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Metaverse on Solana

Even if you haven't been in crypto, you must have heard about the metaverse, especially from Facebook, the Web 2.0 giant that suddenly changed its name to Meta in the last quarter of 2021. The idea of the metaverse still sounds vague to a lot of people, while others have had experience in the connected virtual world at some point. This article will try to make things less complicated by starting with a 5-year-old definition of what the metaverse looks like. We shall then explain the Solana blockchain to give you insight into the technology that powers some of the best metaverses in cryptocurrency. We will talk about some of the fascinating metaverses on Solana and what they look like. Next, and as always will give you a leg up in case you are interested in building a metaverse or some other services related to metaverse development on the Solana blockchain. Can't wait to get right in? Let's jump right into it with an easy-peasy explanation of the metaverse.

What is the Metaverse in its Simplest Terms?

We say our world is presented in 3D because it has the characteristics of height, width, and depth. Unlike 2D planes, 3D is the closed thing to reality and is about the same thing as what you see when you look at any object in the physical world. The metaverse is a virtual world that looks like our physical world and is evolving daily to include nearly all the possibilities in our daily lives. From shopping to conferences, many things we do today are possible in this 3D world. However, we can only access the metaverse with specialized devices. Presenting images and objects in 3D has turned dull 2D experiences and games into addictive experiences that are often more immersive than the physical world. With advances in augmented and virtual reality, parallel universes are now as accessible to us as our physical world. Innovations in AI, VR, and IoT are leading advances in the development of the virtual world. While AI allows learning and simulation, VR brings experiences from the physical world right into the virtual world. IoT allows automated transmission of information such as the position of objects which is crucial in the communication between computing devices. It can also provide data to build artificial intelligence.

At a more advanced level, the metaverse is a connection of multiple 3D worlds with unique or similar social experiences and often numerous transactions. These activities include shopping, real estate, gaming, events, social gatherings, auctions of digital assets, and much more. Blockchain technology is crucial in metaverse development because the internet has grown to a point where everyone values security, transparency, and decentralization. As an environment similar to the physical world, most activities in the metaverse, like our daily lives, involve transactions, and transaction inefficiencies account for some of the biggest issues in the real world. With blockchain technology, third-party problems, double spending, and fraud are mitigated to the barest minimum. Blockchain technology also makes token development of metaverse tokens and metaverse coins used for transactions in the metaverse possible. The reasons above account for the development of metaverses on the blockchain, and some of the best blockchains for developing metaverses, as we shall see, is Solana.

solana blockchain development

What is Solana Blockchain, and How Does it Work?

Solana is a web-scale blockchain primarily famous for its proof-of-history consensus algorithm. Solana uses proof-of-history to create historical data that prove the occurrence of events which can be metaverse coins transactions in a VR metaverse or multiplayer arpg game where users of the metaverse compete or interact based on some somewhat defined mechanics. Solana's proof-of-history consensus has been a delight of metaverse projects for its scalability and efficiency. It used an additional high-frequency verifiable delay function to access transactions in sequence and some extra layers to streamline the process and prevent the problems experienced on previous blockchains.

Solana's consensus algorithm uses Tower BFT to enable the settlement of transactions without latency or delay. The Turbine or block creation feature allows efficient data transmission to nodes for validation. From the turbine, transactions move to the Gulf Stream, where transaction data are transferred to the end of the network so that validators can execute these transactions faster. The blockchain enables higher efficiency, runtime, and horizontal scalability across SSDs and GPUs. Through this, Solana enables simultaneous transactions simultaneously through Cloudbreak, a data structure that facilitates reads and writes on Solana. Pipeline distributes transaction data efficiently across the nodes, while Archivers help in the storage of metaverse coins and project transaction data.

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What Then is the Metaverse on Solana?

