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Advancement of Intelligent Buildings Climate change, energy scarcity, and increasing indoor air pollution have prompted the need for rethinking our living and working spaces. The growing demand for intelligent buildings, utilizing integrated and coherent systems that use data to combine energy conservation, fault detection, and occupant safety, in order to provide an effortless experience. Rejolut provides data-driven solutions for energy management, safety, and security management. Our solutions enable building automation and control to help design resilient, intelligent, and sustainable buildings. Utilizing technology to transform buildings into cognitive spaces!

What we do

We work with clients across hundreds of use cases to create technology solutions that enable the 5 nodes of Industry 4.0.

Energy Management

We provide lighting and HVAC control, energy monitoring, and sustainability solutions. Our team helps businesses reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint while enhancing comfort and efficiency through the use of smart technology solutions.

Security And Safety Management

Our expertise includes access control, surveillance, safety, and cybersecurity solutions. Our team helps businesses enhance security and protect their assets through the implementation of cutting-edge technology solutions.

Building Automation and Control

We offer integrated workplace and building management systems, as well as home automation services. Our team helps businesses optimize comfort, security, and efficiency in their environments through the use of innovative technology solutions.

Streamlining Operations

Customer communication management (CCM) Customer relationship management (CRM) ERP systems Intelligent process automation (RPA, BPM, ECM, etc.)

Optimizing Internal IT

Accelerated quality and testing engineering DevOps and SRE practices Low-code application development platforms Security and identity and access management (IAM)

IT Operations and DevOps

Determine the optimal platform for CI/CD to optimize development and production processes across different projects. Ensure faster delivery of high-quality software.

We offer UX/UI Design Services. Our team of designers creates user-centered designs to enhance user experience and drive engagement. From website and mobile apps to software interfaces, we bring your digital products to life with intuitive and aesthetically pleasing designs. Our services include,

Loyalty Transformation - Emotional and Intelligent Engagement

By tapping the right signals from sales, experience, and marketing channels, we help you unlock the untapped potential of loyalty transformation. Our digital solutions team works with multiple SaaS, PaaS, and cloud solution providers to help you ideate, design, plan, and execute new loyalty solutions driven by a proven loyalty-transformation framework. Rejolut's team of experienced designers, data engineers, integration specialists, and loyalty functional SMEs can help expedite your transformation journey by building loyalty.

User Flows

Map out the steps users will take to complete specific tasks.


Create visual representations of the layout and structure of your product.

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