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customer communications management

Every business, whether big or small, is made up of tons of moving parts. Customers, however, remain a constant in any industry. And companies only exist with customers. Because of this, keeping constant lines of communication open with customers is not just a requirement for any company but also the cornerstone of the modern customer experience. It's all too easy to let your customer communications fall apart because so many things happen daily, which is unfortunate. In this post, we'll look more closely at why developing an effective customer communication strategy is so important for your company's success and how to implement that approach. To learn more, keep reading.

What is customer communication management?

The goal of customer communications management (CCM) is to develop ways to enhance the creation, delivery, archiving, and retrieval of all forms of outbound communications to customers. Email, live chat, the website, SMS, and phone calls are a few ways these communications could be carried out.

The importance of maintaining strong customer communications

Naturally, it's crucial to communicate with your customers—the ones who eventually purchase your products and services and keep your business expanding. Communication is, after all, the cornerstone of all sales and marketing initiatives. But putting in place a solid and continuing customer communication plan provides a few significant advantages:

Speedier customer support: When companies develop their consumer communications strategies, customer service should be more frequently addressed. However, doing so is a squandered chance to improve and strengthen one of a brand's most consumer-facing touchpoints. As we all know, customers prefer to respond immediately when they ask for assistance.

A fantastic method to prevent your (perhaps) most valuable and devoted clients from leaving because they were left hanging for too long is to incorporate customer service communication into your overall business plan. Enhancing customer service is a quick and easy strategy to maintain and develop existing client relationships.

Reduced support request volume: The frequency of inquiries to your customer service team will decrease the quicker customers receive assistance when they need it or can access the information they need on your website with efficient customer self-service solutions.

We've observed that putting in place solutions like an intelligent customer support chatbot can easily resolve up to 70% of simple FAQ-related queries. This makes it possible for customers to be more independent throughout their relationship with a company, reducing the need to contact customer support for information.

In other words, the more information you provide customers—whether through the content of your website, through various marketing channels, or with the aid of customer self-service solutions—the less often they'll need to contact you for assistance. This is crucial because, in addition to giving your clients greater autonomy throughout their trip, it frees up your customer support representatives' time to concentrate on more complicated or delicate customer service issues that need their undivided attention.

Improved conversion: To make an informed decision, customers often conduct compare-and-contrast research while looking for new products and services, particularly if they are unfamiliar with your brand. Accordingly, the more you can explain the qualities and advantages of anything you sell and make it incredibly simple for customers to locate whenever they interact with your brand across all marketing channels, the more confidence you'll foster in their eventual purchase decision.

Direct effects on conversion result from this. After all, customers are more likely to complete a transaction (also known as convert) and, if they are pleased with your goods and services, become repeat or recurring customers when you provide them with the necessary information and resources to make informed purchasing decisions. This is the dream of any business.

Sustained customer loyalty: I couldn't have imagined a better segue here. Get customers to make their initial purchase, and you've won half the battle in fostering brand loyalty. That serves as the "hook" to entice individuals to join the group. Their continued contentment with your goods and services strengthens their decision to purchase. After that, you must keep reminding customers of the long-term benefits of your brand.

Since it's a tried-and-true method of producing successful, recurring "drum beats" that keep your brand top-of-mind with customers daily, customer communications assume a crucial part. Strong customer communications are essential to being relevant with customers and preserving their brand loyalty over time, particularly in today's media-saturated environment, where people's attention is diverted in virtually every way at all times of the day.

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Better customer experience

Unsurprisingly, an effective strategy for customer communications will improve the customer experience at all points where the customer interacts with a company. The 'king' of today is still content and communication.

It significantly impacts how consumers discover your brand, learn more about the goods and services you provide, assess your company's position in the marketplace compared to competitors, and decide to do business with you in the long run.

You may successfully create a more personalized brand experience that improves customer satisfaction (and happiness!) and loyalty by keeping an ongoing dialogue with your customers. This dialogue will help you learn more about your customers' needs and help you develop better ways to serve them. An outstanding client experience is built on this foundation.

Five tips for improved customer communications

After reading about the benefits of having a solid customer communications plan, you might ask how to implement one. Here are five tried-and-true suggestions that will drastically improve your customer communications.

Build an Omnichannel customer communication strategy

We are confident about how important an Omnichannel customer experience is. Today's customers interact with brands on various platforms and channels daily. Because of this, brands need to be everywhere their customers are. This could entail increasing the material on your website or utilizing more social media platforms. Each brand has certain unique characteristics based on the goods and services you provide or the kind of clients you draw.

Customer service is no different. Customers will first look for the channels they feel most at ease utilizing when they have issues or need assistance, usually picking up the phone as a last resort. The latter is particularly accurate for younger, more technologically adept customers. Brands must be available and approachable on their customers' platforms, given that various customers may have varied preferences for customer care outreach. This covers communication methods, including phone, email, live chat, messaging, texting, and SMS, as well as consumer self-service tools like chatbots, dynamic FAQs, and in-context assistance widgets.