Solana quickly established itself as the preferred blockchain for metaverse, gaming, and NFTs, due to its efficient consensus mechanism and the core innovations described in the last section. The open-source and permissionless layer-01 project offers increased scalability and boasts a transaction speed of over 50,000 tps with the possibility of 710,000 tps on standard bandwidth and over 28 million transactions per second on higher gigabits equivalent to 40. Solana's block time is 600 milliseconds, making it the perfect network for the multiple transactions that often occur in the metaverse. Development on Solana is also comparably secure since the network supports Rust, a multi-paradigm programming language that is fast and prevents crashes. Rust is also safer and controlled, which makes it particularly hard for hackers. Solana's incredible fees of about $0.0025 per transaction have led to comprehensive integration and adoption of the blockchain leading to a vast community of developers and platforms that can help newer projects expand as they scale. The number of users and increased popularity of the Solana blockchain also make the network dynamic and responsive to the demands of Solana users.

Another important thing about Solana is that it has been a source of attention to top crypto investors. Venture capitalists and established brands are building their products on the Solana blockchain. Having these projects on Solana means a lot of liquidity and increased adoption since the size of the ecosystem is also an important consideration when building metaverses and other blockchain projects. Metaverse coins and metaverse tokens on Solana will be a part of an established community with so much room for expansion. Solana currently boasts of some of the most impressive metaverse projects. Think about a multiplayer metaverse game with lots of actions and experience. Well, read on, as we shall see more in the next part of this article.

The Top Solana Metaverse Projects

Start Atlas Metaverse

Start Atlas is one of the most popular metaverse projects showcasing the Solana blockchain possibilities. It is a unique game with intergalactic experiences and excellent game mechanics built around space exploration. The game features real-time player vs. player missions and combats happening way into the future. Star Atlas players can launch exploratory quests in outer space, conquer fierce battleships and win resources to build their unique cities.

Built with Unreal Engine, the ultra-realistic game engine, the experience and imagery in Star Atlas is stunning. The metaverse platform also features a marketplace for trading NFTs, leader boards showing the most successful gamers and metrics, and group selection. The VR enables experience is made possible by Unreal Engine 5.

The in-game settings of Star Atlas bring Star Wars, and other Space themed universes to mind. Players have three immersive worlds to select from at the start of their conquest. The Ustur world is the android powerhouse, while the Oni world is the aliens' home. There is also a MUD zone controlled by humans. Assets in the Star Atlas metaverse include the metaverse tokens and coins such as $POLIS, a fixed supply governance token that can be used for governance participation in Start Atlas. $Atlas is the inflationary currency for in-game transactions that grow along with the game. There are also NFTs that represent ownership of lands in the metaverse, buildings, blueprints, ships, and other fungible tokens.

Solice Metaverse

Solice Metaverse is a virtual reality metaverse built to be Solana's answer to Decentraland and Sandbox, but it also has multichain features. Users of Solice Metaverse can play, acquire, develop and interact as they do daily in real life. The elaborate VR gaming experience allows participants and players to sell immersive virtual experiences and develop existing lands in the metaverse.

Virtual lands on the Solice Metaverse project are capped at 60,000. The metaverse land staking feature allows stakers to earn rare NFTs for staking $SLC, which is also the platform's native and governance token. Users can also buy and raise pets, earn NFTs, and win tokens in dungeon contests. They can also trade rare in-game NFTs with $SLC, the platform's native token that is one of the most successful metaverse coins among metaverse projects on Solana.

Synergy Land Metaverse

The multiplayer ARPG game inspired by the likes of Diablo and path of exile offers seamless gameplay to players, thanks to Unreal Engine. Developed by synergy studios with excellent play-to-earn features, the game is set across remote islands where players can conquer and compete with other players for in-game NFTs. The game also features four biomes with unique characteristics where players can purchase islands and breed pets. In this Solana metaverse project, buyers of islands can build their assets to their taste and resell them in the game.

There are four ecosystems in the Synergy metaverse. These ecosystems include earth, water, fire, and cold, while the gaming modes are player vs. player or PVP and player vs. AI or PVA. Players can play as one of the various warriors in the game and combine elements to launch more potent attacks against opponents. The game also features metaverse developers who are there to help players improve their island according to their requirements and add some more features. Like Star Atlas, Synergy land is one of those Solana metaverse projects with a governance token and in-game metaverse coins. The governance token, $SNG, offers staking rewards and serves as the in-game currency in Synergy Land. $ACN is Synergy Land's reward token which has an unlimited supply and is burned regularly to maintain its value.

