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Successful customer communication management strategies

Gartner describes customer communication management as "a strategy to enhance the production, delivery, archiving, and retrieval of outbound communications." This is true, but communication management takes a somewhat different shape in customer service. This is true because interactions with customers tend to be quite interpersonal.

Therefore, meeting clients wherever they are in their journey with your brand—and then doing whatever you can to assist them in overcoming their difficulties, no matter how big or small—is more important than the "push" techniques implied by the definition above.

Therefore, prioritize the following more "human" components in your customer service communication plan while keeping this in mind:

Contact escalation: This is undoubtedly a component of any customer service interaction. But what's crucial here is considering how to make the contact escalation procedure more efficient and straightforward. It would be best if you didn't try to trick your customers. Suppose a customer's inquiry or problem needs to be simplified for an automated solution. In that case, there must be a quick and simple mechanism to forward the request to an agent who can assist, even if they started their customer service journey with consumer self-service options. Remember that you should always assist clients in finding solutions to their problems as promptly as possible. Such should be the goal of the contact escalation process.

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Personalization: The clients of today like genuinely hearing from you. They can recognize generic language when it is used, though. If they have contributed any pertinent information in their customer profile, such as past purchase information or queuing based on where they are on your website, be sure to use it to tailor your communications to them. It can significantly impact their experience if you treat them like humans, not just as customers.

Positive attitude: Customer engagement must be cheerful, lively, and characterized by a "yes, I can solve your issue" attitude from your employees and your automated customer self-service solutions. A customer care experience can be dramatically changed by even the smallest voice and tone adjustments. However, this must be continually practiced and schooled to prevent being bogged down in a rut. In light of this, put yourself in your own clients' position. Who would you want to speak with on the other end of the phone—someone who is ready to assist or seems bothered by your problems? This question should have an apparent answer.


Added empathy: Customers today expect brands, and anyone who represents those brands, especially customer service agents, to lead with empathy, build a rapport (even if only virtually), and genuinely demonstrate care. This expectation is similar to brands' expectations of having a positive attitude. During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, this was considerably more obvious. People required much more assurance when the world was under enormous stress, and uncertainty permeated the atmosphere. They expected that assurance to be there in their contacts with customer service representatives.

Jargon-free speak: It is really simple to read from scripts and reiterate pre-written material. Even though being on message is crucial in any customer communications plan, failing to address your consumers as people and in their voices is a surefire way to fail. People who require assistance don't want to hear a lot of "blah, blah, blah." Therefore, avoid jargon or other clichés in your messages and keep them clear and concise. Customers will feel that you are trying to relate to them personally, which will assist them in better comprehending how to solve their problems.

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