metropolis using virtual plots known as LAND.
    Of course, everything at MVFW was digital – while Grimes' hologram figure was a lady with two white ponytails, everyone else was a stylized version of themselves.
    Grimes wasn't the only one that took the stage at the MVFW. Nicki Nicole, an Argentine rapper and vocalist, and DJ Bob Sinclar also performed. Indeed, Sinclar's DJ set was the "first-ever dancing competition in the metaverse," according to Sinclar.
    The Sandbox, a popular virtual game platform that allows players to create their own worlds, is expanding its metaverse appeal by holding music events on the site.
    In April 2022, rapper Snoop Dogg released an exclusive metaverse music video for his song "House I Built" from his album B.O.D.R on The Sandbox. The video, which also features DJs Steve Aoki and Blondish in virtual avatars, is part of Snoop Dogg's own virtual reality experience, known as Snoopverse, within The Sandbox.
    The music video is a prologue to Snoop Dogg's metaverse concert on The Sandbox later in 2022.
    In January 2022, The Sandbox announced a collaboration with Warner Music Group (WMG) to build the "first music-themed environment" in the gaming platform's metaverse.
    According to a WMG announcement, performances and musical experiences starring WMG roster artists will be included in WMG LAND in The Sandbox. According to WMG, the entire experience will be a "mix of musical theme park and concert arena."
    Nothing else is known about the collaboration at this time, but artists on WMG's roster such as Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran, and Green Day are likely to play.
    However, one of the most significant advances in metaverse concert experiences occurred as recently as May 2022, with the ABBA Voyage. What distinguishes this concert from others is that it may be seen in the ABBA Arena in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London without the use of an external device or a computer.
    The four ABBA performers take the stage, but instead of their authentic selves, they are represented by virtual avatars known as 'ABBAtars.' They also appear to be younger versions of themselves, thanks to the innovative technology of Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), the George Lucas company responsible for the outstanding special effects of several blockbuster films, including the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and Star Wars franchise.
    As a result, the ABBA Voyage performance is a one-of-a-kind synthesis of the virtual and actual worlds. The experience is similar to viewing hologram talks from MCU and Star Wars movies in real life.
  • Amusement Parks
    In May 2022, one of the most significant theme park news broke. AstroWorld, which was dismantled in 2005, will reopen in the metaverse as a virtual theme park in Q3 2022. Its map and official website were released in Q1 2022, while exchange listings and the AstroWorld Beta were revealed in Q2 2022.
    According to a press release, the virtual AstroWorld will be identical to a genuine amusement park and will be the first amusement park constructed exclusively on the blockchain.
    Visitors will be able to visit the virtual park by purchasing tickets with an AstroWorld NFT or an AstroWorld token. Visitors to the AstroWorld NFT will have limitless access to the virtual theme park.
    The virtual park is modeled after the actual AstroWorld. Roller coasters such as the single-loop Viper, the suspended XLR-8, and the Texas Cyclone are among them.
    Walt Disney patented a technology in December 2021 that will allow visitors to its theme park to interact with Disney characters virtually while physically present at the location. The "virtual-world simulator" invention allows individuals to observe 3D pictures and effects in real-world settings without the use of AR gadgets.
    The Walt Disney Business's CEO, Bob Chapek, stated at a fourth-quarter meeting that the company hopes to combine physical and digital worlds for "storytelling without limits in our own Disney metaverse."
    There is yet no definite information on how Disney will bring its theme park into the metaverse.
    Furthermore, according to several media reports, Universal Studios Hollywood will import a Mario Kart-themed ride from Japan in late 2021, which allows all customers on a ride to interact with virtual characters and things in real time using AR using visor-like glasses.
    Ready Player One (2018) is regarded as a seminal film because it depicts a future in which individuals are connected to and live in the metaverse. Tron (1982), Tron: Legacy (2010), and the dystopian British anthology TV series Black Mirror are among the others set in a similar future or depicting a metaverse-like environment (2011 2019).
    However, if metaverse cinema is defined as exclusively immersive experiences created with or viewable on an AR/VR device, none of the aforementioned can be labeled "metaverse cinema" because they were created in the classic filmmaking technique with visual effects.
    However, the convergence of video game and filmmaking technological developments, such as ILM's ground-breaking successes and the expanding usage of motion capture, is transforming the media industry and swiftly making the experience of watching movies in the metaverse has become a reality. As a result, we have animated shorts created in VR that are best enjoyed with extended reality equipment.
    Animated VR experiences like The Line were already well-known before Facebook's rebranding made the phrase "metaverse" sound cool. It is a love narrative centered on two characters set in 1940s So Paulo, created by game developer ARVORE.
    In 2020, The Line was awarded the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Programming. Unlike most films, spectators in The Line can interact with the surroundings to aid in the flow of the 20-minute plot.
    Furthermore, notable Hollywood stars are already immersed in the VR experience. The voice cast of Baobab Studios' VR animated interactive story Baba Yaga included Kate Winslet, Daisy Ridley, Glenn Close, and Jennifer Hudson. Colin Farrell narrated the English version of Gloomy Eyes, another well-known VR short about a human girl and a zombie boy.
    Lustration, an animated series whose teaser was released by Meta Quest in May 2022, is another excellent example of metaverse cinematography. The film allows viewers to observe the story from several perspectives and outside the basic plot. This means that spectators feel immersed in the film's environment, as if they were present in the scenario and listening to the characters speak like we do in real life.
    In fact, more efforts are being made to bring the full cinematic experience into the metaverse. In July 2022, Meta Hollywood stated that it will collaborate with The Sandbox and the Planet Hollywood Group to develop "a first-of-its-kind virtual Hollywood-themed backlot movie studio in the metaverse."
    Visitors to Meta Hollywood's LAND in The Sandbox will be able to see thematic sets such as action and horror, as well as see red carpet premiere events and a memorabilia museum, just like in a real Hollywood backlot studio.

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