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Afflarium Metaverse

Afflarium features four different worlds in an immersive multiplayer VR metaverse game accessible online on desktop and mobile devices. There are four worlds in the game and unlike previous Solana metaverse projects we have looked at, Afflarium has no specific storyline. The fun-packed gaming experience allows players to choose from a range of tasks like competing for NFTs, creating a store to showcase products, building edifices, and interacting in many social experiences comparable to real-life. The central world is a battle-free game zone where most activities occur. In the battle zone, players must be on the alert always to compete with others for valuable NFTs. The final world in Afflarium is the arcade zone where players go on adventures involving survival games, puzzles, and riddles. AAFL, the Solana metaverse-based token, the native token of Afflarium metaverse. Users can stake the token, earn rewards, and gain access to specific places in the game.

Good Games Guild

Good Guild Games hopes to be the central gaming hub in the Solana ecosystem by owing stakes in existing and latest metaverse projects across Solana. Gaming NFTs can be traded on the platform, but it mostly manages the growing number of in-game NFTs and crypto assets for optimal profits for its holders. The community invests in in-game NFTs and allows players to borrow these NFTs while owners can lend their NFTs. Other platform users can stake the platform's native tokens for rewards and enjoy the voting benefits of token ownership.

Work With Our Solana Metaverse Experts at Rejolut to Build Unique Metaverses

A full metaverse lets users become Avatars while fully immersed in their favorite games. Building the experience that creates this on the Solana blockchain requires experienced blockchain development experts, and we are up to the task. Our in-house blockchain developers have years of experience in VR programming using interpreted programming language framework. We also specialize in 3D design and art development.

We are a metaverse development company specializing in Unreal Engine 5, Houdini, RenderMan, Blender, and Maya. We are experts in the various proprietary codecs, file types, and exportations methods that allow the easy importation and extraction of different 3D objects. The architecture of virtual environments is increasingly complex, and today we deal with complex factors such as real-world tools, cloud-based rendering, and the laws of physics such as gravity. Transferring objects from the real world to the digital world has also required more precision in metaverse development. Precise geospatial captures from the real world may need some tweaking, and optimization is necessary to prevent delays. Let's not go into multiple other problems such as dynamic lighting, audio, refresh rate, or the more complex architectural standards of the metaverse.

We handle all these problems with finesse and deliver excellent metaverse development on the Solana blockchain. As a Solana metaverse development company, our in-house team is Rust natives, who can quickly combine multiple technology stacks to deliver multi-platform experiences that offer the best of the generative adversarial networks and secure blockchain development to build entire universes on Solana with sustainable economies. You should also look no further if you hope to integrate functionalities of your metaverse or take the complete experience to a different blockchain. Using tested codes and efficient deployment solutions, we can connect and combine blockchains to provide the best of both worlds.


Rust is a multi-paradigm programming language that is both speedy and effective at preventing crashes on Solana blockchain development. As a consequence of the assistance that the network provides for Rust, the development of Solana is also quite secure. Not only is Rust safer, but it is also more controlled, which makes it extremely tough for hackers to exploit. The extremely low transaction fees of about $0.0025 per transaction that Solana charges have led to widespread integration and adoption of the blockchain. This, in turn, has led to the creation of a large community of developers and platforms that can assist newer projects in expanding as they scale. Solana charges these transaction fees because it wants to encourage the widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

This article was meant to educate you on the possibilities of the Solana blockchain and how you can build your metaverse project on the most scalable blockchain we have yet seen. Aside from the security capabilities and the decentralized nature of the Solana blockchain, the popularity and growth of the ecosystem in the past couple of years have led to a robust user base ready for newer projects and presenting a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs, businesses, and developers hoping to delve into the world of the future. We have also explored the nature and economics of metaverses on the Solana blockchain and the essential considerations when building your metaverse on Solana. If you need to make a metaverse or integrate existing projects with Solana, we can help you do that and many more. Our blockchain developers and metaverse experts can also help you test your idea to prevent failure and unnecessary financial commitment.

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