Priorities' improving the customer service experience

As was already established, better customer communications directly affect and impact the customer service experience. This can manifest in various ways, including:

  • Giving customers quick and easy access to all available customer service channels
  • Implementing customer self-service solutions to drive greater customer autonomy
  • Using support automation to provide fast, efficient, and effective support
  • Personalizing the customer service experience throughout the customer journey

When you begin to view customer service as more than just another channel for customer communication, but rather as one of your brand's most direct and effective means of sustaining a cordial dialogue with customers over time, you'll realize how much bettering customer service communications can affect the overall customer experience. And when done well, it can further amplify other sales and marketing strategies that focus on driving conversion, sustaining client loyalty, enhancing customer happiness, and other objectives beyond "conventional customer service" alone.

Deploy chatbots for automated customer service communications

When visitors visit your website, they frequently search for information and, ideally, would want to avoid having to dig very hard for it. And because the vast majority of the responses to their queries can now be readily automated, chatbots have developed into an excellent tool to offer clients immediate service from wherever on your website.

Among the benefits of customer self-service chatbots, here are a few worth calling out:

Omnipresent support: Chatbots can operate nonstop without getting tired, unlike your customer care agents who need to take breaks for sleep. Even though they may reside worldwide, your clients might only sometimes access your website during regular business hours for customer support. However, an "after-hours" customer support crew is not something you should invest in immediately because it can also be expensive.

Additionally, chatbots are available on your website at every customer journey stage. As a result, when users run into problems or require assistance, they may speak in real time with a chatbot to get quick assistance. This is crucial because, if ignored, these key friction spots could be the difference between a conversion and a customer leaving your website without making a purchase.

Finally, as the icing on the cake, research indicates that your customers will probably value your investment in chatbots. 68% of users claim that chatbots are their favorite since they respond quickly. Implementing customer self-service chatbots is a no-brainer for any brand because of the potent mix of 24/7 accessibility and cost savings.

Efficient support communications: Customer self-service chatbots have been proven capable of handling 68.9% of customer interactions without the need to escalate the request to a customer care agent, even though there will always be support requests that necessitate the intervention of life, breathing customer service agents.

Additionally, from the consumer's viewpoint, it makes little difference whether they are interacting with a chatbot or a real customer service representative; all that counts to them is finding a solution to the problem they are currently experiencing. Because of this, the typical satisfaction rate of discussions, including chatbots, has been as high as around 88%.

This results in fewer customer support inquiries reaching the customer service team, which benefits customers by speeding up the process of getting their questions answered or problems fixed. It's a win-win situation for everyone and a terrific way to make the most of your agents' time.


Measure customer experience metrics regularly

Even when we're talking about "customer communications," you still need to measure it in some way. After all, incorporating data-supported rigor into your customer communications strategies is an objective way to spot customer communications gaps, find areas for improvement, and evaluate your customer service team's strengths and weaknesses, including their command of crucial communication skills.

You can use several metrics to measure the effectiveness of your customer communications strategies. Here are just a few to consider:

First Response Time (FRT): Measures the time it takes for a client to get a response after submitting a support request. Your objective is to meet that service level agreement (SLA) or exceed those expectations by responding even faster, depending on the timeline you've established with your customers after they've submitted a support request — for instance, some brands may say it could take 24 hours to receive a response. You can use this indicator to assess how successfully you keep your commitments.

Average Resolution Time (ART): Calculates the total time needed to fix a client problem. Customer care teams typically strive to resolve support issues as soon as possible because if they take too long, there is a larger possibility that they negatively influence customer satisfaction and damage a customer's opinion of your company. But not all support requests are made equal; therefore, resolving more complicated customer care issues will always take longer than addressing FAQ-style queries.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): As the name suggests, this score is recorded after a customer service encounter to determine whether or not they were satisfied with the entire experience and the result of that engagement. Brands want their consumers to be happy at all times; therefore, the CSAT score is a wonderful tool to determine what small changes can eventually result in higher customer satisfaction.

Collect customer feedback and take action on it

The best allies you have are your consumers. Even if they've had a bad or good experience with customer service, they are usually happy to share their honest opinions with you because they know what they like. Consequently, give them a chance to. You never know when you'll come across a helpful (or ignored) nugget of knowledge that will elevate your customer communications and improve your client experience.

Gathering client feedback is simple and may be done during customer service encounters, via social media, in surveys and questionnaires sent out after calls, or even during such exchanges. But if you choose to gather feedback of any kind, you must be open to it, listen to what your consumers have to say (listening skills, anyone?) and then take action on what they have said. What use is all that input if it's simply sitting around collecting dust, after all?

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