5 Most Trending Game Development Software to look forward in 2021

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The recent trends in technology and other relevant developments around us have led to the tremendous growth gaming industry. Across the globe, game developers had been striving to enhance the overall gaming experience, and to continue doing it a developer needs to know various things. Like recent trends in gaming, market developments, and people’s psyche, which constantly changes. With the recent onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, people across the globe were confined indoors, which gave rise to the number of gamers. Roleplaying games, strategy, or sports-based games, all grew in terms of users and it is expected that the gaming industry is expected to grow around 12%.

According to Amit Kumar from Rejolut Technology Solutions, to make your game the next successful thing you also need to know about those trending game development software, which is also called a game development engine.

Knowing about your game development engine can help you in many ways right from the ideation stage to the after-launch stages. With a number of game development tools available, it is really hard to zero over one particular development software.

So, here we will be sharing some of those best-kept secrets about the 5 most top trending game development software which you must look forward to in 2021. 

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is one of the most popular game development software available in the market and over years it has proved its worth multiple genres and styles of games. Unreal Engine has seen its inception in the year 1998 and since then it has improved with every new version.

Flexibility is one of the core reasons for which Unreal engine derives its popularity, be it any genre of the game right from the action, shooter, sports but third- and first-person shooter games are those in which Unreal engine excels. With Unreal Engine, developers can do quick prototyping and iteration, while the majority of engines are more rigid and less flexible, which ultimately takes a much longer time to implement or prototype features.

Unreal Engine currently supports most platforms like Mac OS, iOS, Android, Windows PC, Xbox One, PlayStation, Linux, Steam OS, HTML5, VR, and AR. Moreover, the Unreal Engine is entirely free and it charges just 5% of royalty, that too only when a game surpasses some amount of revenue which is kept as a benchmark.

This again makes the Unreal Engine one of the top choices not only for developers but even for amateurs or students looking to develop a great game.

The popularity of Unreal Engine can be gauged from the fact that over 7.5 million developers are users of it. Along with that Unreal engine has great support officially and community forums.


There are numerous advantages of the Unreal Engine as a game development software as mentioned above like it is a versatile game development software that can handle a variety of projects, but mind it Unreal Engine is best suited for moderate to big games.

The development company of Unreal Engine, which is Epic gives you access to the source code and it is absolutely free too. Unreal Engine allows easy and quick prototyping and is simple to use with drag and drop nodes, which easy to use even for those designers who don’t know how to code or are from a non-technical background. Unreal Engine is robust and has a great toolset, and is widely compatible with various platforms.  

Construct 2

Construct 2 is a fast to pick up game development software, which is HTML5 based and written in C++ and JavaScript and developed by Scirra. Speciality of Construct 2 is that it is designed for non-programmers, who can work using the drag-and-drop method and consists of a good built-in engine.

Construct 2 is an ideal choice for newbies like students or amateurs looking to get into the design of games, as it is an internet-based game development tools that does not require programming language expertise.

Construct 2 offers some readymade tools and products which can be purchased from Scirra Store in case you need it.


Construct 2 is already widely popular among developers, but as of in current Construct 3 had been launched and it supported over Mac and Linux platforms, along with multi-language support and third-party extensibility. It is such a game development software where children and adults both can develop the awareness, expertise, and skills they need to become game designers in future.


UNITY game engine owes its existence since 2005 which is created by Unity Technologies, at Apple Inc. Currently, UNITY provides support to more than 25 platforms and it can be used to create two-dimensional and augmented reality games as well as various three-dimensional virtual reality games.

As of 2018, half of the new smartphone games on the market and 60 % of augmented reality and virtual reality content were used to create over UNITY.


One of the main advantages UNITY provides is its reach, where a lot of people already know it. This means that to a developer you need not explain about UNITY or nor do he need to learn about a completely new engine.


GDevelop is an open-source game development software and source code is freely available. What makes GDevelop unique is that it allows developers to make games without programming skills, where you can create native games for other OS like Linux and Windows too.

GDevelop is such a flexible that, allows you to create right from those simple projects like 2D games or ambitious games such as HELLO EARTH, Hyperspace Dogfights. GDevelop is built over JavaScript/WebGL, which offers visual programming to the next level, allowing you to add ready-made behaviours to your game objects.


The major advantage GDevelop provides is that if you are looking to develop a 2D game and have no programming skills. Here it can be a good option in GDevelop, you can customize certain behaviours to your game objects and use these intuitive, easy-to-learn events to create new behaviours. 


BuildBox was founded in 2014 by Trey Smith, whose motto is to develop No-code or Low-code development platform, where people can create multiple games without programming or coding.

BuildBox is ideally suited for the segment of people who have no time to learn code like entrepreneurs, designers, and other gaming enthusiasts. BuildBox is mainly used as a mobile games app development software that is cross-platform. Different editors like Android Studio, Eclipse, and Visual Studio are supported by BuildBox.  


BuildBox is super easy for a starter, who has no knowledge about game development. BuildBox has an awesome interactive community and its team provides free courses for people who are interested in making games without coding. 


Game development demands a lot of things like art, animation, math, physics, rendering, and many other things. Therefore, if you are looking to do game development you need to choose your game development software carefully. As of now, there are umpteen game development softwares, but here I have shared detailed information about those top trending game development software which would be helpful. I hope the above article would help you with suitable and valuable information.

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